Capehart on Atlanta Spa Shooting Suspect’s Capture, Solidarity with AAPI Community | MSNBC 1

Capehart on Atlanta Spa Shooting Suspect’s Capture, Solidarity with AAPI Community | MSNBC


The Atlanta spa shooting suspect’s capture ‘without incident’ is contrasted by Jonathan Capehart in his ‘Bye Line’ with cases of Blacks killed by police during routine policing. Capehart also offers solidarity with the AAPI community.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Capehart on Atlanta Spa Shooting Suspect’s Capture, Solidarity with AAPI Community | MSNBC


    1. Guy says I did it and it has noting to do with race…DMONRATIC FAke news liberal media it is a HATE crime…hahahahahaha do these jackwads ever get tired of lying????

    2. No, believe him the fine White man was having a Bad day he didn’t even give that much compassion for the DEAD” OH THEY WERE ASIAN #ADM

    3. @DrJaime Perez Perez.. u ever get tired of carry water for your white colonialist masters? You do know they want you in a cage right? hahahahahaa

    1. Yo tambien. Love Jonathan. He speaks for so many of us disgusted with white supremacy. Please child!

  1. Gestapo cops must be investigated and locked up. Rare are the cops who serve and protect so maybe some day I’ll find one before their extnction.

    1. There are videos all over the place of good cops but the media dont report on it because people dont care about good stories only bad ones.

    2. @KTG Network It’s true that media thrive on bad news but you were saying there are videos all over the place of good cops? Good cops are the ones that do the job they supposed to do and that should not be newsworthy. Unfortunately, it is though. The focus is on bad cops because that is something in need of change.

    3. @Jack Miller I agree we need police reform. A few things need done. One the need training atleast every year where an officer can arrest someone without deadly force by them self. Two atleast yearly mental exams to make sure the stress of the job is not hindering their job performance. And three we need to make it where the police unions are not the ones that decide if a cop is guilty, it should be citizens of that area.

  2. The murders at the Atlanta-area Asian massage parlor were without any doubt misogynistic and racist.

    1. people have fetishized asian women for decades. he probably had a fetish for asian women and was rejected by one for being a creepazoid.

    2. @marushka involuntary celibacy. Yeah, you made that up. Unless your tired to a gurney, parked in a prison cell, drugged to comatose and in a straight jacket; celibacy is always voluntary.

    3. @AnimeShinigami13 yeah, sheesh, nobody has a fetish for Norwegians, or Pacific Islanders and gets rejected, never happens. Must be racist. Can’t possibly be because the guy was psychotic.

    4. ​ @Kurt: Not for boiz with bone structure as bad as yours, lol. You know, the kind of guys who will Always have to pay for it.

  3. Mr Jonathan I want to say thank you for such a wonderful commentary this afternoon I haven’t watched your program before but it was really informative thank you

  4. This sheriff would have, better not said anything, if he didn’t know what the “h” to say. His word meant nothing to anyone who has any feelings. Uncaring, and unconscionable.

    1. @WILL Stacc There’s active FBI investigations into many police departments. Georgia is known for hiring wife beating- racist cops.

    2. @Angel Gutierrez the same FBI that had evidence of Russian collusion? Your a bigoted racist period. Have fun with your victimhood

    3. @WILL Stacc Funny you mention that. Yes mueller did find evidence of russian collusion with the trump family, Mueller just said he wanted to leave it to the senate for his verdict. You are in the wrong side of history. You idiots will be never win another election. Promise.

    4. you miss the point, this man is a racist toward black people and what he’s trying to say is (no Asians we’re not racist against)
      i bet if this terrorist kills black people this sheriff will not say a world why! because he’s a racist

  5. My bad day is spilling coffee on my couch. There is no oops moment in choosing to pull the trigger and end the life of 8 people.

    1. Guy says I did it and it has noting to do with race…FAke news liberal media it is a HATE crime…hahahahahaha do these jackwads ever get tired of lying????

    2. Aaaaw, he’s having a bad day and that’s why he massacred those people. The world is so cruel.
      Maybe the special snowflake needed a spa day and there were too many people in line?

      There’s no excuse for his actions.
      After a bad day normal people (with actual and stress inducing jobs) go home and either lie down, listen to music, order take out or have a long soak in the bath.

