Canada’s Quinn becomes first openly trans, non-binary athlete to win Olympic medal

Canadian soccer star Quinn made history, becoming the first out transgender athlete to win an Olympic medal.

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    1. @carla89cc it’s psychotic….and then they interview that dude with a wig pretending to be his mother

  1. I’m confused. How is this a story? My understanding is that Quinn is a female playing on a female team. Ok… I sit corrected. We do afterall have a politicians who self-identify as being honest, leaders and transparent. Sorry. I guess that I do keep forgetting that “We are all in this together.”

    1. We are? Oh yeah, we are

      I pissed myself watching that gross dude in a wig try to pull off that interview as Florence Henderson

  2. Hope next Olympics the entire female soccer team is replaced with transgender athletes. Go Go Girl power!!!

  3. If we have the Paralympics…..can’t we have a translimpics? It’s no fair to mix the two….or three…

  4. Don’t some days feel like the attractions at the circus have escaped and taken over random places in society?

    1. I don’t believe you. Imagine… Maybe 1 in 1000 are trans yet the whole world revolves around them.

  5. From what I’ve read, Quinn was born a female, would prefer not to be a female, but played on the women’s soccer team. Really, how does that make this person any different from the other members of the team? This is not news. How do these news readers get through this drivel without rolling their eyes?

  6. Eventually there will be no female born athletes in the Olympics. Will be all athletes that are men or used to be men.

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