1. @When Lambo ?? Thankfully there is that overwhelming majority of over 7 million whom you’ll be going against. Probably at least 10 million now. You’ll see.

    2. @M Hall You weren’t supposed to drink ALL the trump-ade.
      Re-regurgitating Tucker talking points doesn’t help you.

    3. LMFAO I literally just said almost the same thing. I said if Fetterman poked his head out the door and said eh’ I am running for senate then closed the door, I would STILL vote for a Pennsylvanian than a carpetbagger and tool like fucking Oz. Oz doesn’t even know the best places in Old Forge to eat pizza he just followed in trumps footsteps like a little baby….we need a warrior in Congress to rep us PA style…Fetterman is the man.

  1. How can oz run in Pennsylvania when he doesn’t even live there?

    I would rather vote for a good man that’s struggling than a crook that’s running on lies and deceit.

    1. @M Hall I wish I could vote for Cheney. That probably set you off.
      I am planning on voting mainly blue. I wish I didn’t feel as if I had a choice. I wish we could set term limits. That would get out a number of the bad on each side. Pelosi for one.

    2. @Scott Wilson And the republicans haven’t? Our country will recover economically. Just like the rest of the world will.
      The democrats didn’t start the decline. It started when Trump was still in office. Covid. Food prices went sky high. We had shortages.

    3. @Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures 👈. That’s the right of all AMERICANS to vote. That doesn’t set me off. Just a question though, without mentioning President Trump why would you vote blue? Serious question.

    4. @Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures 👈. That’s okay. Most democrats can’t answer that question either.

    1. @Man Animal and that would be your opinion, I’m sure he’d rather listen to his doctors professional opinion though…

  2. Aren’t candidates required to live in the state they’re running in?
    I don’t understand that.

    1. @Penguin1290 AOC lives in Washington DC and pelosi lives California, not SF which she represents

    2. @Clinton Kildepsteen the OP said state, not city. Pelosi, regardless of how much i dislike her, represents the state of California. DC is not a state, and it’s where AOC works full time. Her primary residence was in NY when she was elected. I would honestly expect all of congress to have permanent residences in DC after being elected, that makes sense. How can they get any work done if they aren’t in DC? Living in a different state prior to being elected doesn’t make sense. I’m actually not in favor of making that a requirement, but I think voters should take it into consideration.

    3. He has like 9 mansions all over and now suddenly buys a “house” in Pa? I don’t think so!! He needs to stay in one of the states his mansions are in. We are hard working people in Pa and don’t need a Millionaire from NJ telling us how to run our state. Go Home OZ!

    4. @Clinton Kildepsteen Ted Cruz is Canadian you who stays in Cancun. Plenty of stuff to worry about your side of the isle.

  3. Fetterman, his wife and family are true hearts….great people…he will do all for his state !!! Go John 👍🙋❤️

  4. This is scary! Fetterman was the great hope for the party’s future. If he is literally dying… Then we get another rich celebrity grifter who knows or cares nothing about everyday people in the Senate, that would be truly sad.

    1. Just color in the circle for Fetterman he will be fine. He just had a stroke and is taking it easy I find that admirable.

    2. @Man Animal LMFAO I cannot even take your post serious bro…..Boopbalollipop I agree LMFAO….Fetterman is a PA dude he is for us so…

    3. @Man Animal Hey thank you so much for your clinical analysis of the health of John. I am so thankful to have Dr. Animal here to help us all out. LMFAO….

    4. @JL Lynne LMFAO I mean they are seriously deranged. The guy is recovering and any true Pennsylvanian is going to say exactly what you and I are saying; let the dude recover and he will come back even stronger. I would never vote for Oz, he literally looks like he is getting ready to cry, like ugly cry ALL THE TIME.

    5. Why don’t you focus on New York chick? You are not even from here so go mind your own states business we are just fine here without you attempting to throw fear around which by the way does not work in PA.

    1. Thank you! We need m so much.. We need to keep the House and 2 extra in the Senate to render Manchin and Enema useless!

  5. Please get better soon Fetterman!! Not just Pennsylvania needs you, the whole country needs you!!! Healing and loving thoughts your way good sir!!! You are everything we need in the senate!!!!💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  6. If I could i would vote for John Fetterman over a carpetbagger, Trumper endorsed, TV doctor any day. We had a TV celeb for president, and that was a utter disaster.

    1. @nancy m ross the separation of church and state doesn’t stop churches from supporting political candidates. It stops the USA from having an specific religion. Religions have every right to support the candidate of their choice. Just like the Pope is free to support Biden.

  7. I had a stroke so I have an idea of what he is going through. I wish him a speedy and full recovery.

    1. @Kevin O’Riordan I bet you recover fully with that positive attitude. I’ve been a witness to that being a miracle drug in itself .

    2. @L I was undressed the first night by nurses but I thought to myself, not happening again, so I undressed myself from then on.

  8. John Fetterman is a fighter! He is needed in Pennsylvania, and he’s needed for the U.S. Oz is a joke!

  9. If I had to choose between Dr.Oz and the Wizard of Oz, I’d choose the wizard. At least HE admitted he was a fraud.

  10. Uhhhh.. cause oz lives in NJ..not Pennsylvania. How/why he’s allowed to run is beyond questionable

  11. Hes doing what he needs to do to get his health in order while showing the people what a kind of person doctor oz is. If you dont live in a state you should not run for a seat in that state.

    1. Right, we can’t go to any state to vote so he shouldn’t be able to run in a state he doesn’t actually live in. !!!!

    2. I just said almost the same thing. Like the dude is recovering, PA knows who he is boom done. Fucking Oz is such a tool, he always looks like he is getting ready to bust out in tears. We need a warrior who will fight for US and Fetterman will absolutely do that he is a man of his word.

  12. Please note OZ was at HOME in New Jersey NOT in PA where he’s running for Senate. How is this not illegal?!?

    1. Here’s a play on words, “A fetterweight is better and stronger than a snowflake from an imaginary city called OZ.

  13. Big John Fetterman and Josh Shapiro are decent men who care for all the people of Pennsylvania. They have my vote and support. I have their signs on my front lawn. Republicans saying John is too extreme is bizarro world when you see the dangerous wackos they are offering.

  14. I hope Fetterman fully recovers, but if he was hooked up to life support, blinking morse-code to communicate, I’d still vote for him over Oz. I love Fetterman’s spirit and innovation, and Oz is totally unqualified.

  15. I really hope he gets better, we need him in the Senate to fight for the common man!!!

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