  6. It never has, and never will make sense to me, that one human being can look at another human being as less than them based on appearance or any kind of ethnicity, heritage or cultural difference. It is just basic sickness and lack of moral fiber or empathy.
    And yet look at us.

    1. @Chester jade But not Putin, stripping the world
      or morality and individuality to all –
      even those of ‘his’ own nation/
      of any people that could stand as free..
      this is a new thing (only 10 years or so
      that he’s shown his foul hand in full –
      only five where he has wished
      to pass his drudgery onto US –
      in the form of his anon minions to rise hate).
      Stand behind your name young one,
      *The US is the land of the free,
      home of the brave –
      if you don’t want to be thought more
      a default foreign child/ coward –
      what Putin would want for all societies..
      act as if you belong here if you’d speak,
      those Free and Brave should have become Russia as well.

      Fight against murderous thugs like him..
      as MLK would – behind a purpose – not a curtain.

      If you have a heart – if you can stand
      behind your words –
      if you have the skills to teach compassion,
      and defend your-self/ others_+ willingness
      to sacrifice your life for something more…
      consider becoming a cop your-self
      (or encouraging one who could).

      Putin would rather the world had less good of all types, and was distracted with China/ hate, until he could go unnoticed in the shuffle_ don’t help him hide behind a curtain.

    1. He was removed as the Atlanta PD media spokesman but is still, unfortunately, working for the force. Disgraceful.

  7. I always thought the Old Testament teaches to gouge out your own eyes when tempted, not to shoot others….

    1. @Alex Hamilton do you ever live a day without the privilege of your evil slaveowning, Monotheism and culture of a dark skinned messiah his legacy stealing,.. their sins and privilege?

    2. @Alex Hamilton your generalized ignorant insults aren’t even intelligent. It’s one thing to be racist, but why be stupid too?

  8. What’s interesting is that he clearly had never been to at least one of them, because she ran a legitimate salon. So how did that apply to his alleged “addiction”.

    1. @Tyler Scofield I happen to agree with you. I am so very sorry for your friend being shot. That is very sad and THAT should’ve made the news. If this murderer wouldn’t have been caught, he would have continued. I believe that to my soul. I am so tired of hearing about DT, this killer, non-maskers asking when this C19 stuff going to end and many other situations going on in this world! Common sense goes a long way, but apparently not everyone has that sadly.

    2. @Tyler Scofield I’m a Asian man, tbh lately most of the attacks on Asians are from white men, I’m sure you already know know why, this guy here most have the same anger towards Asians. If we are going to solve this problem, we must admit where it came from.

    3. It was a massage parlor, the fact that he hasn’t been to that one didn’t make it less of a target. The fact that he didn’t know who worked there kind of works in opposition to the racist theory and actually makes the business rather than the race of the employees the point of fixation for his psychosis.
      Missing from all the narratives are the races of the other victims. Two white persons died. At least one latino was shot. Another victim was male.
      In a desperate bid to make this all about Trump, Misleading Story National Broadcast Company, MSNBC, once again puts sensationalism over fact.

  9. So basically, he was so racist and hateful that he had a “bad enough day”, to slaughter people. They are using his racism as an excuse for murder because “he’d had enough”.

    1. Guy says I did it and it has noting to do with race…DMONRATIC FAke news liberal media it is a HATE crime…hahahahahaha do these jackwads ever get tired of lying????

    2. I wouldn’t call it justification, at the end of the day the shooter is still gonna face death penalty or life in prison

  10. That’s the first time I’ve heard the police explaining and making excuses for a he’s their friend or family. I’m shocked and I can’t even listen to the whole thing it’s so cringy.

    1. Being VERY generous, it’s one of the most incompetent and insensitive things I’ve ever seen a law enforcement spokesperson do. He basically just made the killer’s opening statement for him.

  11. This was one of the best commentaries so far by anybody covering this indecent, very succinctly done…

    1. Guy says I did it and it has noting to do with race…DMONRATIC FAke news liberal media it is a HATE crime…hahahahahaha do these jackwads ever get tired of lying????

  12. He had a bad day, I have bad days, from time to time, but doesn’t mean, I’m going on a shooting spree, it’s a hate crime 100%

    1. It was poorly said but it was also out of context. Not the clever editing. What was left out to sell the story?

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