Capitol Police Officers Dismiss GOP Attempts To 'Downplay' Jan. 6 Attack 1

Capitol Police Officers Dismiss GOP Attempts To ‘Downplay’ Jan. 6 Attack


The January 6th Select Committee opens its first hearing with emotional testimony from Capitol Police officers recounting the attack. Viewer discretion is advised.

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Capitol Police Officers Dismiss GOP Attempts To 'Downplay' Jan. 6 Attack


    1. @Tim Toolman They wanted to make sure that they knew what trump had done and was trying to do. DESTROY THE COUNTRY

    2. @Jim Taylor No, it is because with out Trump they would have nothing to talk about, then they would have to look at the mess they are causing, making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

    3. @Tim ToolmanYep, the rpekes are making the rish richer and the poor poorer. Just like ALWAYS. They have NEVER DONE ANYTHING for the Common American just the rich. PERIOD

  1. Betting there’s no other GOP other than Liz and Adam in attendance!! They too busy planning insurrection 2.0 for their daddy!!

    1. At the rate these criminal Senate wankers and their base are going, Liz and Adam will be the only two left alive or not in prison. Then perhaps we can close and seal the door to the republican party once and for all.

  2. If you love this country, no matter which side on the political spectrum you’re on, no American should tolerate the insurrection on 1/6. Those that are for the insurrection are the true traitors to this country.

    1. @Gomer Biden not enough. So what your saying, it’s cool to storm the Capitol with a few people using threats of violence and intimidation for political gain? Last I checked, that’s the definition of terrorism. In anyevent, all the pawns will flip. Ultimately the political figures who were involved will be charged with insurrection. I say off with their heads.

    2. @Ish Ajac exactly what Capitol Police officer was bludgeoned to death ? 3 officers died. 2 from killing themselves (suicide) and 1 from a stroke.

    3. @Elaine Burnett Not now, Not ever! Anyone involved will have to pay a very heavy price for TREASON!

  3. It’s funny how in the world of the GQP “Back The Blue” can swiftly become “Screw The Blue”.

    1. @A T im british im not a democrat or republican but as an outside i can see just how evil the republicans are,. ive seen it for a while banning abortion thats what evil white old men do out of pure evil, trump who demanded we let him murder 2m illion british people if we wanted a trade deal and this mob was evil.

    2. every GOP SENATOR voted no for a bill of 350 million ,that JOE BIDEN proposed in supporting the police, while saying they support the blue

    3. @Joshua Everett Everyone’s a fascist. You are part of the reason that word is losing all meaning.
      You’ve already lost all credibility.

  4. Remember the last time Donald Trump took responsibility and didn’t blame everyone else? No? Neither do I.

    1. @Kevin James when was the last a dem lost the prez, refused to concede and cooperate with the new presidents transition, setting it back months? Answer Never.
      Trump and republicans will be looked at during this time conducting the greatest adult against America. Trump loses to Biden in a landslide electoral college and popular vote victory, and trump really hopes his supporters are so stupid that they don’t know how elections are run and safeguarded so he can con them into thinking he won. Pathetic.

    2. Is president trump in the white house now… He has a right to believe anything he wants..just like you! Also your girl Hillary still thinks she won the 2016 election!

    3. @Arma Ellis Arma, I do. And even though I am a moderate Democrat, I vote on issues and not emotions. Try it sometimes. I’ll wait while you take your foot out of your 👄 mouth.

  5. Republican Representative needs to be investigated, for their action before, during and after January 6th, charges filed appropriately. That includes Donald Trump.

    1. @thexalon You should watch Beau of the Fifth Column’s video on that topic. It’s just a few days old and has “National Guard” in its title.

    2. @E. I saw it before your recommendation, but I’ve been calling attention to his role in this since around 6 PM on January 6. Because it’s very strong evidence that planning for what happened that day started in the Oval Office.

  6. Imagine if Obama was president when this happened. The Republicans would have hearing after hearing and it would have taken 2 weeks to start, not six months, and they would cry on TV every day about defending the country. The hypocrisy is disgusting.

    1. “JANUARY6TH, TRUMP TERRORIST🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🏛🏛🏛🏛🏛🏛@Emeraldforest

  7. Albert Einstein-“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing.”

    1. @Andre Lindsay No you don’t. You think you do but you dont. Let me explain. Im petty. This is my calculus. I live for this. Im a devil.

    1. They are indeed the traitors. Those officers are the real heroes and patriots, who because of them democracy and hundreds of lives were saved that day. Because of them, Mango Mussolini’s coup failed.

  8. At this point, those republicans echoing Trumps words, they are the real traitors. Those people who sympathized with people who did the awful things at jan. 6. has no more excuses, they are the traitors.

    1. Law and order again… And again and again and again. 😭😭😭😭😭 The capital was violated…aweaaaa, awaaaa, boo whoo I… What did they do exactly.. A WHOLE LOT IF NOTHING! LMFAO 🤣😆

    2. @Kevin James As candidate Donald Trump bragged back in 2016…he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone…and he wouldn’t lose a voter. Even he was amazed. Comments like yours prove him right.

