Candidates who embrace QAnon are winning elections across the US 1

Candidates who embrace QAnon are winning elections across the US


Tensions are escalating in places where local elections have been won by people who appear to support, or openly back, baseless conspiracy theories. CNN's Sara Sidner reports.
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  1. the irony of someone comparing climate science to a religious cult while wearing a cross around their neck.
    that lady is a member of at least two cults and she doesn’t seem to realize it.

    1. @Elkslayer no I can’t personally, I’m a EngD, I’m not a medical doctor or neurological expert that specializes in that field so I don’t possess the educational or professional background to give a definitive answer but neither can religion. That’s all I’m saying. Religion may offer an acceptable explantation as far as you’re concerned but I don’t subscribe to your belief system or hold your faith. We don’t have the answers for everything and religion doesn’t rely on proven facts or truths as the basis of their explanations, they offer explanations that back their beliefs, their faith and their agenda. There are numerous scientific theories out there about consciousness that offer somewhat reasonable explanations as well. It’s a relatively niche field but there have been some breakthroughs recently. My suggestion is just keep an open mind and look for answers outside of your faith sometimes.

    2. @danny witt wtf that does have to do with Trump kiddo? You’re watching a video on a YouTube channel that primarily caters to liberal and progressive demographics. That’s kind of how they make money, targeted marketing and branding. In fact that’s how every media outlet right and left operates. That means their content is going to be formated to appeal to their targeted demographic. So why are you crying about marketing tactics employed by every media outlet? Work on those critical and objective thinking skills and stop commenting over your head.

    3. @danny witt you’re more than welcome to comb through their archives, I’m sure MSNBC and CNN don’t mind a few extra clicks and some more ad revenue . The only reason the right outlets are calling out any republicans is because they don’t support Trump. I don’t understand how people like you make to adulthood with absolutely no critical and objective thinking skills. Why isn’t a liberal progressive network calling out liberals and progressives for being liberals and progressives lmfao. That’s conservative logic for you. Go back to school bro and get an education because it’s obvious you didn’t learn anything your first time around.

    4. @danny witt lmfao ok kiddo. Get out of here with that nonsense bro. We get it you’re vying to be Trump’s prison wife, I wish you the best of luck. Let me know where you guys register and I’ll be happy send you two a wedding gift.

  2. Tito Ortiz resigned and addressed his own “Consttituets” He must have misread his own shorthand “CTE” Titos had to many kicks in the head.

    1. American’s are waking up in droves & that my fellas making Chinese News Network CNN & Lamestream media go Crazy like never before!! The Democ—Craps should’ve never stole the American people’s votes

    1. The end is a new beginning of a cycle that as been going since time began. That is why history repeat its self.

    2. @Anna Rei Smith It’s a bummer we need to live longer. I bet Jeff Bezos whose net worth this 186.8 billion and the president of Amazon is really bummed out because he can live for the next 3 1/2 million years on $50,000 year with money he now has and not break a sweat having to go to work. If you could include the money he would make on interests he can live longer than God. It’s great that in our intelligence we can keep voting for narcissistic criminals with TV shows to keep the checks and balances so we never cross the line in being stupid to ourselves… God bless America! In America you can outlive God and still play with yourself.

  3. 5:20 “… this job isn’t working for me.” That’s because he failed to grasp that public office is about working for the citizens he represents.

    1. @Joe StortoThat’s President Biden, who won the election and sits in the Whitehouse. Your kkkult doesn’t do reality well.
      Cults never end well.

    2. @dorian bashaw how about voters? Maybe the Encyclopedia? Who knows, never gonna happen

    3. @Harry Johnstone Quis custodiet ipsos custodes. you mean the people who defined anti vaxxer as beign against vaccinations or mandating vaccinations. webster just updated that. ok so in state x they will tailor the test for certain folks to fail and in other etc.

  4. You purposely throw your children into the spotlight and then cry foul when people call you out for being horrible parents.

    1. @Shawn Corbin Yup. You’ve missed a lot but you’re not interested in reality evidently. These comments you post are nonsense. The “nonsense” began for many of you with a severe rejection of this nation’s first officially recognized black president. Trump was a massive factor in the language we now use towards one another and you supporters gave him your blessing to promote bigotry and dishonor. Trump promoted the conspiracy theories that questioned President Obama’s nationality and that was only due to the color of his skin. I’m not an Obama guy, just so you know. I had trouble with his messaging versus objective reality, but his character nor his nationality was never in question. So yeah. Trump hating Obama because he’s a powerful and respected black intellectual absolutely set you and the others off. You’re running on a fuse and don’t even know the reason why. Smh.

