Capitol Police Officer Testifies Rioters Called Him The N-Word 1

Capitol Police Officer Testifies Rioters Called Him The N-Word

The House investigation into the insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th is now underway, and Marq Claxton, the director of the Black Law Enforcement Alliance, joins MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to recount testimony from Capitol Police officers, the trauma they faced on January 6th and the GOP’s hypocrisy for blowing off the probe while claiming to back “the blue.” Claxton asserts the people who are promoters of "everything blue" are often the same people that deny "complete and total justice." (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. I’m still wondering how all these people got in… I mean come on who was in charge of security

    1. They got in because there were thousands of people and hundreds of guards. Try using your head .

    2. @Richard Harder there are videos of security letting them through the gate and in the door ( that one wasn’t security or police thought) people take videos of everything now

    3. @JD maybe.. but do you think that’s always the option on government buildings?? If so there was a lot of protesting last year and attacking government buildings. I’m just saying if you have principles stand by them don’t pick and choose. I think both sides that had people destroy stuff should be prosecuted but not innocent bystanders actually protesting like 90% of the summer riots

    4. @Richard Harder Intel surely knew that there was gonna be trouble at the Capitol that day, so why only hundreds?

  2. I’m sure proof is somewhere in that 14,000 hours of video that the three letter agency doesn’t want to release.

    1. @Hatty Hattington if you didn’t get the link then what did you watch? maybe it didn’t post. either way, it’s not hard to find. check c-span. I’m not kidding.

    2. @Hatty Hattington Never said I don’t get it. I was only questioning the three letter agency mentioned in the message I was referring to.

    3. @Tara J. Fitzgerald pretty much anything they are saying, particularly officer(s) being called racial slurs.

    1. @James Fetherston Has anybody actually bothered to verify what this individual officers involvement was? Have they shown any evidence that he was actually involved at all? Any body cameras, any one of the thousands of security cameras in the building? No, there has been absolutely no evidence presented that this particular officer was involved at all, let alone that he was involved in the worst of it or that he was ever even spoken to by the protesters let alone the ‘victim’ of racial epithets.
      If this were an actual investigation, rather than just a sham commission those are the kind of things that would be determined. Instead Pelosi gets to assemble a committee of hand-picked partisan actors To listen to prepared Statements design to evoke emotional response…And there will be zero fact checking to actually determine the validity of those statements.

    2. @Matt Of course there is verification from his superior officers and his fellow officers. Not one member of congress has claimed he was not. As for body cameras, why on earth would officers not on patrol be wearing them. They are not standard equipment for an assignment such as this.

    3. @Matt Why are you surprised at racial epithets? These rioters were festooned with shirts that said “6MWE”, Confederate Battle Flags, shirts that read “Camp Auschwitz”, and the racist “blue lives” flag? The Trump supporters’ ranks have always been supported by xenophobia, bigotry and racial hatred.

    4. @Jorge Askren wtf a women died people suffered serious injuries and think this was a ploy. so sad.

    5. @Briana Anderson your to make me believe you have NEVER said the N word in your life and this cop is lying since they don’t have ANY video prove to back up his claims they wear camras for a reason.

    1. @Na Br So you don’t think the videos of the capital attack are true? You think it was all a staged drama, and many of the people who are in court now are all actors? All the reporters at all of these events (conservative included) are all just more crisis actors? Or is it that you don’t want to believe the officer was actually called the “N” word? You think that has to be a lie, even though there were a number of Confederate flags and white nationalist symbols there? The evidence of what happened is all around and increasing. You have nothing legitimate to the contrary. Of course you are the one in the fantasy world where reality is only what you want to believe.

    2. @Anti Factoid Where is the video of protestors calling the black officer the N word? He could say anything, he had a body cam that would have surely caught the tirade he claims occurred, roll the video. Theres nothing wrong with verifying allegations. You keep saying the evidence was everywhere but where is the evidence that he was being called the N word?

    3. @Liam Manion – nope. There’s a lot of skepticism about the truth of this man’s testimony. Especially because of the desperation of Pelosi making this into a show trial.

  3. The fact that it’s ok to say under certain circumstances seriously tells me that maybe it’s not so much the word alone but something overlooked completely
    INTENT and

    I’m absolutely not racist but REALIST.
    As a black man I can imagine being sent back to the slave era
    (Which was over before airplanes were invented)
    and complaining to fellow slaves about the future.
    Yeah actually we have had a non white president and we have people our color that have respected jobs like surgeons and doctors and lawyers and judges and cops and corrections officers and bankers and teachers and train conductors and ANY JOB YOU CAN THINK OF we are SOOO EQUAL that really the only thing left to complain about is if you don’t like someone trying to aggravate you with name-calling.

    Imagine how awful and sorry slaves would feel for me as they are going over a list of white people on the map where they can stop and get rest and food and bathed while traveling the Underground Railroad to freedom.

    I’m not saying I like it when people have used the word towards me but I will say that

    I will try my best to Not let another
    “hurt my feelings” and then I see news like this telling me I SHOULD TAKE OFFENSE .

    I’m Sorry you experienced that sir and I hope you get it resolved but was really RESOLVES IT ???
    The answer truly Varys depending on your mission in life.

    1. @Dean F. Youtube would strike and/or ban the channel though. An anchor can get away with it when on their own companies program, not on another. Simply TOS.

    2. It’s sanitizing the ugliness of our history. People, you can’t listen to that word, so we’ll cover your ears for you. Don’t know why Ari attempted to defend that as CNN policy. Totally disingenuous. Totally unconvincing.

  4. To all the right-wing trolls: Donald Trump disdains his base. He calls you “the great unwashed,” and has joked that he should invest in a chain of tattoo parlors. And yet, you continue to worship him. To call you “pathetic losers” would be a gross understatement.

    1. @AngelK Trump is a golfer , who sees golf as a reward for his money and success .He doesn`t like the ” opening up” of golf to the masses . He is very much the elitist , that
      he claims to hate .

    2. @AngelK You’re claiming Biden has dementia when your dear savior Trump tweets about “Covfefe”. Also, Biden has never been investigated or even charged with molestation. The same cannot be said for your orange god, mister “they let you do whatever you want, grab em by the…”.

  5. Why ain’t it ‘news’ that COPS LET PEOPLE IN!!!! Because they know people are stupid enough to be distracted by this! Ask yourself …..what are they trying to keep me from seeing, by trying to shove these lies in my mind????

  6. My Dad had to deal with racism as a police officer in Virginia from 1968-96. I am not surprised one bit by what they had to go through on 1/6/21.

  7. Our American systems allow the majority race to do too much and get away with too much. America must change all together in one human race.

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