1. i love it when the candidates talk about issues, they sound smart, some of candidate who been elected, you only seen on parade or their newsletter, that you recycled

  2. A socialist saying this is divisive politics is quite rich. They do everything based on a victim hierarchy ladder.

  3. 7.6 billion humans on this planet…
    37 million of them are Canadian…
    Taxpayers are done…
    Fix yourself…
    Here’s a link, Google…

  4. Jenny. Africa is not a country. Africa is a continent composed of 54 recognized countries and several other territories and partially-recognized states. Africa is not a country. It is the second largest continent on Earth.

  5. Yes foreign aid helps all those dictators who need money. Stealing a page from the PPC. Cancel it totally. Fix Canada first.

  6. Lets cut our foreign aid by 75 percent. Charity begins at home. What about the incredible debt load on Ontarions√Č Albertans have lost 180,000 jobs. After 4 years of Liberal largess and socialist NDP carbon taxes, Alberta has become a HAVE – NOT province.
    NO MORE transfer payments to Quebec!

  7. Progressives just hate having to defend wasteful spending. Hopefully, after the election this nonsence will be done.

  8. Why is it Canada’s responsibility to give money to other developed nations who are accepting refugees and economic migrants? I can think of a few war mongering nations who are destroying the Middle East and Canada isn’t on the list. Why are we feeling this guilt?

  9. Haha wow. I dont agree with my tax dollars going anywhere but citizens of Canada. That’s not creating division.

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