    2. @Lukasz Zylik He knows that. He doesn’t promote subterfuge as a tool of knowledge and wisdom, this is a tool with a program. He doesn’t even truly know why he’s saying it.

    3. @Shawn Corbin Your poor kids. Shame on your willful ignorance. You’re not giving them any chance at being decent people. I speak from experience. My parents were monstrously ignorant, as you are. It was difficult undoing all of that bad programming. Your kids have my pity and encouragement. You should want better for them, no matter what country you’re in.

    1. American’s are waking up in droves & that my fellas making Chinese News Network CNN & Lamestream media go Crazy like never before!! The Democ—Craps should’ve never stole the American people’s votes

    2. @Don nawzd based on your implicit knowledge of structural regularities of language, you legitimize Trump supporters level of education is no higher than a kindergartener. SMH!

  5. Who in their right mind would believe people are eating babies?

    1. @Bimmer Fan at this point it is easy to see that all you know is what you have been sold. Please WAKE UP. Take the red pill while you still can, very soon it will be a suppository!

    2. Well it’s not about eating babies, it is about the blood.. good luck when you realize this is going on daily sheeple!

    3. @Jane NC your kind think rating equal real news but it doesn’t karen what’s your news sources?

    4. Dear Donna,
      I believe that there are people out there who are crazy enough to eat babies… This one guy I know that is seriously insane was wondering what human flesh tastes like. This man used to be an emergency room Doctor. Fortunately this guy hasn’t any political aspirations.

  6. Gullible people and conspiracy theory’s one cannot exist without the other, it is just the human condition

    1. There is an old saying…..
      In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.
      (wink wink)

    2. Someone better tell Freeway Ricky about conspiracy theories, he still thinks the government was supplying drugs for him. Even after Ollie North said they were

  7. There’s definitely an issue around education in America, This is the result of poor, blinkered education that only covers American subject matter.

    1. @TJ Wallis , Teachers Unions have no power in determining what curriculum in taught in the classroom. That is determined by state and local school boards.

    2. Republicans makes sure educations is terrible in their district to make sure they can stay in corrupt.

    3. @Clark Davis hmmmm, you may want to do some research on that one. Specifically on how they receive money, how they spend money, and how they advocate for policy that is directly reflected in classrooms by manipulating tax payer funds. It’s the whole reason the teachers union doesn’t like school choice, which actually hurts my community the most.

      But before we get into some dumb YT fight, You’re right about everything and can never be wrong. You win and I bow to you. Please forgive me

  8. This means so many crazy brainwashed people walking among us. Just watch out for Qanon and Maga signs.

    1. @Pimp Juice soo all democrats live off the government? Sooo none defend our country in the military???

    2. Dem tribalists are way more dangerous.
      At least the Q crowd is looking for corruption, however misguided they are generally.

    3. @TheTower TheHermit
      “Looking for corruption”? You mean like Clinton running a child prostution ring out of a Pizza joint’s basement. Hahahaha, Jesus, your brainwashing is showing.

    4. @KadiusBlack that is exactly what the dems are doing, and you just illustrated why its working.
      Dems want illegals and teens voting because they don’t know the difference between a lie with a gift and the truth. Dem voters consistently fall for the ideological rhetoric but look at the actual state of democrat cities. They are lying, we have like 20 politicians in our entire Government who are actively trying to look out, and so long as you divide yourself on political and racial lines nothing will ever change for you, for us, for your children, for the nation.
      Give up on tribal politics and stop pretending the establishment is looking out for you.

  9. 2:44 “if we cannot have an education system that is run by people who care about the truth, then what is education” really great point

  10. Welcome to The United States. Fantasyland
    where everything is just a crazy thought away. Please don’t forget to use our free unicorn parking!

  11. Well nuts of a feather always seem to think and do stupid stuff together, And when they’re called out, They never admit fault !

  12. Here’s what I learned about Q if they say a Democrat is doing it actually means a republican is doing it

    1. Exactly! The kkkult of flipping reality, gaslighting and alternative facts. (Alternative reality)
      Cults never end well.

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