Canada's rural communities won't be able to handle weather events sparked by climate change: expert 1

Canada’s rural communities won’t be able to handle weather events sparked by climate change: expert


Natural Resources Canada's Brian Eddy says that many of the country's remote and rural communities won't be able to handle climate change.

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    1. @MusicUnderMyBreath one of these things can be dealt with, the other is a talking point designed to attract naive voters.

    2. @Daniel McAleese It’s always interesting that those talking about climate change always seem to gloss over China’s role in that based on its 16-year long world-leading emissions total.

  1. Rural communities are BEST at handling weather issues, they have centuries of knowledge, experience, equipment and if gov got out of their way, (and if citizens stopped looking to gov to solve it for them) they would solve these issues faster than anyone in Ottawa or Victoria could ever imagine.

  2. Government is an absentee landlord that has neglected the common forest and water resources causing these issues. Time for local communities to run it all.

  3. Clear out the dead, dry underbrush or tax carbon. One of these ideas 💡won’t work.

  4. Yet the fires where started by a freight train I wonder what pipeline could’ve stopped this one

  5. I noticed that the roads are not charred around the burnt houses. It’s like the fire crossed the road and only burnt houses and not trees. I’m also wondering if it’s the smart meters that are setting houses on fire after everyone evacuated. Had my smart meter go on fire 10 yrs ago.

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