1. I’m so ashamed of this country that I don’t have the words I need to describe it. Our beautiful and beloved country has been debased by the Republicans to the point that there is no justice for blatant crimes. Even crimes against humanity that trump committed with the help of the Republican party. Hopefully Americans will remember this and move to replace all who voted against conviction. We must make the Republicans pay for their actions.

    1. As a Canadian who likes to travel, I personally will never step foot in the USA again. Speaking to others in Canada, they also feel the same. Disgusting behaviour from the Republicans. The USA is no longer a true Democracy with Mitch McConnell in the senate.

    2. Hear you clearly and you are not alone, the nightmare has passed and things will clear up! I half expect they’ll be visiting that psychopath this week with indictments.

    1. The only ones that were ever in the dark was that sick evangelist cult, right here at home! Their news on America is not censored.

    1. @samuel nelson Evangelicals leaders has already willingly dragged themselves down with Donald Trump! The said, God actually told them Trump is going to win a second term overwhelmingly. This is how they said things will be, and overwhelmingly done! They lied in support of Donald Trump, not God, but in support of Donald Trump only.

    2. @shaunjeff45 pillar of light Boatloads and boatloads of them prophesying lies on behalf of Trump.
      The downfall of white Evangelical Christians is their embrace of racist white supremacy.

  2. Oh it’s so good to see Aunty Gloria and hear her take. Much respect due. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜❤️

    1. Yes murder and treason should be the charge. Not hard to understand unless you’re indoctrinated into Trumpism .

    1. Correct, they just didn’t want to listen to anything they would be condemning themselves. No worry, there is always a heavenly intervention or a higher court that will convict!!

  3. A tale of three facts: Obama was never impeached in 2 terms. Trump was impeached twice in 1 term. Joe Biden is President.

    1. @MoneyBoyWorldTV Let’s cross that bridge until we get there. It’s easier to assume the worst than to hope for the best lately😐

    2. @K. A. Challa🙏🏽Sorry I already Had a Black male President and saw that words like Reparations will not be part of the conversation. but they will be sure to give us Hope, while giving Tangible opportunitie$ to LGBT and immigrant$.

    3. @MoneyBoyWorldTV Why don’t you become a community leader & run for office? The younger folks are going to inherit the future. What will you contribute?

  4. I’m thankful the Democratic Party went through the entire process (doing their job) thus exposing those who I believe need removal ASAP.

    1. Joe Neguse’s closing argument was a thing of beauty. I am certain in thirty years time it will be studied by students of law, American history, civics and politics.

    2. Some responsible adults had to speak up somewhere, somehow, that’s why I have so much respect for the Honorable Ms Speaker, she always kept the narcissist cowering and at bay.

  5. now “LAW” means; millions $$ of benefits for the Rich for Life, but arrest the Poor and ruin them for Life

  6. This is wisdom in a form as a beautiful, articulate , educated black woman, Here presence alone spoke volumes. Bravo

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