Capitol Police Abandoned By Congress After Jan 6 ‘Is Just Shameful’ 1

Capitol Police Abandoned By Congress After Jan 6 ‘Is Just Shameful’


Congresswoman Madeleine Dean (D-PA) discusses the ongoing threat stemming from January 6th and expresses her disappointment that Congress hasn’t done more for the police officers serving in the Capitol that day.

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  1. Anyone remember when Republicans supported the police over right-wing terrorists? Me neither.

    1. @Sofa King Rad Those who burn and loot should be arrested and tried. Since last summer, over 16000 people have been arrested for rioting. When you listen to right wing media, one would believe that Democratic Party had organized and assisted in “burning our cities”. That is very typical of right wing imbeciles like Hannity, Shapiro, Carlson and others – and its completely refuted by any legitimate review of those events. Almost all studies conducted by major university researchers indicate that vast majority of unrest during these protests was indeed peaceful. Here is UCONN and its CCC research findings:

      While the summer of 2020 experienced 100 days of violence and destruction in cities, according to the the U.S Department of Homeland Security, the most recent CCC study of 7,305 separate events in May and June suggests that 96.3% of events involved no property damage or police injuries and 97.7% of events had no injuries reported.

      You have two real options here:
      1. parrot right wing media manipulation
      2. Look into legitimate data provided by researchers from reputable institutions.

      My sister lives in Minneapolis. City is not “again burned and looted”.

    2. They called the computer hackers from Russia terrorists but not the people in their own country.

    3. @Sofa King Rad kyle rittenhouse murdered people and your treason right wing cult go-funded him to run to a safe space for murders. Now you love cop killers. Maybe the USA isn’t your team.

    1. Good point. We all know crimes were committed so blocking a Commission into the crimes is technically obstruction.

  2. It needs to still be investigated. You do not need the Republicans since they are covering up their involvement,

    1. Whether or not they were involved which they probably were, it still needs to be investigated without them

    2. BLM didn’t attack the Capitol. BLM didn’t assault police officers with Trump flags and metal pipes. BLM didn’t want to hang the vice president. Far right extremists did that. Republicans were afraid to meet with the mother of a dead policeman and the ones who met her didn’t care about her grief.

  3. “Capitol Police Abandoned By [Republicans In] Congress After Jan 6 ‘Is Just Shameful’” Fixed it for you.

  4. The republican party says a lot of things, the majority of which is not true at all.

    The Republican party speaks with a forked tongue. When it comes to supporting law enforcement, law & order, democracy, and the constitution, republicans never say what they mean, and they never mean what they say.

    Always remember–talk is cheap. So never pay any attention to what republicans say, only focus on what they do.

  5. REMEMBER the GOP who failed the oath to the Constitution they took when they went back to the chamber after the violence and STILL tried to overturn the election.

    1. Joe H The Russian collusion conspiracy originated from the steel dossier payed for democrats and was found to be inaccurate. So the Russian collusion was found on a phony account by democrats. We simple can not believe anything a democrat says.

    2. @Clubber Lang Are you sure?
      ”The former MI6 officer Christopher Steele had a “personal” relationship with Ivanka Trump and gifted her a “family tartan from Scotland” as a present, the long-awaited report by US Department of Justice inspector general, Michael Horowitz, revealed on Monday.
      Horowitz’s review of the FBI’s 2016 investigation into Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign and its links with Russia includes fresh details of Steele’s interactions with the FBI, and startling claims about his relationship with the Trumps dating back to the period before he wrote a controversial dossier on Trump.
      The report did not mention Ivanka Trump by name but her identity was revealed by ABC News.
      The report said that contrary to what Donald Trump has claimed on Twitter Steele was actually “favorably disposed” to the Trump family. It was “ridiculous” to suggest he was biased against the then Republican candidate or that his memos on collusion, written at the behest of the Washington-based research firm Fusion GPS, were in any way biased, Steele told federal investigators.”

    3. Margaret Nicol It’s not ridiculous, the DOJ determined that the FISA warrant obtained due to the phony dossier lacked probable cause to spy on then candidate Trump. These types of efforts by the democrats our threaten democracy. The entire sham cost taxpayers $20 million, all to reverse the 2016 election.

