1. Great observation! That would mean, possibly, the polished American woodwork is diseased and rotting! Kudos E!

    2. @Ravonda come on! The crowd was so well dressed. They include many of the leading MuriKKKan fashion scions. It was a beautiful, loving event.

    1. So much pain, that day for her husband, for her and family members watching it unfold on tv. Then death by suicide. She is tough, not sure I could be as strong. Good for her, I hope she wins and sets a president, but if somehow she doesn’t I hope these arsholes live in fear everyday that it could come raining down on them at any minute.

  1. The insurrectionist need to be charged for their crimes. A class action might apply…they attacked our law officers. Hold these insurrectionist in jail:NO bail.

    1. @Dr. Bunter Hiden I don’t think meatheads like you know much about science or technology. That is why so many of you got caught.

    2. @Ace1000ks1975
      Yeah? So, how many of these people have been charged with ‘treason?’ It’s not what I believe, it’s based on this little thing called ‘the law.’ Maybe you just aren’t familiar with it. Why don’t you go look up the 6th amendment, ok.

      Usually, we don’t put people in prison for: “I THINK this is what they should be guilty of.” Clear things up for ya?

    3. @firestream93 The FBI has evidence that they were there by logging in their cellphone data, and linking it with other hard evidence like photos and video footage. These idiots posted it on social media, and that counts as evidence as well. You had people who turned them in as well. They just have to cross reference this with the cell log data. They can get all of that from the cell provider. You are really behind the curve when it comes to technology.


    2. @Jessica Sanchez
      We saw the case the Democrat Impeachment Managers presented. And we watched it completely fall apart, because it bas built entirely out of video clips that were edited to the point where the context was butchered to oblivion.

      We saw the same clips the Democrats played, uncut and unedited, proving Trump’s innocence.

    1. @Dr. Bunter Hiden You are an interesting case study of the delusional.
      There will be history books about people like you, movies, Documentaries, etc. I’ll enjoy every single one of them as the next generation of our species look down over your lost mind in Aw. That a people so lost in their denial of reality could fall so far.
      You can spit all your nonsense all day, but I promise… you’ll be dead one day and your wasted effort in the years to come will be for nothing.. you’ll just be another bummer brainwashed MAGA boy.

      That is, unless you wake up and regret your little moment of zombie land spent in the cult one day.
      I really hope you do too.

    2. @v blackwell be careful who you threaten and insult, hoss. When we stop paying taxes, you don’t get fed. 🥴🥴🤡🖕🏼

    3. @Cody you are an uninteresting case of alternate reality, programmed by propaganda media. Sit tight. Lies get halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on. Last year, Cuomo was the golden boy of the “pandemic”. Look where he is now. Much more to come. This is only the beginning.

  2. Agreed…their attitude and intent were despicable…to then include Trump and his cronies who incited this horrific attacks…

  3. Good for her, hope she bankruptes them, should also sue the GOP politicians inciting the mob on Jan 6.

    1. @Jackpot Juggler Slots it was necessary to do so if it was meant to be peacefu . Biden did something wrong which is why we are seeing chaos. Also… help Cuba as well

    2. @Fritz Fedke That magat might be able to do it, but no way could he have spelled it correctly.

    3. @Ѕқџ Gęṃἱחἱ I guess you need evidence to sue people. So, give me the evidence of the GOP that’s involved. Unfortunately for you, people have rights. I understand that’s a hard concept to follow, but it’s true!

    1. @Justdiep
      Come on, man. Those are two identical scenarios. The Capitol Police officer had filed for divorce from his “wife” claiming physical and emotional abuse by her. Now she wants to play the victim card. She is merely upset that she can no longer abuse him. Poor thing! Clearly, she just wants $$$$, to ease her “pain.”

    2. @Federalist Papers Ironic that your description in your profile reads, “US MSM Is Adolf Hitler’s Goebbel’s Propaganda Machine Reincarnation.” When you’re a member of a group that is blindly loyal to a single individual, flies a bunch of flags around, and is convinced the other half of the country is your enemy. Those are all things people did for Hitler as well.

  4. This woman should win her lawsuit! I hope she doesn’t give up too soon and gets an award! Don’t settle for chickenfeed!

