Cannes Film Festival 2023: The stand-out films and stars this year

CNN's Laila Harrak speaks with Scott Roxborough, European Bureau Chief at The Hollywood Reporter, about the highlights of this year's Cannes Film Festival, including the films that have everyone talking and the stars that are stirring up controversy. #CNN #News


  1. What happened to selecting competing films on merit? Selecting films on the idea of creating parity is the equivalent of giving out trophies for competing at school sports day. Demeans the purpose.

  2. Johnny was found innocent he might not be completely Innocent but he won the court case and he’s a damn good actor

  3. I heard that new, reimagined Indiana Jones movie has the best rotten tomatoes score of any of them!

  4. I don’t think anybody has turned against Johnny Depp except Amber Heard. The only thing tabloid is this reporting.

  5. What major role did Proctor n Gamble play in the 2020 election ? What was their involvement with Dominion ?

  6. from a best face incomparable childish face ,to worst face they have made from medicines natural face has been snatched .after all this harrassment rules and exploitation rules

  7. It is surely very dangerous when an accusation alone can result in a person being blackballed. In a free society, accusations need to be tried for their efficacy before irreversable consequences accrue to the acused. Otherwise our legal presumption of innocense is meaningless.

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  9. There is No controversy with depp. Let’s support male survivors too. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  10. Controversy? Maybe they need to focus on their own boss (Warner bros)
    Who chose to release a movie w/ezra Miller & shelving Batgirl with NO Controversy.
    Or aquaman (will they scrub Turd out?)
    I’m watching the Depp movie to show my support

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