Capitol Hill 'A Fortress' As Security Concerns Grip US Amid Final Inauguration Preps | MTP Daily 1

Capitol Hill ‘A Fortress’ As Security Concerns Grip US Amid Final Inauguration Preps | MTP Daily


NBC's Ellison Barber discusses the security measures being taken as DC prepares for the inauguration. Aired on 01/18/2021.
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Capitol Hill 'A Fortress' As Security Concerns Grip US Amid Final Inauguration Preps | MTP Daily


    1. @Don Winslow I’m sure you’ll fair far better back under a democrat ran administration.
      We still can’t find any proof of criminality, but whatever you say.

    2. @john smith The same adults that allowed far left radicals to burn the country down, wreck the economy, spread covid and assault innocent people and call it peaceful political protest?

      Most democrats need serious political deprogramming, you people are insane, lmao!

    3. @Special People I think you are mistaken. We’re not paying for your wall, you’re paying for our security after what you did these last four years.

    4. @Mr Deplorable2020 No, I can assure you that Canada in no way paid for the wall around the Capitol. Though for the sake of security for Joe Biden, I’m sure there are some who would be willing to help even here.

  1. So now DJT is saying that he wants a “military style” send off on January 20th. Fine, I say that we grant the malignant narcissist his wish, and have him sh○t out of a cannon.

    1. In a Projectile to Trump Close in The Middle East, Russia or Sicily where many of his mentors appear to been based.

    1. unfortunately its not as simple as that. every republican that promoted and signed onto these lies or stayed silent caused this. with out them donald trump would NEVER have had any room to move with these lies.

    2. Yup, why do you spend all that money on security and your military when it could be used to help with universal healthcare, a liveable basic wage, basic housing for your homeless, financial support for your most vulnerable citizens, world class education and a modern affordable public transport system?

  2. True patriotism has nothing to do with wearing a silly red hat, or waving, hugging, or wrapping yourself in the flag. That’s nothing more than counterfeit patriotism. Because those are all things you can train a mon.key to do. And if it’s something you can teach a mon.key to do, then it’s probably not patriotic at all.

    1. Patriotism isn’t saying that your country is the best in the world. Patriotism is recognizing the issues with your country and fighting tooth and nail to fix them.

    2. @Arnav Shah
      It’s also about caring about what happens to your fellow American citizens, even if you don’t know them.

    3. Starts with education at home and at school though. The whole notion of “being patriotic” is nothing more than brainwashing.
      Even if the intention is a positive one, it is way too open to interpretation of what “being patriotic” can mean.

    1. you cannot assign all the evil just to Trump it’s not that easy. This kind of political tensions can be seen all over the world not just the america. Protest all over the world have become more violent and bigger. When it comes to USA I’d say covid had a huge impact mostly due to people being worse off financially/less stable situation.

    2. Not a man, a woman… Hillary and the dems got bruised egos. Attempt to arrest him and you’ll have 74 million trumpians burning down dc and state houses… why do you think they have 25,000 troops in DC? THEY KNOW.

    3. @onehothand68 so Trump can’t be arrested whether he committed any crimes or not because his henchmen will use violence if that happens? Immunity by intimidation? Would it not be slightly more civilised to get him a defence lawyer and go through the usual process rather than acting like gangsters?

    1. @Vita Petrus Yes, just imagine if Trump issues illegal military orders, they are ignored (because they’re illegal) and he makes things ten times worse for himself. You’re probably best keeping your wet dreams to yourself tbf.


    1. Come after me I turned my arms into a warzone I cut my self daily cops can’t stop Me democratic party laws are as fake as the media , house speaker twit witch

  4. I hope if these seditionists and terrorists mount an attack again, that they are met with the full force of the US Miltary!

    1. DJT has always cost a lot of something for someone else, whether it’s about money or integrity or someone’s future. Who knows how many, lying in the ditches; discarded and destroyed forever.

  5. “pretty sure who is supporting us?”‘ is only effective in horseshoes , tanks and handgrenades…maybe drones?


  7. I’m sure this is why each and everyone of those men and women has signed up.
    To defend the capitol against countrymen and -women.

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