1. “Tourists.” Yeah, those Republicans were barricading the Senate doors and cowering in fear from “tourists.”

  2. i bet this gentlemen was devastated when he found out there would be no commissionit’s just sad

    1. @Andrew Perry Condemn the burning& looting going on since May 2020, happened again in Minneapolis last night, some poor innocent armed felon was shot by the cops. Then I might condemn the so-called insurrection.

    2. @Marsha,Marsha,Marsha This is a video about the Jan 6 insurrection. Why do you losers always need to change the subject and make excuses for seditionists. You ought to know that one group of people committing crimes somewhere doesn’t excuse another group of people committing crimes somewhere else. It’s disgusting that you think this is some kind of gotcha response, as if I support any instances of arson or looting.

    3. If I was him, I would’ve been devastated but not surprised. It was pretty clear for weeks now that none of the spineless and shameless GQP politicians wanted this investigation.

    4. @Chris Albert your words were so eloquently put that I’m going to leave the Independent Party and register as a Republican. Thank you so much.

    5. @Dixon Uranus _your words were so eloquently put that I’m going to leave the Independent Party and register as a Republican_
      Stupid is as stupid does, Dixie.

  3. REMEMBER the GOP who refused to agree to giving these guys a recognition for their bravery. They actually VOTED AGAINST IT.
    Now it’s your turn to vote against them!

    1. Voters REALLY need to wise up to what the Republicans are: Truly worthless human beings that should not be in positions of power. Vote them out people, new blood and or a new party is needed, decent people are needed .

    2. They are on video letting the rioters in. They deserve no recognition save for the recognition that they facilitated it all.

    3. @TrailBrakingGod In which case wouldn’t it make more sense for the republicans to vote to acknowledge their courage rather than vote against it?

    4. @Margaret Nicol not only would I vote against it, I would participate in the upcoming mostly peaceful protest in DC.

    1. Hell, that they weren’t all cut down. If they were PoC or liberals, they would have been slaughtered by the thousands and LEA would be hunting down their families for “complicity”.

    2. @Progressive Humanist they were deliberately left with nothing to defend themselves (seriously…bike racks?), battled hours even while injured, and you expected them to arrest everyone??? Seriously? And I heard trump said to “be nice to my people”.

    3. I love how some geniuses on my thread interpret saying “all of these people should be arrested” as if that means all the arrests should have happened on January 6th. How are these geniuses incapable of comprehending that there is sufficient video evidence of everyone involved and citizens caught breaking the law on video can be apprehended after the fact as if we live in some fucking twilight world where this doesn’t happen.

      Think of some other stupid, little kindergarten excuses.

  4. Sgt Gonell, we stand with you, 100% and praise and thank you for your service, traitors will be punished

    1. @Jacob Calham how about taking accountability for what a leader of this country allowed.

    2. @Charlie Short I agree the BLM riots were an act against the country with the intent to usurp our democracy. They wanted to defund the police who protect our democracy and they tried to usurp our democracy by starting autonomous zones and attacking the police and federal buildings and businesses and they created fear and terror which is still going on today.

    3. @Cynthia Draughn The only way I would blame Trump is in the decision to hold a rally on that day, which was obviously asking for trouble, and could not achieve anything useful. There isn’t much that can be done about that because it’s not illegal. The incitement charge is nonsense. We also need accountability for the decision to usher Trump supporters into the capitol building. We should find out who gave the order and why, but no one on the left seems to have any curiosity about it.

    4. Funny only 133 million registered voters but 156 million voted and I’m a conspiracy theorist fact are facts

  5. GOP=Chameleons
    Looks like the lizard people reside within the GOP and I hope Q can look into that strongly

    1. Are you kidding everyone? Q look into it, W T F THEY WERE PART OF THE REASON THIS HAPPENED!!!

    2. @Jesus Avila lol Only CNN talks/ Gives credit to Q..

      Remember that BLM idiot whobwas arrested then paid 70k by cnn if i am not mistaken for his part in the riot excuse me i mean his story..

  6. I will never ever forget the courage of these officers! I was terrified that day of not knowing if our congress was safe and seeing the violence on display on what should have been a peaceful transfer of power. The 1/6 commission should have had bipartisan support, but instead the GQP has put their bets on trying to win over insurrectionists, instead of prosecute them for trying to hijack our democracy.

