Capitol Officers To Testify At January 6 Committee Hearing 1

Capitol Officers To Testify At January 6 Committee Hearing

The Jan. 6 trauma of police defending Congress that day will be the featured testimony of the first hearing of the Capitol insurrection probe. Tiffany Cross is joined by Rep. Pete Aguilar, Dr. Christina Greer, and Olivia Troye to discuss.

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  1. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. @Noel C It’s traitorous to storm the Capitol building, trying to stop the constitutional provision. Biden won the election, fairly and properly. No one cares if you don’t accept it, it’s still the truth. Grow up.

    2. @CS So you agree Alyssa Milano should be in jail? You didn’t answer any valid questions.

      When it’s only punished on one side, it’s crushing political dissent.

    3. @CS and if it’s a fair election, why the push against audits? (Not recounts) Why are Trump supporters calling for audits in states where he won? Because we want & deserve the truth.

    4. The election results had already been recounted and audited, as per each state’s election laws. Continuing with the charade of what literally amounts to additional recounts, undermines our democracy. I’m done talking to you, you’re a vile person, unAmerican to the core. Biden won, grow the F up.

    5. @CS I am NOT a vile person. I am a law abiding citizen & voter just like you. THIS kind of attitude is what’s wrong with our country. You silence all disagreement with some weird, unqualified moral superiority. “You’re a vile person” HOW?!

      What makes me a “vile person”? Because I disagreed with you? Wow.

  2. There is no both sides. Either you support democracy or you don’t. America was Attacked on Jan 6th by Trump supporters and they declared War on Democracy.

  3. When a reporter asked Trump if he thought he would be requested to testify for his involvement in the insurrection he responded by saying ” As soon as the tax audit is done I will disclose my tax returns “. The reported said ” Huh ? “

  4. I’m predicting that Republicans, who for years have screamed “Back the Blue” and “Blue Lives Matter” will attempt to defame and discredit the officers during the hearing.

    1. Find a BLM protest where 140+ officers were injured. You won’t. Republicans are so akin to compare the movement for equal rights for minorities to the movement of a base fed lies angry they lost.

    2. @John Clarke Democrats didn’t treat the 9% blacks who voted Trump like how Candace Owen treats her own community by throwing them under the bus to please Trump’s Confederate flag waving base

    3. Lmaooo these “police” officers are nothing but corrupt swamp creatures just like the politicians. They are controlled by Pelosi and we all know that they represent DC. They all voted for Biden and that says it all.

  5. I can’t wait 2 hear the officers talk about all of the hugging and kissing trump claims many, many people told him about

    1. Pelosi and every democrat that normalized violence because every city where they are in charge death and violence go unchecked and unpunished.

    2. @Bam Bam isn’t this insane that people talk this way about Americans?? The msm and democrats are dividing us for a reason. Hopefully everyone is on the same side and not brainwashed

    3. @Scarlett Boswell I am ready! I have sworn an oath to defend this constitution from these republican fascist racist terrorists! I’m ready bring it.

    1. But then again, you could also just as easily argue that this shows that Democrats are hypocrites for only claiming to care about police officers when they can blame Republicans. So, which is it?

    2. @Z Floyd The Democrats are hypocrites but they never claimed to be the “back the blue” or “blue lives matter” party. I would expect more from Republicans since that’s pretty much what they’ve been running on since forever

    3. @Brian Rivers okay, you are correct that Democrats never claimed to be the blue lives matter party. However, I’ve never seen conservatives say bad things police officers that protected the Capitol at all. In fact, way back in January, a day or two after the attack, Donald Trump himself said that the attacks on the police officers were heinous, and that his party should be the party of law and order.

  6. Kevin McCarthy has no business being in responsible positions. To him, the constitution is less important the party and the Donald. The GOP would back a Coup or a foreign power to save themselves.

    1. @Kong Hammer Same old MAGAT answer *”Quick look over there”*
      Nothing in your post has anything to do with the video or the thread.

    2. @PissedOffPatriot83 so you have no rebuttle I take it? Because only people who can’t back up a claim resort to insults and offer nothing else.

    3. @Kong Hammer Keep swilling the QAide, your deflections indicate a poster with a non-functioning brain. I hear the stuff is habit forming.

  7. We want to hear from all the officers who were attacked. Four this week, four more next week, four more every week until November 2024 if possible. Don’t let Republicans ever forget!

    1. @Bestdaddy1028 Back the blue, amirite?
      Until your own people attack them, and then you’ll just spit on them.
      There’s a reason that republicans didn’t investigate what happened during the summer while they still held power.

    2. Yes, and we need for them to turn in the one who Murdered Ashli Babbitt! End of story and only issue on that day.

    3. @Rich So do you want an end to the “stand your ground” law?
      Should all homicides that occur when defending property be charged as murder?
      Better take all the guns away from civilians who claim they need them to protect their property, huh?

    4. @Rob Arkell They only like that law when unarmed blacks get shot for questionable reasons. And they use the line that George Floyd should have obeyed Chauvin even though George was being choked to death while in custody. Ashli Babbitt is on video committing treason and was a clear threat. These guys are really braindead!

    1. That’s what I say, Diana. We lowly VOTERS have more power than he seems to think. His time is OVER!

    2. God willing! I pray that the voters of people at Bakersfield wake up and get that evil SOB McCarthy out of congress period!

  8. how do you expect children not to bully when the people at the very top of our government do it all the time ….. they seem to have gotten stuck in middle school

    1. The hate from the left and the MSM 24/7 while Trump was in office was horrible. Our country is now in a fast downward spiral with Biden and his feeble mind.

    2. @Pam M wake up ….republicans are red democrats are blue and neither party gives a crap about you 🙂

  9. This is what has Republican so freaked out video+testimony of the people in these videos together this is going to be pretty damning stuff

    1. The video for the George Floyd case made it irrefutable. There is a huge amount of video of this insurrection, who did what, and what implements they used in their effort to overthrow our government. It was treason, pure and simple. It was aided and abetted by at least a few of the members of Congress. Many citizens would not have made the journey without the encouragement of the former guy. Hundreds of thousands of us are not willing to give up our democracy because a spoiled brat wants to have a tantrum. He never even put his own body at risk, but used the bodies of the Capitol police and his fans. Reports of him watching on television sound like a Ceasar watching a gladiator match.

    2. @Kathryn Shaw “hundreds of thousands of us are not willing to give up on democracy” well guess what cupcake MILLIONS of us aren’t going to let your communist views and Marxist democrats destroy this country so you better be ready to die for what you think you believe in because we are and won’t hesitate when the time comes.. so be ready cupcake. We will defend this constitutional republic from you commies

  10. If Kevin McCarthy and his goons objected to the first independent commission, they should not have a say in this committee.

  11. The almost holy reverence held
    for the lack of ethics
    this incarnation of the GOP brazenly exhibits
    is unfortunately
    nothing other
    than a cancer metastasized
    within the womb of America’s future
    and whether it becomes terminal or not
    will ultimately depend
    on the morality and courage
    of those
    willing to champion
    her democracy.

  12. McCarthy better watch his back…his seat is tenuous. We lowly little VOTERS here in California can easily end him! He seems to think he’s solid. Sorry, Kev. You better believe we will remember your seditious treason! You are done!!

    1. “I’m not here for violence. I’m here to overthrow the government.”

      ~ Capital Insurrectionist ~

  13. Finally..the officers can have their voice heard!.Let justice be the winner!.Good luck!.

  14. Anytime McCarthy or any other republican complains Pelosi needs to say only one word, Benghazi.

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