Capitol Police Investigating 35 Officers For Their Actions During Riot | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC 1

Capitol Police Investigating 35 Officers For Their Actions During Riot | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


Capitol Police has announced it is investigating 35 officers and has suspended 6 for their actions during the Capitol riot on January 6. NBC's Pete Williams has details. Aired on 02/19/2021.
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Capitol Police Investigating 35 Officers For Their Actions During Riot | Hallie Jackson | MSNBC


    1. @Tanya Wales Brian Sicknick went home on the 6th and told his family he was o.k. He died on the 7th of January. He did not die from a blow to the head by a fire extinguisher as reported and the NYT retracted that report.

    2. @Ralph Sims google is free. Try say right wing extremist vs. Left wing. I came up with 329 death attributed death to right wing extremists and 0 for Anfeti. Also you have more people on the no fly list now class it up a bit. Hate to trigger a right wing spook.

    3. @James Holden ok.. you should be aware of her request for bail out money and inciting statements that they won’t and should not stop.
      Btw… Name calling always good indicator…………

    1. @Mainely And join the revolution, with the goal of bringing leftists like Mainely and Linda Burchell to justice.

    2. @Huey Long Admirer Assuming you’d make it through a “revolution” is highly presumptive. Especially if you are in the same kinda shape as your living god.
      Seek help.

    3. @Mainely easier said than done. The unions will fight to get them reinstated with back pay and restoration of benefits. That’s why it’s so hard to get accountability from bad cops and they know it

    1. @jose becerra
      No one knows for sure who Q is. However, it is believed that Q is a group of of Patriots with backgrounds in the military and intelligence communities. Q will post bits of information. Then anons (digital investigators) begin to scour the internet for supporting facts and information. It’s not a cult or some conspiracy group. It’s just people digging for truth on the internet.
      Qanon is nothing more than a misnomer assigned by the left.

    2. @Ian T nah really that’s what Qanon followers believe that there is a random person sending covert messages

    3. @Imoan Eloc umm isn’t that just a more elaborate way of saying Q is just a random person or people posting vaguely code messages…omg that reminds me wasn’t one of the leader of Q a child didler

    1. That was my first thought…not if they were really guilty, but if they were suspended with pay. That just seems to really trigger me

    2. Ya government is corrupt that way, everything needs to be overturned concerning everything about government employees pay and benefits

    3. Replubicians Build the wall build the wall. America is struggling but lets go pay $ 309.00 a night to help Mexico’s economy. Wow just wow.

    1. Nancy Pelosi refusing extra security on the 6th, 3 separate occasions? Yes, it was an inside job, just not like we were shown on tv.

    2. A lot of people are looking at serious Jail time
      Snitching on a lawmaker who assisted with the riots is a get out of jail free card

    1. God forbid common citizens made the mistake of trusting the police and government authority. Protest will cure them if that !

  1. They are getting to the inside, I am waiting for the part where they arrest the members of congress who gave tours.

    1. @Jacoba Smith
      You are also correct. However, the final decision and responsibility belongs to the Speaker of the House, which is Nancy Pelosi.

    2. @with heart … there’s a pic of Hitler and Bigfoot too, cupcake… I bet you believe what you read on the internet…

    3. @Michelle Chambers
      You are so right! They can not stand the fact that we choose to love instead of hate. We are ” to love our neighbors as ourselves.” They just can’t comprehend because it is spiritually discerned.

    4. @with heart …no “comeback”, cupcake… there’s pics of ghosts, space aliens, and Noah’s Ark on the internet… and like yours, ALL nonsense…

    1. @Israel Galvez I hope he is, although, he’s being sued for inciting the insurrection and a few other things concerning that event.

    2. @Israel Galvez Nancy Pelosi is in charge of Capital security because she is speaker of the house. Nothing to do with Trump .

    1. @Evan Kellison there may be a laptop, but where did it come from? the owner of the shop is a rabid trump supporter, there is no evidence hunter is the owner, and there is no metadata given, just “screenshots”, which, I can tell you as an IT professional, this is so not evidence, lol. It would be laughed out of court. And why would hunter go across country to “fix” a broken laptop and never go back to it? where did it come from? how did guilliani get it (oh, thru a russian)? Oh, please. there is so much wrong with that story, only a reader of the nat’l enquirer would believe it (or those who watch fox, aon, newsmax and read ny post).

    2. @Evan Kellison You are the one trying to deflect responsibility of Trump’s insurrection on Nancy Pelosi. They released a copy of the memo the Pentagon sent to the Capitol Police with significant limitations on their ability to activate and use the National Guard. Then during the insurrection Pentagon officials would not give approval for the National Guard even though a couple of govenors were offering theirs. Pence was the one who authorized it as Trump would not. Really reread your comments and really think about how illogical you are. Nancy Pelosi does not control the Pentagon. Trump does. But Nancy Pelosi will see to it that any cops found to be aiding and abetting the rioters will be prosecuted. A bunch of Trump appointees and loyalists have been dismissed from the Pentagon.

    3. @Bill Burgess The Capitol Police Board is the body that governs the United States Capitol Police consists of three voting members: the Sergeant at Arms of the United States House of Representatives, the Sergeant at Arms of the United States Senate, and the Architect of the Capitol. Additionally, the Chief of the Capitol Police serves ex officio as a non-voting member. Only the architect of the Capital is still employed. Sgt of arms of each house selected by leaders and have extensive leo background. It’s a joint effort. Sure she may have influence but it’s run by the board.

  2. I had forgot all about this. I figured they just weren’t going to bother even asking about it. It takes them so long to do every single little freaking thing. These guys have been drawing paychecks and who knows how much more damage they did

    1. @Peace Out here’s the thing.. There are way more out there like her…they are the same ppl that think Joe got 81, sometimes even 85 million votes .

    2. @Maria C yes and apparently there were registered voters that didn’t
      The Licoln Project backed by Republicans against trump.
      Replubicians against trump video after video on YouTube they would not trump or third-party. They would first time be ing Democrat Biden/Harris
      2020. 200 General’s endorsed Biden Government officials present and former against trump. Yes 81 million ed for Biden Harris 2020
      Trump lost bigly. Thank goodness.

    3. @Gina Mazyck sure biden got 740 billion votes if you believe that. Lol and i hope 2 years from now you will not be regretting your vote. Bigly

    4. @Gina Mazyck show me proof 200 generals supported biden. And not from a left wing radical fascist msm site. An unbiased source because 200 generals supporting bi*den is a big stretch just like it is a huge stretch as 81 million votes..good one. The lincoln project was terrible as was

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