1. @Kyle Moore Hi there, beyond stupid, turns out the bomber says he supports Trump and his stop the lie nonsense.

    1. Where there is a tragedy, there’s a political statement to be made… As long as you stop paying attention to Afghanistan. Just look at the bomb. The bomb… I said look at it. There’s nothing going on in the Middle East, just pay attention to the freaking bomb… What are you? Racist?

    2. @RIghteous I voted for Joe Biden! The most perfect president ever! But right now we need to focus on the bomb… The bomb in Washington that threatened democrat senators specifically… I’m not talking about Afghanistan, I’m not talking about the 11,000 American citizens there that Joe Biden left by executive order… I’m specifically talking about the bomb in Washington. Every single one of these comments that brings up Afghanistan is an evil piece of garbage and should be arrested by the FBI! God bless Joe Biden and his infinite wisdom. If he could still get it up at this age, I’d let him father one of my wife’s babies!

    1. We need the military in Washington! The politicians are the innocent victims! We need to protect them at all cost from this bomb… Yes, the bomb… Stop mentioning Afghanistan. No… The bomb over here, right here… Stop paying attention to the Middle East… Joe Biden is perfect. Why do you guys keep mentioning Afghanistan? There’s a bomb in Washington! The armies and crazy stuff in nuclear war all that… There’s nothing going on in Afghanistan, I’m telling you, please pay attention to this bomb please…

    2. @Origami Mambo I started this YouTube account several days ago so that way I could bring you the message about the bomb in Washington… The bomb that you need to be talking about right now in your Twitter circles. Make sure all your friends talk about it and make sure it’s re-tweeted over and over. Facebook needs some more shares too. Do your part as a good citizen by talking about the bomb… Stop bringing up Afghanistan! Everything is fine there… The only people that are upset are the ones waiting to get into the baseball parks. Everybody is having a great time and going out to the night clubs all of that…But we need to be good citizens and talk about the bomb. I’m not seeing you mentioning anything about the bomb in your responses… That’s greatly disturbing and the FBI is going to want a note of it.

    1. @Seracha Pepper you don’t believe slept joe really won do you ? Sleepy joe didn’t win anything

    2. @Slothy Ratings? What does that have to do with real life? You think life is a TV show? What? I do not understand what you are trying to convey.

  1. Bombing a library, hmmmm I wonder what side of the political spectrum this person leans towards………

    1. @J Z right? They also had a failed insurrection, while their “dear” leader continues lies about election fraud.

    2. @mytruthslays well, we know for a fact that economics isn’t a republican fortè, look at all the countless times they have drove this great country into ruin(Great Recession, failed trade war with China, Afghanistan and on and on it goes) but they are outstanding at corruption and covering things up(Nixon, bush, trump)

    1. @BoneThroneTriumph
      Amazon pulled those books from Amazon.
      You don’t think private businesses have that right?
      You also probably rant about Twitter and other social media sites banning policy offenders as “infringing on the First Amendment!!”, don’t you?
      Private companies make decisions.
      End of story.

  2. So… When does the “mental health issues card” get thrown in… Some one has some good intuition to notice something was going to happen.

    1. Yes thank God someone was looking at this and not Afghanistan… I mean it’s a bomb… Stop looking at Afghanistan! Hey you… No! Afghanistan is fine… Look at the bomb! Look at the freaking bomb right now!

  3. Let me guess: He is a Qanon believer who tried to fulfill the “prophesy” that he heard from the voices in his head?

    1. @Hayle Seyton And I only know of two kids. Matthew Coleman from California a week ago. Who are the other kids you’re talking about?

    2. @Robyn Justice Woods CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and about 15 other news outlets are all saying this is not a false flag. That this was planned by Donald Trump. Are you trying to tell me that this is Somehow fake news? Because according to Twitter, only a Nazi would say that. And I have to admit, I’m a little upset that you didn’t mention the bomb… The bomb At the White House… You’re supposed to be talking about this over and over again. Did you vote for Trump or something?

    1. Who’s “they”? Psychologists and social engineers would like to ignore everything that makes you unique and have you reduced to a group defined by commonalities. The same way nearly every scientific theory is based on finding consistencies to make a law and ignoring everything that is inconsistent or can’t be explained.. Which “they” do you belong to? I’m sure there’s no one in the world quite like you

    2. ‘Library? 😳 I thought it was the Capitol milking barn. 🤔 I guess no cows DID seem kinda funny’

    1. Sure, and then another CNN reporter will suddenly become leader of the KKK again and hold a big kkk rally and they’ll all light up their faces with tiki torches for the camera like with Jason Kessler of Charlottesville

    2. People have always wondered how the nazis got away with all they did in the 40’s. We are seeing it play out now in the democrat party

    3. @1MOA Tactical right! You see the Democrats attacking the capitol or bomb threats or going nuts in restaurants or shops.

  4. I wondered what ” Sasquatch” was gonna do after spitting all over the mic at that school board meeting .

  5. Buster moves, goddamnit, it’s the boss’s kid / white knighthood, church Deacon, of your parole officer, no doubt

  6. Anyone wonder if there’s something in the water (or is it in the air) around DC that makes people all mixed up?

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