Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine strategy: Has it been mismanaged or just badly communicated? | TREND LINE

Canada's COVID-19 vaccine strategy: Has it been mismanaged or just badly communicated? | TREND LINE 1's Michael Stittle and Nanos Research's Nik Nanos discuss the potential political fallout and growing tension with the Liberal government's vaccine messaging,

Then, Michael and Nik look at several disputes between various Tory politicians — is there a growing divide emerging between various federal and provincial conservative parties?

Also, Nik highlights some new numbers that show the federal NDP and Greens picking up support – but is that coming at the expense of the Liberals or Tories?

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15 Comments on "Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine strategy: Has it been mismanaged or just badly communicated? | TREND LINE"

  1. It can’t be. How is that possible while we have a substitute drama teacher as our leader? Hahaha… what could possibly have gone wrong with credentials like that???

  2. Liberals will be reduced to a non-party status in the next elections for this debacle

  3. I feel there doing this on purpose

  4. Would you kill someone who is trying to enslave your children?

  5. Yup, we used have a people’s Bank too + we used to have GOLD., fresh air, clean drinking water, … and a strong manufacturing based economy!
    WHAT happened? … government!

  6. Government has chased every industry out of our country the money is mismanaged your lied to constantly they should be careful what they’re asking just an observation from a old guy

  7. So where did the money go: 600 million you said you invested in 2 Canadian companies.
    Criminals rule Canada. I believe we come to a point that we don’t except our servants anymore.

  8. Outdoors wit derkit | November 27, 2020 at 11:55 AM | Reply

    None of this makes sense. If the liquor stores are still open then this is not serious.

  9. LIES and PROPAGANDA. Trust your government? Nov. 2/20, Ottawa Citizen: “Canadian military wants to establish new organization to use propaganda, other techniques to influence Canadians”

  10. Almost 12,000 Canadians dead. The buck has stops with the PM, yet no pressure from the press whatsoever. Complete 180 down south.

  11. Badly communicated,haha

  12. gestapo type freedom!

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