Canada's evacuation effort 'slow' and 'unorganized': Hillier 1

Canada’s evacuation effort ‘slow’ and ‘unorganized’: Hillier


Retired Gen. Rick Hillier criticized Canada's evacuation efforts in Afghanistan, saying it has been slow and unorganized.

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  1. When all the West countries recognized Taliban , how about those Afghan women? Why West countries so hurry to make deal with Taliban ??

  2. ‘UNorganized’ as opposed to ‘DISorganized’. ‘DISorganized’ would imply that there was some sort of organization at all
    Lieberal voters can relax though. They won’t have to witness the consequences of their decisions for long. The news will conveniently move on, everybody can go back to forgetting about the Afghans again. Remember how everybody CARED so much about the Uighurs not all that long ago? Or the 2 Michaels? Afghans will be in the same Wayback Machine by next week, forgotten

  3. When has anything Canadian government done not been slow and disorganized? Renewing or applying for documents is still mostly done by printing out and sending in manually by mail, rather than electronically submitted lol. If they cant even keep up with the times for basic admin stuff, how can they possibly organize something serious and dangerous quickly?

  4. Evan kid does not know outside the wire is like in combat this is a negotiated hand over going on. Who dares wins is SAS of UK.

  5. Trudeau is too obsessed with his election to do anything. He probably believes the problem will sort itself out, just like the budget.

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