Canada's housing market, not COVID-19 could be the top issue in the election campaign | TREND LINE 1

Canada’s housing market, not COVID-19 could be the top issue in the election campaign | TREND LINE


As party leaders close out their first week of campaigning, Nanos Research’s Nik Nanos says it shouldn't be surprising that affordable housing has become a top issue in the 2021 federal election.

Nanos said on the latest episode of Trend Line that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a hot housing market, driving up the prices not only for those looking to purchase a home, but also those trying to rent, creating a housing crisis across Canada.

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    1. You don’t think any other government hasn’t tried? They just leave to a less taxed country or place.
      Just like a high priced housing market, I moved to a cheaper town to buy a home. Lol

    2. If you were rich, and the Government decided to tax you more than everyone else, would you sigh and just pay up? The rich have options and there’s lots of places that would welcome them with open arms.

  1. There are so many more important issues, mostly caused by all the restrictions and government reactions to covid

  2. Trudeau’s debt,out of control spending and inflation is the biggest issue. Seniors will all be moving out of Canada soon for less expensive countries. If you can’t eat,heat your home you might as well leave.

  3. 15% of Canadians are worried about affording housing within 30 days.. how does that compare to historical?

    I imagine some portion are always worried about that.

  4. Got to stop foreign investment in Canada, pricing Canadians out of the Market! Time for Canadians to vote him away!

  5. Raise interest rates! Might hurt for a few years, but it would free up many properties. When properties start dropping in value the older generation will sell. Allowing the next generation of buyers to have a chance. Like, who sells when properties are increasing 25% every year. Anybody seen the price of rent in Toronto lately? Take a reality check for a few minuets.

  6. erin o toole is younger than justin trudeau???? seriously??? he looks 20 years older!!! what do you mean young??? lmaoooooo

  7. You don’t need to get a booster to keep your canadian passport active. You don’t need your canadian passport to go to the gym. But covid pass is created to force you to take jabs every 6-8 months.

  8. It’s all about covid pass. They will be forcing you to take a booster every 6-8 months just to be able to go to groceries or the gym.

  9. BOTH the Conservatives AND the Liberals are responsible for the current housing crisis. BOTH political parties have taken turns making it easier and easier for the wealthiest from around the world to buy up Canadian properties. STOP voting for the 2 party system!!!! Or STOP whining when life gets harder and harder, no matter whether the Conservatives win, or the Liberals win. BOTH political parties ONLY represent the wealthiest!!!

  10. Canadian families have to get used to living in denser neighborhoods. I grew up in a condominium in Asia all throughout my elementary and high school years. Somehow condos aren’t seen as something suitable for families in Canada. Everyone wants more “space”.

  11. Housing is a structural problem that leads to speculation. Countries like Germany have a stable cost of housing because their regulations favour rental property rather than condos not that rental properties are the path to take but it is the regulations that creates the housing problem. Older cities have middle density housing but most municipalities have effectively outlawed middle density developments. Building more low income housing is only a temporary solution. We need regulations that require low income housing to be built.

  12. To adequately solve the housing crisis, government needs to:
    Make it illegal for REIT corporations to purchase single family housing
    Make it illegal for foreign ownership of property in Canada
    Stop backing mortgage securities with the Central Bank
    Stop artificially low interest rates from obscuring the market
    Slow immigration and resettlement programs to allow the Canadian housing supply to catch up to demand

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