Canada's fringe parties aim to 'stir the pot' this election

Canada’s fringe parties aim to ‘stir the pot’ this election


The five major political parties tend to get the spotlight in federal elections, but there are actually a total of 22 parties that will have candidates on ballots across Canada come election day.

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  1. Stirring the pot is exactly what is needed. The powers that be need to see that many Canadians are fed up with the current thinking.

  2. Did not even know the Rhino’s were still active. But pineapple on all pizzas just lost them my vote. Still like the original Rhino’s platform of raising all urinals in Ottawa. They wanted to always keep the MP’s on their tiptoes. I also liked :- “Count the Thousand Islands to make sure the Americans didn’t steal any.”

    1. Augmenting our health care system by offering workers performance enhancing drugs is my favorite current rhino party policy.

    2. @AiluropodaPanda A former platform was to declare all diseases illegal and they would just no longer exist. Too bad history repeats itself and the GQP did the same thing to Covid (as well as stop testing so you do not find as many Covid cases). Did not realize the number of connections between the Rhino’s and the Rino’s (usa version)

  3. ANYONE OTHER THAN LIBERALS AND CONSERVATIVES!!! 150+ years of those 2 corrupt political parties taking turns destroying Canada is far, far too long!!!

    1. Conservative party died when the 2 remaining CPC candidates got absorbed by the right Reform party.

      It’s still the reform party. The west just don’t like the name

    1. @D.J. Tweets I find it interesting you want to disenfranchise Bloc supporters and their ideology when you whine about the Maverick party getting disenfranchised. If you want your voice heard, you have to allow others to have theirs.

    2. @mmjahink: Why else do you think that I’m supporting The PPC?!! I have nothing against Quebecers per se – it’s just that their Gov’t stinks!

    3. @D.J. Tweets call BQ separatists and say BQ shouldn’t be part of Ottawa or national elections.. who’s being separatist now? There’s gotta be one inclusive side to make a harmony.

    4. @D.J. Tweets I just started following Canadian politics. How many seats does this PPC party have? Legit question. I see stats on popular vote but from what I gather, Canadian elections aren’t based on popular vote (?)

    5. @hodokwaja: I see that either the censors at Goolag & YT or their algorythm scrubbed my response to you – even though everything contained within my response and the corresponding link was factual information and used appropriate language & terms (I’m getting really sick of this censorious nonsense).

  4. corrupt televison strikes again i like how she calls out western parties as fringe parties even though the PPC’s have double the poll numbers that the Green Party does but yet the get cut out from the debates. Quebec is a fringe party the leader of their party called Quebec its own nation and kept reverting to Canada as like a counter part they shouldnt be allowed in a national debate in any way why are those leeches even still a part of our system

    1. The PPC don’t have any seats and only won 1.62% of the popular vote. The only reason Bernier got in for 2019 was because he changed parties before the election. He didn’t win his riding and may not win again this time either.

    1. @purdybill voting for anything but PPC IS spoiling the ballot.
      Why so sycophants insist on dragging everyone down with them?

    2. @purdybill should do some research on the PPC Party before you talk smack about them, and if you have done your research and you still believe that, then my thoughts are that you should get your priorities straight

  5. “fringe parties” is a rather orwellian way to say “parties who arent bought & paid for by the same corporate overlords”

    1. These companies know the gravy train is over without establishment parties, so their terminology is accurate from their standpoint.

  6. “Fringe parties” who didn’t pay you 600 million dollars to say whatever they tell you to say. This is the new buzz word for the PPC?

  7. “fringe parties” is a rather orwellian way to say “parties who arent bought & paid for by the same corporate overlords”

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