Cancer Patient Seeking Help | TVJ News - Ju;y 2021 1

Cancer Patient Seeking Help | TVJ News – Ju;y 2021

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  1. I hope he gets help soon. In the meantime, stop feeding him anything with sugar in it. Sugar) carbohydrates/fruits/vegetables etc. Eliminate all oils. Feed the boy the building blocks – amino acids – animal meat – beef being the most nutritious. Also, make sure he’s eating plenty of animal fats with fatty cuts of meat. And practice fasting too. The body needs time to heal and it can only do this whilst in a fasted state – this goes for all of us too. Fasting is important.
    Also, check out Dr Jason Fung. He has some books that you guys need to look at called the cancer code and the obesity code – I know the boy isn’t suffering obesity but there are tools in these books that we should all be using in our daily lives.
    Chemotherapy is toxic. It’s poisonous. It will kill that young boy.
    Study real nutrition. Know cancer feeds off sugar.

    1. @LAROSE martin I expect this attitude from certain people. You are very negative. What are your suggestions for helping the boy??
      Oh yeah.. you have none.
      You just don’t like the idea of him giving up rice and peas for dinner everyday and just eating fatty meat and eggs.

    2. @LAROSE martin I’m sorry to hear about that.
      But it’s not about good food. It’s nutrition. They are two different things.
      What the body needs is the basic building blocks. Most of us are not giving our bodies this, so we start having unnecessary health issues.
      These issues effect people at different speeds – some sooner rather than later, but in the end, these issues that creep up can mostly be avoided if the body is being nourished right.
      Now, I’m not saying my way is the right way, but I found something and researched it and tested it on myself and it worked.
      You may see it as just changing the diet, but do you know how powerful that can be? That little thing?
      Imagine having seizures all your life, going through a ton of tablets for years and nothing is working. Seizures are all you know from you were a child. You’re signed off work because of them. One day, you decide to change your diet – because you’d tried everything else, and all of a sudden, you’ve gone a week without a seizure. Then 2 weeks. And so on. 19 months later. That’s me. So obviously I’m excited about this. It’s been life changing.
      If all it takes for this young boy to get better is a change of nutrients – a steak with some salt and butter on it for example.. how can it be frowned upon?? That don’t make sense to me? And not only that, it is cheap and satiating. He would get every vitamin and mineral from that meat, salt and butter. That is all his body needs.
      No sugar, carbs or oil.
      It wouldn’t hurt him to try it either. No side effects.
      That’s all I’m saying.

    1. Or used network marketing to do the fundraising, the good thing about this way of rasing fund is the all who support beniefit.

    1. stop your nonsense about Jesus . if there was a god, wouldn’t you want this young man to go meet him , you know, the guy you pray to but never want to meet? if jesus and heaven was as great as you moron bible thumpers say, then why is it that no one wants to go there to meet him?

      so i guess Jesus cant help the sick and dying without praying to him… what a narcissistic dude.

      In any case, good luck, he is going to die in the near future and your god will do nothing …

  2. Mickey Henry alone can pay it he is the Mp down here him no have long to live so save the child he is in the top ten richest man in Jamaica

    1. it doesn’t work like that… how many people you think in the US want to get on the list for St Jude and cant? there is a set of criteria you will have to check off and you will first have to be sponsored by a charity of local government from Jamaica before you can even approach them… even then, that doesn’t mean that you will even be considered to get accepted. one thing you know about charity is that, you aren’t the only application they get and even the screening process might take years … its not a quick process by any stretch of the imagination

  3. dont have any money but i have alot of prayers…prayers up! Hope you get help and money

  4. I will be in prayer for young Damion, nothing is impossible for God, dont let Him be your last resort mother, He is Merciful

  5. In 2015 my daughter was diagnose with the same illnes she was 34 yrs old for her it was too late she died of organ failure in Miami Florida she left behind 3 small children .if anyone can help this child do so please do so I know he is in a lot of pain my daughter was help this mother pleases.

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