Capehart Remembers Tulsa Race Massacre Near 100th Anniversary 1

Capehart Remembers Tulsa Race Massacre Near 100th Anniversary


The Tulsa Race Massacre’s 100th anniversary is linked to ongoing police brutality towards Blacks, and widespread GOP denial of the January 6 insurrection, by Jonathan Capehart in this week’s ‘Bye Line.’» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Capehart Remembers Tulsa Race Massacre Near 100th Anniversary


  1. First, we must understand that racism, bias, bigotry, prejudice, exists in the mind as thought. Only a persons behavior (words and actions) will indicate what that person believes.

    “We must believe in a future where color of skin is no more significant than color of hair” – Sam Harris

    No one should be debating the many atrocities against many races in US history.

  2. Mother Fletcher….107 years is obviously as articulated as she was 100 years ago. This short segment is outstanding.

  3. Now THAT is what you call natural terrorism.
    They did it because they KNEW they could get away with it.
    Just like the attitude on 6th January 2021.
    The hate has always been there. It never went away.

    1. @Bat Boy The point was not about a connection of racism. The point was about the connection of attitude.
      That a group of WASP’s can riot and expect to get away with it.
      Actually… I’ll take that back. It is about racism

    2. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson No race baiting here.
      Isil, Qaeda, etc were and are being hunted down.
      The white lynch mob’s and the Klans were murdering black men and black women during the midday sun.
      When he nazi’s rioted during Crystal Night, they showed they had a little bit of shame. They waited for NIGHT TO FALL to commit mass murder.
      No sir, I am not race baiting.

    3. @Noblemann – I know peoples “racist radar” is turned up to 11, and I will admit a guy flying a confederate flag, and the guy wearing a nazi skull t-shirt is a strong indicator of racism, however, this was just two guys out of a large crowd.

    4. @Bat Boy Just the two guys out of a large crowd? In 1920s Germany they were saying that the German National Socialist Workers Party was just a small lunatic fringe.
      It truly is astonishing how even those who I know are sincere, share the same mindset of people of the past who talk down the threat on the their doorsteps.

  4. And nothing will be done! The colonizers will never see us 100% human or as equal. Enough of their hate has taken over this planet, it needs to end.

  5. Stitching all these atrocities together is so relevant and important… the despicable situation in the US shows past is prologue and we have got to eradicate these incidents right now

  6. Looked at a description of the Tulsa Massacre and it qualifies as an absolute atrocity. What stuns is there was no admission for decades but when it was finally documented, courts denied compensation citing the statute of limitations. There was a map of the area in 1921 and looking on Google earth reveals it is currently occupied by a ballpark, the OSU Tulsa, some green space, and suburban housing. How did they acquire the land? And from whom? Oddly somebody put up a ‘Reconciliation Park’ ??? Further, attempts to search and locate reported mass body dumps have been blocked as ‘it will disturb the dignity’ of graves that may have been put on top of these potential sites. Let that sink in.

  7. Good to recall as this kind of behavior is racist immoral and illegal. Same is true today except the tables seem reversed. It’s still immoral and illegal. That is the lesson. My opinion

  8. “Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose ….”
    Catcher In The Rye ? …… wait ….. what ?
    You mean Rush’s Neil Peart didn’t come up with that one ?? 😉

  9. Never give up. Keep pursuing justice. The truth will bring more to your aid. Teach all the young. Embrace love.

  10. Geez. Capehart must be really stirring up good trouble because he’s attracting some pretty vicious trolls.

  11. Viola Fletcher is 107 years old – and she can read clearly with ease, conviction, and eloquence. Compare her reading skills with that of Donald Trump (I hate to even attempt a comparison with that pustule of vile rot) – she is far and above more intelligent and wise that Donnie could ever hope to be. And Mother Fletcher would make a better president than Donnie could even imagine. Shine on Viola – a beacon of hope and reality!

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