Capehart Compares And Contrasts Biden vs. Trump, Celebrating ‘Returned Order’ | MSNBC 1

Capehart Compares And Contrasts Biden vs. Trump, Celebrating ‘Returned Order’ | MSNBC


Donald Trump versus President Joe Biden are contrasted a few weeks into the Biden administration by Jonathan Capehart in this week’s ‘Bye Line,’ which celebrates a ‘returned order’ to the White House.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Capehart Compares And Contrasts Biden vs. Trump, Celebrating ‘Returned Order’ | MSNBC


  1. TBH..I’d have voted for a block of cheese of it ran against the screamin carrot demon..
    Biden isn’t progressive enough for ME..but he’s progressive enough for NOW..his administration is what counts..I like the agenda so far

    1. @Stone Men It’s been called Climate Change for how many decades now? Oh, right. This isn’t really your strong suit, is it.

      Also, given how this exact same thing happened 10 years ago? You’d think they’d actually prepare, like they said they would.

      But no, it’s totally the fault of green energy when everything else gets hit just as hard, if not harder. Honestly, you’d think having to shut down two nuclear reactors would get the message across.

      On top of everything else.

    2. @Drake Fire I don’t cut grass dummy…I manufacture stone for landscaping, get your head out of yourA$$….you would know this if you tried to buy pressure treated lumber anywhere…you obviously are just slow.

    3. @Stone Men Right. Of course.

      Yeah, sorry, but if you actually looked at the article, you’d find everything is down. “Stone manufacturing” included.

      But something tells me you couldn’t tell a sandstone from a limestone.

    4. @Drake Fire Oh man, you are a funny one. Something tells me you don’t know up from down. As a matter of fact you definitely have rocks In your head.

  2. It is so nice to get on Twitter and I don’t see much of anything by Biden.. It’s also nice that when I wake up I don’t feel the dread wondering what on earth did the leader screw up, mess up while I was asleep.. I love the ability to exhale slowly and it being normal and not to do it as stress relief…

    1. That’s because no one is actually discussing Biden’s racism, they hated Trump so much and instead voted in the same man that wrote the crime bill that lead to more blacks and latinos sitting in jail.

  3. Republicans didn’t make a stink when the trump administration tax cuts to the rich had a price tag of 1.2 trillion. They happily voted for it.

    1. The Millionate and Billionaires need to save money on tax cuts so they can have enough to invest so let’s lower their “the rich” taxes and make the rest of the population pay it back by raising the tax on every item in the stores and everything we consume. Why do people dont get it?

    1. @TheHopetown Thanks for proving that Trump followers have earned the not very bright label. Trump never gave a crap about you, but you were useful tools. Stop being naive and willfully ignorant.

    2. A better expression would be “useful idiots”, as used by defecting KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov is his warning to America back in 1984. But the point is, he wasn’t talking about the right, he was talking about the left, the soft heads that are radicalised and programmed by the college system and the media. I don’t want to have to make it too personal, but I mean you.

    3. @J M M “Useful tools”. Look up what Marx said about useful idiots, and then how “trained Marxists” used Antifa and BLM to extort their way to power.

    4. Which was precisely my point. What Yuri Bezmenov said in 1984 has come to complete fruition. The browncoats of the left have been in full view, unchecked, promoted and supported even by media figures and radical politicians. And these people commenting are completely oblivious to it.

    1. @Ozark Yeoman Once again, you’re only proving my point for me. The head of a cult lacking in empathy (Trump), lured in by a message of changing the world (turning back the clock).

      While continuing to fail to prove that it’s empathy that leads to falling into a cult. If anything, it’s the opposite. Fear of others. Fear of the outside world.

      Which includes manipulation of the ego (the opposite of empathy), emotional vulnerability (tied to empathy, but not the whole picture), and other factors. Usually violence and cutting people off from others (severing empathy).

      Plus, your use of Marx is telling. Generally in your lack of understanding (as he never said what you claim), but also in the fact Marx was an anarchist by nature. He hated all established systems. Government included.

      The “Marxism” you seem to be thinking of it, Liennism. Which attracted even more people out to selfishly better themselves. Including Lienn himself, as he went on to found a nation so authoritian and cult like it would make Fascists blush.

      Also “cancelling”? Really? You’re just angry because you and yours no longer have the power to cancel whatever it is offending you.

      Any further questions?

    2. @Ozark Yeoman No, Biden did not pass the War on Drugs. You can blame Nixion for that. Which is what ultimately resulted in the Crime Bill. Also popular with minority communities when it was signed.

      And Trump may have signed First Step, but given how he also had peaceful protesters gassed for a photo-op (holding a Bible upside down), it’s pretty safe to say he only did that little in an attempt to gain some votes.

    3. @TheDiamond2009 Harris, who sold herself out like a street walker… Wonder what else shed sell out for…

  4. Trump becomes the best “case study” for all kinds of educational subjects, science, history, medicine, moral, ethics, human mental health, and so on and so on. Especially when it comes to the natural disaster, Trump always got stingy, and greedy, refusing to send the aids, refusing to admit the severity, and seeking only the spotlight for his own benefits. And the current rich Republicans became “followers of example of Trump case study” – right now, cowardly hiding and escaping from the disasters.

    1. I agree with u.
      trump only cares about trump……dont listen to the trump cultists as trump wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire…because they haven’t worked out that trump doesn’t care about them.

    1. @TheDiamond2009 I watched the whole impeachment trial except for the clowns that worked for trumpty; they turned my stomach. Did you watch any of it. I suppose the insurrection at the Capitol was a figment of my imagination after watching hours of videos posted by the stupid retrumplicants themselves? So whose lying? The duck dynasty morons that stormed the Capitol and admitted to it?
      I truly believe you are a waste of time and no longer deserve any attention. YOUR Q SHOWING AND I DON’T DEAL WITH DELUSIONAL FCKTARDS.

    2. @TheDiamond2009 typical cultist. Everything that doesn’t paint your Dear Leader in a positive light is automatically “fake news”. So allllll of these people who have known tRump for years (including people who were very close to him in the past) share their experiences and stories about how genuinely horrible a person he is are all lying and spreading “fake news” but a KNOWN pathological liar, narcissist, and sociopath is the only one telling the truth? Yeah ok buddy. Go drink some more of that orange kool-aid.

    3. I’m not American, he wasn’t my leader. In response to your assumptions, read my retort to Crazy Maggie.

    4. Yes, it was one “unnamed source” presented by some left wing hack, against at least 20 individuals who said it was utter, made-up nonsense.

      Unnamed source, ha ha!!!

    1. I’m not sure you can make assumptions about his gender. Have you enquired into Biden’s preferred gender pronouns?

      Be careful, the left will have you cancelled.

  5. And all the people complaining about the Covid relief package, will ultimately be the winners… so many of them are landlords (residential or commercial)

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