Canada's unaffordable housing market will be top election issue: Nanos | Trend Line #shorts 1

Canada’s unaffordable housing market will be top election issue: Nanos | Trend Line #shorts

As party leaders close out their first week of campaigning, Nanos Research’s Nik Nanos says it shouldn't be surprising that affordable housing has become a top issue in the 2021 federal election.

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  1. Limit all foreign ownership to 49% maximum and have an immigration moratorium for 5 years.
    The housing market would fix itself overnight.

  2. None of the parties have a solution. To adequately solve the housing crisis, government needs to:
    Make it illegal for REIT corporations to purchase single family housing
    Make it illegal for foreign ownership of property in Canada
    Stop backing mortgage securities with the Central Bank
    Stop artificially low interest rates from obscuring the market
    Slow immigration and resettlement programs to allow the Canadian housing supply to catch up to demand

  3. Inflation rate spikes to highest level in a decade. Trudeau is the worse PM in history, also Liberals raised taxes at the highest level. CityNews reported:
    Only in one month, July inflation:
    Gasoline up 30.9%
    Car and trunk prices up 5.5%
    furniture up 13.4%
    Food prices up 1.7%
    Restaurant prices up 3.1%
    Meat up 3.1%
    Dairy up 3.5%
    Vegetables down 7.5%

    So annual inflation we expected:
    Gasoline up 370.8%
    Car and trunk prices up 66%
    furniture up 160.8%
    Food prices up 20.4%
    Restaurant prices up 37.2%
    Meat up 337.2%
    Dairy up 42%
    Vegetables down 90%

  4. Gee maybe Trudeau and his dame Liberals should take care of Canadians instead of letting every one cross into Canada illegality . Then putting them up in hotels for years on the tax payer’s dime.

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