1. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏! You’re getting the picture commenters!!!!!!!! TY! Let’s keep going!!!!!

    2. I refuse to get my hopes up again. I am so tired of being disappointed. He will never be held accountable for anything. I wish just one charge would stick and I’d see him handcuffed🤞🤞🤞

  1. 43 Republican Senators gave comfort to an enemy of the state.

    The majority of the House, and the majority of the Senate, believe Trump assaulted the US Capital, and Congress.

    1. Good for you. As Raskin said yesterday, they DID prove wrongdoing, no doubt. Both Houses know this. AND he said that that vote is a bipartisan FIRST EVER in US History. YEAS: 57. NAYS: 43. Remember those numbers. Yes. We the people sadly lost again, but democracy and the Const. won. Keep ” fighting” the RIGHT WAY. The GOP sure didn’t!!!!

  2. I’m hoping that victims of the domestic terrorist insurrection will now have the evidence to sue trump and other Repubicans for damages in civil court. I doubt that he’ll ever be held criminally accountable for anything, but numerous civil suits could bring him down. Leaving the entire family broke and their company in ruins might be the only justice possible.

    Throughout our history, it has frequently been civil suits that have brought justice when criminal courts have failed to do so.

    1. It scares me that you’ve pointed that out because when I looked at it, it reminded me of something my great grandfather had written to his local newspaper during the time of internment. That was in Australia. He wasn’t “interned” despite some public uproar. What scares me is that Trump’s initial rise to power reminded me of what he wrote as well. He wrote that Hitler was only able to rise to power because many Germans were simple farmers who lacked education, he said it was up to those who were educated enough to see what was going on, to speak out.. He was disappointed because Germans in Australia were being silent. Democracy failed America yesterday. There’s that old saying, only in America. Yeah, well.. only in America, can you attempt a coup…. then go home and sleep it off… or have a couple rounds…. Trump sees 2024 as his second rise… it worries me that he will be seeing all this like scripture.. scary s@#t… It continues..

  3. Then we thought America was a place of democracy, land of the free etc etc. Then we saw the true face of the Supremacists Republicans, and the new face of America.

  4. I’m extremely exhausted! But you are right, we can’t give up because Trump will not stop. He seems to thrive on chaos.

  5. The take away from this is that the republican party is dysfunctional. Democrats must focus on their state parties to get stronger.

  6. I seem to remember 140+ members of Congress who failed to do their duty by voting to overturn the election.

    1. We are not democracy because of 1) the electoral college 2) plurality voting 3) the Senate.

      Solutions: 1) remove it 2) replace it 3) change it.

      The above is the cause. Trump is only a symptom.

  7. Then I watch this Video and 🤔thought “Really”? Donald and his kids are insane, they live in their own reality of everything belonging to them and whatever they can’t have they’ll destroy it. This was foretold by many people 5-years ago and it came to pass exactly as it was foreshadowed. Maybe next time Americans should listen to people with brains than the ones with none.

  8. “Then we thought… “ That was our problem. We believed in a democracy that doesn’t exist anymore. This is not the United States I grew up in. The constitution doesn’t mean anything if the President of the United States can incite an insurrection and get away with it.

    1. @Progressive Humanist I’m sorry, but not many people will take you in at the moment, until you get the covid19 virus under some sort of control!

    2. @Progressive Humanist obviously, you have a very skewed view of history. I guess you still believe in Santa

    3. The U.S. States you grew up in already had this happen! The acquittal in Trump II occurred on jurisdictional grounds because of the arcane Senate rules. At the onset of the Trump II Impeachment trial it was clear that 45 Senators believed that the Impeachment Court lacked jurisdiction. The problem is that the majority vote of the Senators, unlike a remand from an appellate court to a trial court, was not binding upon the Minority at trial. Even though the minority lost the motion before the trial, which simply required a majority vote to proceed to trial, they were not bound by the holding of the majority to reach the merits of the case at trial. This same problem happened in the impeachment trial of the Secretary of War William Belknap. At his trial 37 Senators voted for jurisdiction but 29 voted that since he resigned jurisdiction was lacking (7 Senators refused to vote). At the trial 25 Senators voted note Guilty – 3 on the merits and 22 retained their position that they lacked jurisdiction. The 35 Senators voting guilty did not constitute a 2/3rds majority. The Senate should change its rules to require a 2/3rds majority to defeat a motion to dismiss on jurisdictional grounds. Otherwise we will continue to have “Show Trials” where the outcome is determined regardless of guilt or innocence,

    4. @Progressive Humanist In 1974, the Republican leadership told Nixon that he was going to be impeached and convicted unless he resigned. So he resigned. Back then, the Republican leadership had more integrity and decency than the current Republican leadership (McConnell). The two parties have shifted so far to the right that the Republican party is becoming a right-wing fascist party, and the Democratic party is a center-right party. There is no left-wing party that has any power. The labor unions and the labor movement are almost dead. The corporations and Wall Street have all the power. The workers and the people are screwed.

  9. If Senate GOPsters didn’t have the jurisdiction to convict,
    they as surely didn’t have the jurisdiction to acquit.

  10. I’ve been saying this, vote, vote, vote in 2022 and 2024. Do not let your guard down, do not become lethargic.

    1. Agree! Do not let your Democratic feet off the gas pedals! Come out, Come one, Come all and vote, vote vote each and every single election! Do Not allow the shameful Republicans add any seat in their column! Gain as many Democratic Senate seats as if this is the last thing you do.

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