    1. The ten day audit of the questionable Covid-style 2020 election where ballots were practically dropped from helicopters out of the sky should have been authorized and completed rather than shoving everything under the rug, banning conservatives from social media, and shutting down any discussion of potential election fraud. Until there is an honest and transparent audit of the 2020 election, it is doubtful this country will ever find peace again. Otherwise, 2020 was just the beginning of a banana republic that will probably continue to have stolen elections and prosecutions of past administrations by the next administration.

    2. @bill worden Bamboo, UV light, Disinfectant and 289 games of golf prove you are a know nothing idiot. Not an insult. An observation.

    3. You know what you will forget, calling conservatives “conspiracy theorists” & so far the domino effect is at full force with Fauci

    4. Ohh I’m sure you were terrified I guess your terrified about Chicago new York and la every night since more innocent people get killed there every night

  7. I realize the retelling of these brave Officers story is painful for them. However, all these Officers need to be on all media outlets telling their story and how this horrible insurrection has affected them and their Families. These Officers should band together and bring a lawsuit against all the republicans who are stating nothing happened.

  8. Its shameful to see how corrupt and partisan our government has become. I never thought I’d see the day when doing the right thing is wrong and doing wrong is normalized.

    1. Has become ?? This Gov has been the same way for YEARS !! People are just now opening their eyes to it

    2. @Tony Felton you commented to me and used an example that isnt even related, got fucking owned verbally and now want to cry about it . You’ll do anything to be a victim won’t you.

    3. @Tony Felton Many of them know this, but they insist on lying and spouting off half-facts. Typical.

    4. @Tray Leflore But it’s okay for you to vote? Voter suppression is strong amongst the right.

  9. The Capitol Police need to start suing the Domestic Terrorists especially the police who sustained permanent injuries for loss of income, trauma and medical expenses.

    1. @Bradley Sandberg Probably because Trump said when the looting starts the shooting starts.

    2. @vegeta ss . So you defund the police for a couple bad cops? Make all of them suffer. Your statement and the left don’t make sense.

    3. @J Potter I know the definition of fascism, and you and your *Bankrupt Casino God-King* are the real fascists.

    4. @J Potter Why don’t you look into what fascism means instead of just accepting what right wing propaganda tells you?

    5. “sue WHO”……isn’t that part of their job????? can EVERY officer and military personnel sue…now THAT would be a no brainer,!
      At least we would know where our taxes went instead of heels up going to other countries with a blank check to help stop immigrants coming to us for freebies that OUR social security and veteran receipents have EARNED!

    1. @Derry TaylorReally hard to get into the same page with these people. . AnywAy THANK YOU for Your service.

    2. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! TRUMP LOST

  10. My heart goes out and my hat goes off to these amazing police officers who did an incredible job defending the Capitol. I can’t imagine how terrible it must feel going to work and seeing the cowards they were protecting knowing they don’t care about them enough to do an inquiry into this attack that left so many of them physically and emotionally scarred. It is a slap in their faces.

    1. It is even more of a slap in the face for all the officers who defended against BLM riots. No commission for them either, despite them causing far more violence and terror. I guess we only care about emotional scarring when it suits our politics.

    2. Jacob Calham Trumpists attacked Capitol police, the police attacked with force protestors BIG FKN DIFFERENCE I agree police have force when it comes to rioters but against innocent protestors that’s a whole other story. And you are right it was all political. Trump caused a LOT of havoc, let’s not forget his upside down bible photo op what he did to those protestors. Worse president ever 10 fold

    3. Stop drinking the demonrats Kool aid cloud 9 droid … there was no inquiry because it was set up by Soros funded antifa and BLM and that is not something the demonrats want to be exposed for… remember everything they have tried to pin on trump has come back to haunt them

    4. @Cloudie 9 Druoid The cognitive dissonance you leftists have to cope with every day must be absolutely mindbending,

      It must be so hard being a leftist these days, having to keep changing your opinion of the police depending on who they are policing. If they are policing BLM and Antifa, the police are “attacking innocent protesters”, if it’s Trump supporters they are “being attacked”.

