Canadian details 'traumatic' stay in a quarantine facility | COVID-19 restrictions 1

Canadian details ‘traumatic’ stay in a quarantine facility | COVID-19 restrictions


Tiffany Guara details her family's 'gruelling' stay in a federal quarantine facility after returning to Canada from Egypt.

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    1. In the real world do you get taken against your will for complying and doing everything they’ve asked you to do?

  1. Dont worry after you get the 10$ a day childcare with huge increases in prices everywhere you should be able to live better.

    1. And the $500.00 per child..not including all other payments for having children. I don’t know anyone who ever got more than a few dollars for having a child and daycare was mostly paid out of pocket…Liberals give away too much money for having children. Conservatives will definitely take all that away!! Vote Conservative!

  2. Oh did you think those abusive measures would only be used against the unvaxxed? Think again, when they can take someone’s rights away they can take your too! Mybe it’s time you showed some solidarity.

  3. Well, if you are gonna travel and be potential Bio – Hazards, then I don’t feel sympathy for your quarantine conditions.
    This pandemic is spread by travelers.
    If you were from another country and you arrived here infected, I would almost consider it bio-terrorism.

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