Capitol Police Chief Says D.C. Bomb Threat Suspect Is 'In Custody' 1

Capitol Police Chief Says D.C. Bomb Threat Suspect Is ‘In Custody’


Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger announced that the D.C. bomb threat suspect is in custody. Manger said, “it was his decision to surrender.” 
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    1. @Aaron Hashem Lol No he’ll also get a ticket for littering all those $1 bills he threw out his window

    2. @Darthronnin the guy claimed to have explosives, all the officer said was there were items of concern, but no actual explosives. He listed the propane tank as an example, but also said it was safe. If you were approaching a vehicle that someone claimed contained an explosive, a propane tank would ring alarm bells if you’ve got half a brain…
      Move along

    1. @gemcutter187 You realize it was trump who made the plan and literally met and made deals with the Taliban, not the Afghan government, right? But sure. I’m sure that had nothing to do with it.

    2. @Keith Johnson – Shelby GT500 LOL, Rasmussen is notoriously right-leaning, but I’m still calling BS. Link it.

    3. @Trolling Them Softly LOL I guess you didn’t get the sarcasm at the “when trump is reinstated?” We’re on the same side I promise. I despise the maga cult as much as any normal american should.

    4. He did this for You. “By His Will” Watch the short video by clicking on that red icon to the left there.

    5. But we can all agree that nobody has upstaged Burn Loot Murder for destroying over $2 billion in property last summer as you cheered it all on.

    1. I’m pretty sure he’d already screwed his life up, this was just his attempt to be a “martyr” for the Right Wing.

    2. No, his life just got better…
      Next, he’s going to run for congress and Republican voters will vote him in.

    1. Oh weird–a “bomber” appears after Biden helps to completely implode Afghanistan while leaving over 10,000 of our citizens stranded. What perfect timing!?!

  1. Well, he got his 15 minutes of fame. He’ll be known as the “Crazy Guy” to the people in his home town, while the rest of the country will soon forget his name.

    1. @Amber Wyatt :: They should do blood tests so we can see what kind of Mind Altering Drugs that the Trump Crazies are addicted to. They all have very similar traits of lunacy!!!

    2. ​@Søren K Jessen The fact YOUR reply is about President Trump suggests that the only tears that are still being shed are yours. Back to your third world shill factory, thanks. Afghanistan is completely ruined.

    3. @Misanthropic Bodhisattva Ah yes, unlike the sophisticated and morally superior Bernie/Democrat supporter who shot-up a congressional baseball game for ” MUH healthcare “

    1. @drumzRfun1 lol you know well enough what tromp said and it wasn’t Inciting a insurrection. You’re just a sheep who takes the word of the media and u like to put your spin on it too. You need help my friend.

    2. @drumzRfun1 Jan 6th wasn’t an attack (watch the *raw* video, not propaganda), and even if it were, it was 8 months ago! Adults don’t care about it anymore and it wasn’t as bad as ANY of the riots from 2020. What’s happening in Afganistan IS news. Biden’s pull-out game is worse than we could have ever guessed.

      And now your precious, partisan FBI has to fake a story to distract us from Biden’s terrible optics week. You know, there was a time when liberals (back before you all became leftists) would call this sh*t out for what it clearly was. They couldn’t even find a guy with a decent southern accent? Pathetic.

    1. @Juan Hernandez And I hope he goes to jail. That being said… 10s of thousands of antifa/BLM goofs caused more damage to cities in 2020 than this guy. What’s criticism for them?

    2. @evansusmc umm I don’t think they are going to be charged together if that’s what your wondering

    1. @Juan Figueroa He will be released on bail in no time so he can enjoy his new pool in his backyard courtesy the FBI

    1. @Michael Seidenberg that’s the problem with asymmetrical warfare – and that’s what terrorism is, a type of asymmetrical warfare. But what’s the alternative? How do you fight these terrorists without spending money?

    2. @Mathu Rex well said. It is a joint treason. Where those have to simply remain silent to participate in it.

    3. @Clipper Clips I don’t walk the line that silence is complicity. But playing ball certainly is. Everyone has their hand in the pot, and NO ONE is doing anything about the dwindling middle class. Republicans are praising the rising size of the upper class while ignoring the rising lower. And Democrats thinking making every lower class worker automatically middle class won’t turn us into a 2-tier class system. They’re all wrong.

    4. They are trying to fortify it because they know it will be like Kabul soon and they will try and flee the country. Anyone who harbors members of the Biden administration at that point will have to be tried for treason along with him.

  2. Did the chief say, “This guy lives in a van down by the river? He’s a motivational speaker in his spare time.”

  3. There’s times were I drive with my Bar-B-Q tank in the back of my truck. I guess I better stop doing that.

    1. Show me the live stream and him saying this??!!! As YouTube user and knowing the in and outs of the platform, I understand how live streams can be false flagged!! So show the live stream, show him saying this???! Stop making people out to be terrorist without facts!! Anyone in that livestream who disliked his opinions could have created a false narrative out of an innocent comment during his livestream, we’ve been having people “Swat” homes for years now!! False Flag!
      Officer seems off put because the guys sentiments on live stream to do not coexist with the behavior or evidence on scene!! Learn Nuremberg Trials, understand how Nazi Germany use a compass to create acceptance of genocide to its people by way of marking them as terrorist! Learn it

  4. “Bomb threat suspect” usually reads as “Terrorist”. Dude was taken alive. Sounds ‘Merican to me.

    1. How? A crazy right winger making threats is barely even a remarkable occurrence these days. Some my even say it’s boring. Then of course there are all of the parallels between y’allQueida and the Taliban, they’re basically the same people. Hardly a distraction.

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