      And what kind of loon would claim that Trump posed holding a bible upside down? Next you’ll be telling us he was demonically possessed, and his head swiveled 360 degrees around.


  11. Thank you Sgt. Gonell for defending our Capitol and our Constitution. I just wish the G.O.P. would do the same for once.

    1. @jc jp Naw, you’re the ignorant one, beliving anything that comes out of the Republicans mouth, which includes Trump.

  12. The Capitol Police who fought long and hard to protect the people in the Senate Chamber staff administration are heroes.

    “The enemy of truth is blind acceptance.”

  13. This man and all who were protecting the Capitol will have to endure this kick in the crotch for the rest of their lives! Those people don’t give a damn about the Constitution, they just want to make all the money they can while in office! Just sad!

    1. So sad how the government has let them down. Republicans need to be ashame of themselves and condole what Trump did and allowed

  14. This video is heartbreaking. The republicans have let these amazing officers down, as well as our country. Shame on them.

    1. I see all the pathetic keyboard cowards decided to show up and support the insurrectionist traitors that decided they would defy the constitution and the will of the people by attacking the capital. Your gaslighting and utter nonsensical ignorant replies are hilariously inept and ridiculous. Why don’t you post on the Main Comment section instead of hiding in the replies? You know the answer to that as does everyone else.

    2. @Allpaka It may surprise you but modern medicine has used injections to kill infections from the start of modern medicine. But it takes a special breed to believe CNN when they try to convince their audience that there is no difference between medical injections and drinking bleach. if you had any brains, you would know the difference but let’s face it. This is what your brain looks like when on the CNN diet. Poison in, poison out.

    3. @bill worden Holy crap. No medical professional would EVER inject disinfectants. That kills people! Get a grip, for crying out loud.

    4. @Allpaka Are you arguing that infections are not killed by medicines, including those that are often injected? Keep pretending that Trump said to find cleaners or bleach under your sink to kill Covid and reasonable people will keep laughing at your ridiculous mischaracterizations.

      Anything that Trump did or said was mischaracterized by the propaganda arm of the Washington swamp. Some actually believed them, time after time. it would actually be quite amusing to witness how gullible some people are except for the hateful division and ongoing misinformation and breakdown in honest discussions that have resulted from not having an honest and objective press. Any free nation requires an honest press so that the citizenry can make fully informed decisions. Instead, we get CNN and the rest of the Washington insider club who are purely political, along with all the posturing and theater and narrative-building meant to push the insider agenda.

      Trump supporters aren’t alone in recognizing that Washington has been run by lobbyists and other inside players for decades. The inside players become more entrenched every year. It is even worse considering that the lobbyists have become multinational corporations and other foreign interests that have no allegiance to the American citizenry at all.

      But keep believing the same people who try to convince you that Trump said to drink bleach if you’d like. It makes you sound so smart.

  15. The Congress people who twisted their mouths to say, “This was like a normal tour” are DISGUSTING!

    1. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! OK ! That’s why the Republicans were getting their panties dirty on 01/06 at the Capitol !!! They looks pretty scared to me ! We don’t have to be a genious to see that and we don’t need CNN or MSNBC to tell us what to think. But, of course, you need Fox News, QAnon or My Pillow guy to help you to follow the “former guy” straight to the cliff !

    2. @Liberals are a Failed experiment! Just like those mostly peaceful riots and mostly peaceful fires.

    1. Imagine: An insurrection in which the most heavily armed civilian population on the planet didn’t fire a shot..

      An insurrection where the police confiscated zero firearms from the so-called insurrectionists.

      An insurrection where the only person shot was an unarmed woman.

      If burning and looting and un-ironically throwing up an ARMED border around part of an American city and declaring independence isn’t an insurrection, then neither was January 6th.

    2. @Phuq Ewe I believe what my eyes said happened on 6 January and what my eyes saw says every damn on of those TRUMP STINK insurrectionists don’t deserve their US citizenship – FULL STOP – PERIOD!

    3. @Ignacio Couce You do know the police found pipe bombs, small firearms and bear spray.
      Plus ALL of those trump nuts had spears.
      They all should of been shot.
      Nothing but bottom of the barrel SCUM.

  16. “I’m here because trump sent me.” I don’t think it gets any more mindless than that.

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