    3. @azul8811wow..🥴 you had to go back to 2016..geeze..metaphor.. but I guess you already knew that big guy!

    4. @Matthew Neddeau don’t like prune juice…love orange juice..but then again I think grape juice 🧃 is good too…. But then again I should of had a V-8. IAM always right thx..😁

  9. why are there tumbs down on this the only people to dislike this video are the treasonus filth that stormed the capital

  10. These officers deserved medals
    The senators owe them their lives
    What is wrong with America
    That they defend the people who did this

    1. Trumplicans are what is wrong with America!!! Until he is gone it’s going to be SOS different day.

    2. We are just seeing in the light of day what has always been there. Many Americans believe that they are the ones with the rights and no one else.

    3. @Maggie My dad always said, Your rights end at the tip of my nose…
      In gross and abhorrent fashion these traitors did not heed this…
      It will be far different if they choose to assault again in August.
      As it should be.

    1. @Bloginton Blakley I live in a large city and the cops drive their cars home with their uniforms on and do the same when they return to work.
      They engage with our citizens by hosting huge bbq events 4 x a yr. They spend All day discussing crime with good citizens living in these areas and ask their ideas on solutions.
      Stop lying please by posting misinformation by not having facts about every city, township and parish throughout our country.
      What do u do to support better policing in high crime areas ?
      That’s what I thought lol.

    2. @Julie Crane Really? What city do you live in? In Kansas City, Missouri… they don’t. In the other places I’ve lived in cops stick to themselves and don’t run around in uniform while off duty.

      As far as hosting BBQs… I’m not sure that does much to pay for all the other damage they do. Sounds like a publicity stunt.

      Before the war on drugs we had fewer police and things ran along fine. I support not having so many police and not so many prisons.

      Sound to me like you are doing what you think I’m doing, providing misinformation based on your city…

      How is it that you know that cops drive their cars home with their uniforms on? Do you hang out at police stations looking into the cars of the cops as they leave work?

    3. @tb Nope cops aren’t heroes not even to the rich people they serve. Cops are tools to be used by the rich to protect their stuff, this is how professional cops started in this country and they’ve never strayed much from that mission. First professional cops in the USA were slave catchers… You live in a police state and admire cops. Maybe you have lots of property for cops to protect for you? And nope I’m not a customer of my local pd. What I am is a person that knows tyrants when I see them… and I avoid them. Since I don’t have much property to protect there is no reason for me to have any admiration for cops who jump out of the bushes at people so they can write tickets and drive cars worth more than most of the homes in my neighborhood.

    4. @Max Power You are being insulting rather than sensible. I suspect this is because you have nothing to say to the truth I’m speaking.

      Are you a cop?

      As I’ve said, I don’t have anything against cops as people. But when someone puts on a uniform they submit their will to leaders. And our leaders are corrupt… this makes their tools corrupt as well.

      Cops understand what they do, that they are hurting people for money and for their leaders. But they don’t question, they just do, because they have families and obligations.

      But all of this is a free choice. They choose to be cops and to do the hurting they do. And none of this makes them heroes. Everyone and awhile a cop is a hero, but then every once and awhile a convict is a hero. But these cops on the video aren’t heroes… they are just men who did a job… they got a taste of the violent medicine that they dole out regularly to the citizens they claim to serve

    1. We can spot payed actors better than you. It wasn’t even a believable scrip. I was more scared of cameras then of IEDs and being beheaded wahhhhhh 🤣 bs

    1. Or dies, possibly from natural causes (like a stroke or heart attack), possibly from unnatural causes. (like a fall or a plane crash or suicide)

    2. @bombastic attitude Nope, All of the Senators and Congresspeople have been vaccinated. So COVID might get the older one, but the rest will just get sick. Remember, REPUGS are bigger hypocrites than DIMS.

    3. Trump already said his remedy for prison, he’s already got plans in motion to leave the USA.
      Criminal charges and bankruptcy are swirling. Only his PAC donations are keeping him afloat.

    4. @Grunchy and UAE doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the US. He’s definately going to split.
      The DOJ should freeze his $$$

  11. Funny they scream “Blue Lives Matter” until it didn’t serve the GOP anymore. Almost like the whole party of “God & family values” charade that went out the window with Cheeto in charge for the last four years. Not shocked, but very intrigued by who they’ll throw under the bus next

    1. The republican dogma has always been nonsense. They spout all that crap about god and guns, and they rail against education and science because they want their base to stay poor and stupid, all so they can have more and more power. Their end goal is oligarchy under the guise of a democracy. Even as their numbers have been in decline for years, they have managed to gerrymander so many states that permanent minority rule is a real possibility.

  12. Everyone offering testimony needs to ask on the record, “Where is Kevin McCarthy? Where is Donald Trump?”

  13. Of course Trump incited the insurrection. Of course it was a planned event. They came armed. Some had t-shirts made for the occasion. Every one of them was a Trump supporter. These public hearings are as necessary as punishing the offenders.

    1. “There’s no question, none, that President Trump is practically and morally responsible for provoking the events of the day.” — Mitch McConnell, telling the truth for a change

  14. I still can’t believe everyone of those ‘officials’ who deny the reality of those officers is not in prison under treason. Seriously.

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