Capehart Encourages Getting Fully Vaccinated For A ‘Brand New Day’ 1

Capehart Encourages Getting Fully Vaccinated For A ‘Brand New Day’


The CDC has announced that fully vaccinated people can go maskless indoors and outdoors, and return to normal activities, aside from special cases such as riding an airplane. Jonathan Capehart encourages us to get fully vaccinated so that we all can experience a ‘brand new day’ of moving maskless into a post-COVID era, in this week's ‘Bye Line.’

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  1. I hope all Americans get vaccinated so we can go back to normal, but I suppose if people do not want it they do not have to get it

    1. The plan is to never go back to normal. The “shot” will cause another crissis. Why do you think the government wants you to get it so bad?

    2. according to webster’s dictionary, you are an anti-vaxxer if you dont think it ought to be government mandated. welcome to club also, the vaccine has nothing to do with getting back normal. whether you got it or not, continue on with your life without fear like you couldve been doing the whole time.

    1. Yes, because it turns out that when you create an artificial labor shortage and pump trillions of stimulus dollars into the economy when it isn’t needed, you get runaway inflation!
      It’s wonderful now!

    2. @heavyd777 The massive transfer of wealth was given to corporations, the Rich and the Military Industrial complex. You call that Investing in the Economy?
      If they were to give it to the midde class and the poor the money would be spent on goods and services. That makes the economy move.

    1. @stephanie hummel Yes let’s all put trust in the person that thanks ” ERIC SWALLWEL “!!!

  2. The idea that I (joe Biden) told them to come (across the border)is ihihij huhuj.. this is me (we need people to test these vaccines on because our lab rats don’t accuratly project how medicine works)

  3. lol this is the worst acting i have ever seen
    “praise be praise be… after i get the shot i wont need to wear a mask anymore”
    but ull still be able to get covid as well as pass it to others…
    brand new day…

  4. “A Brand New Day” will happen when people learn how Anthony Fauci is linked to the gain-of-function coronavirus research at the Wuhan Lab. As soon as a connection can be drawn between the Chinese “bat lady” Zhengli Shi and Dr. Ralph Baric of UNC Chapel Hill, then it’s game over for Anthony Fauci.

  5. Ugh- his voice is as fake as his content. Dude, retire so you can skip into your Brand New Day.

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