  6. Could be almost sufficient if every big news outlet pool all their checked info to a general timeline, and publish it simultaneously. Would make McConnell & McCarthy obsolete.

  7. After exhausting all legal recourse in the Courts those perpetuating the big lie should be arrested for fraud & sedition.

    1. Every republican in congress needs to be investigated and define their intent..
      Their actions are treasonous and dangerous to America.,, .

    2. Quick question. Once legal recourse is exhausted what are yo going to arrest them for? Further legal recourse?

  8. Innocent officials have NOTHING to fear from an investigation. The guilty ones want NOTHING to do with one.

    1. yeah, I wouldn’t be worried either if I had barred the “investigators” from fully looking into the event, like Democrats have.

    2. @William Springer suuuurrrreee. It’s not the Democrats that are doing everything they can to prevent ANY investigation. I am not a Repulsivcan OR a Democrat but it’s pretty clear who’s running from being investigated.

  9. So what are you going to do? VOTE THEM OUT. Vote on every level from PTA up. Not just the big elections – EVERY election.

  10. “Accounts are so harrowing”? We saw it. What we witnessed was harrowing!
    It’s betrayal after betrayal after betrayal!!!

    1. ‘wreckless spending’?
      That was the other guy with the spray on tan.
      Don’t really follow what’s actually happening do you? Don’t worry, we know

    2. @Clubber Lang Not Me! I first registered as a Republican in 1972. I ended my Republican journey when the Orange Haired Draft Dodger became the Anointed One !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. @Clubber Lang Trump TOOK more money from Americans than he cost! Most of that was GOLF Trips!!!!

    4. eric hoppe I was an independent and ended my independent status when I saw the chance to give the corrupt democrats something that I knew they would hate, someone that would torment them for 4 years….Trump!!!


    2. @William Springer Please specify which part of the constitution or our current laws that would sanction such a completely irrational, unprecedented & provocative action? Most Republicans won their races. Only Trump didn’t. He failed to act decisively in a pandemic. His party allowed the financial stability of regular Americans- to spiral downward. Many presidents have lost elections during times of economic or civil instability. He’s largely indifferent to the deaths of over 1/2 a million Americans & the long term organ damage suffered by many survivors. He signed off on Moderna funding, but refused to help former presidents encourage others to be vaccinated. Instead, he waited months for someone to leak it, before confirming his own vaccination. Now, many of his supporters refuse to trust the very vaccines he helped fund & allowed to be administered to his own family. He could have prioritized public health over his stock portfolio & his hospitality properties. He chose not to & it predictably cost him an election. Move the goal posts from January, to March, to July, to August, to whenever, if it makes you feel better. 45 will continue to be preoccupied with being investigated & sued, well into 2024. Joe Biden is your president.

    3. There is nothing in the constitution that says a guy who lost an election can be reinstated. And the few sane people left in the former guy’s inner circle are trying to make him understand that fact.

  11. It should be “Capital police abandoned by Republicans” not congress, half of congress has not abandoned them.

    1. Wait. What? That’s fake news, you dolt.
      At the same time we have “defund the police” all other Leftist-run cities. You didn’t think this one through. MSNBC makes you into a boob.

    2. @Scott Harrison That dog whistle is a lie that has run out of steam. The party of Law and Order is no more. The Republicans are literally defunding the police every time a locality has to pay for their shenanigans. Beating up the Capitol Police and then lying about it. You didn’t mention that.

    1. PTSD symptoms. Maybe that is why some GOP Congress members “don’t remember” what really happened on Jan 6. Good thing there is plenty of footage to refresh their memories. My daughter never remembered anything from our near fatal accident when a RV ran us off the road & flipped our car over an embankment. You block things out you don’t want to remember. Or, they are just big fat liars who know their base is without minds of their own & believe whatever they are told to think.

  12. Pelosi should appoint this committee now. Why drag your feet on this? Why wait on the Republicans on this? The Republicans were a part of this so let’s find out who they are.

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