    1. @Jane Millington yup, I don’t respect the Taliban, however I’m able to see why they are able to get to where they are. Our American MAGA Taliban cult is lazy, scared, and shameful. For example, when they stormed the capital building, took lives, and tried to overturn the election, our MAGA Taliban cult abandoned those people who got caught, and labeled them as liberal false flag agents or Antifa because they are too scared to admit they did it. So those who stormed those buildings, took lives, now have felonies on their record, and are heading to prison in the name of the Taliban MAGA cult were abandoned, and labeled liberal.. LOLOLL You see, the Taliban would have taken credit for the capital invasion, and built off the momentum. Our Taliban MAGA cult isn’t built for this kind of battle. They are mostly Flat Earthers, don’t have actual jobs, slow, trailer park people who see The My Pillow Guy as their general. The Taliban on the other hand are relentless and believe in their movement. As vile as they are, they aren’t a bunch of scared FOX news Hannity lovers. Our Taliban MAGA cult will only ever get so far because of their cowardliness. And that’s why the world laughs at them

    2. There should be a class action suit against Trump himself. After all it’s his lies that fuelled the incident

    3. @Mike Mike he leads his cult sheep off the cliff daily. The MAGA cult is packing hospitals all over the country and Trump is a massive reason why. To think him and his family are FULLY vaccinated, and he basically spreads fake propaganda to influence them to think the virus isn’t dangerous. You can’t get more super villain than that

    4. Seven Nine Three …. Not only are the Trumps vaccinated but most of the people spreading the propaganda are as well. Fox for example, they are almost all vaccinated and have their own version of a vaccine passport in place.

      You seriously have to be stupid if you fall for the BS they spew daily.

    1. I am in Europe, this woman have 110% the law on their side, i can not help from here.
      Can you create a capital found to help her to pay the advocates ? Al i read that sue a person is very expensive, are i wrong?
      On the other side, this widow will see that she receive empathy and support from US Patriots

    2. @Roland Martin I’m guessing she’ll have lawyers begging to be a part of her legal team pro-bono to create precedent and send a message to the world.

  5. Now that the US is no longer funding a corrupt government that won’t pay it’s soldiers in Afghanistan, we can certainly take care of this Capitol police officer’s widow and any children he had.

    1. After over 2 trillion dollars spent America could have given reparations to millions of blacks for the horrible crimes committed to their ancestors. As well as the wrongs committed 100 plus years after slavery during Jim Crow. In addition 2 trillion would end homelessness in America forever.

    2. @Jugganuat – I am sorry, but homeless is more of a mental issue. This United States is still not ready to tackle mental illness.

    3. With or with those funds, the government has the money to pay this widow her “benefits”!
      Her husband gave his life for her to have them.

  6. I feel so bad for this police officer’s widow. She has gone through so much. She deserves to win and get compensation for this.

    1. He supposedly commited suicide chose to end his life she shouldn’t get anything he quit. Besides who knows maybe he just wanted to get away from her

    2. @Go With It That is freaking harsh isn’t it? Clearly, you know nothing about mental health or suicide. ‘he quit’.. really? And to blame the widow.. that is horrible. What a world we live in, where people feel that it is ok to say things such as this!

    3. @Kar Sorry Kar you do not know the circumstances. He did quit or he would of fought for police Union benefits

  7. The widow’s lawsuit: if not for the barbaric 01/06 insurrection, he would still be alive today…😢I hope she bankrupts them!

  8. She should receive his pension! He killed himself because of something that happened while he was on duty!! She should sue Trump too – if it wasn’t for him, NONE of this would have happened!!

    1. I have had a traumatic brain injury that threw me into a two year deep depression that left suicidal. My heart breaks for those who have taken their lives after Jan 6.

  9. And every last officer should bring a civil case against their attackers and any congressmen, as well as the Federal charges!!!!

  10. All these rioters should be in prison, there was an officer killed during their riot & all should be held responsible including Trump!

    1. I wouldn’t mind if the rioters, their family and friends lose their shirts over this. After all, isn’t that exactly what the system they promote had been doing to brown and black people and poor white?

  11. It’s a relief to witness two intelligent people having a discussion – when, for months, we’ve been bombarded with Right Wingers shouting, interrupting each other, and spouting lies & nonsense like broken fire hydrants.

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