'Canadians need more': Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole launches election campaign 1

‘Canadians need more’: Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole launches election campaign


Conservative Leader Erin O'Toole launches the party's federal election campaign in Ottawa.

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  1. Hypocrisy on both sides!! O’Toole has a problem with an election being called even though 13 years ago he & the Tories supported Harper’s decision to call for an election despite the world being in the midst of the Great Recession. Liberals supporting an election call now when it suits their political needs despite knowingly being the same party that attacked Harper for putting his self interest ahead of the country.

  2. O’Toole’s CPC is no different than LPC on core policy. Coke vs Pepsi. The differences are superficial.
    The Blue Liberal Party

  3. I’d take Michael Chong, Pierre Pollievere, or Rona Ambrose when the Conservatives review party leadership following this election.

  4. BAHAHAHA! “They’re all the same…” and you are so diverse?! Too bad Kenny, Ford and Moe are on your ticket. This was like watching an SNL sketch without the funny.

  5. PPC would be my vote too but they won’t get enough votes. Face it if we don’t vote conservative like Otoole or not the
    Lieberals will ruin Canada.

  6. Biggest mistake was allowing Pierre Poilievre from dropping out of the running for party leader. O’Toole isn’t going to get it done. He doesn’t even sound like someone with leadership.

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