1. Reminds one of comments made long ago by the national socialists, Adolf Hitler and his propaganda minister Goebbles, concerning the telling of a lie frequently enough such that it becomes truth in the minds of the masses…

    2. They KNOW exactly what happened and who is responsible…they just decided to lie for the sake of power!

    3. @Mr Pickles do you often find yourself struggling to identify the signage on washrooms that you practice in your off time?

    4. They are so accustomed to winning by simply shouting and doubling down that they are at a loss when we simply refuse to budge any more.
      Even Pelosi and Schumer haven’t rushed out to surrender or help them change the subject which is refreshing.

  1. They are trying to rewrite history and cannot be allowed to do it. Heads have to roll and not just the rioters, but any elected officials who texted them with info, took them on tours the day before and/or encouraged them in any way.

    1. @Mike Johnson That’s right he said in 2018 to his cultists ” just remember what you are seeing and what you are reading is not what’s happening” that they should only believe him & what he says… And they do.

    2. @Kathleen hammett I’m aware of his invocation of Orwell’s classic line to his braindead zombies. It’s gaslighting and what all cults, mind control groups and abusers do to isolate their victims from other sources of information and support. Just as how most dictators and despots label the media the enemy of the people. It’s absolutely dumbfounding how none of these people can see the many red flags with Trump and his envy of dictators, autocratic desires and moves. Just as the flippant comments about reigning for more than 2 terms, all just supposed sarcasm. Yet, look at the issues were dealing with 6 months later. The b.s. of attempting to intimidate or manipulate states electors to alter certified E.C. votes, intimidation and or manipulation of Georgia’s Attorney General etc……………………………….

    3. Absolutely Heads should roll! We the
      People, Demand Justice to be
      Served! This was a Full Frontal assault on America! Not just our
      Representation, but Each and Everyone. Who is Invested in The
      Preservation of The Heart and Soul
      of Democracy Itself!

  2. Yes everytime I visit the capital as a tourist I always bust out the windows and crawl in and while I’m there I ransack politicians office and leave them notes that I will be back. .doesn’t every tourist do that…😂😂😂 Like wtf

    1. I am heartened by the collective memory by all of you, we must NEVER forget what happened and WHO promoted it. Please vote them out if they are not removed first.

    2. And if you do that in another country, you might win a room with all expenses paid…with bars on the windows. If you’re lucky enough to have a window.

    3. My favorite were the two men who took a coat rack with the government inventory ID tag still attached. Got several blocks from the Capitol before being caught.

    4. Don’t forget the whizzing, and Doogie drops! A Truely primative
      Display of Disdain, Disobedience,
      And Territorial, Oneupsmanship!

    5. @whiterose150 If I were Pence l’d
      Write a Juicy Tell All Book! About The Misadventures Down The
      Trumpian Rabbit Hole.
      A sure Hit on NYTs, Best Seller List!

  3. 😂😂😂 He can’t even answer it so blames the reporters for even asking him the question and runs away

    1. ” you took that statement out of context!”

      The hearing was broadcast live, on national TV. Just like the Insurrection was.

    1. @akinpaws “Narcissistic personality disorder — one of several types of personality disorders — is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others.” – MayoClinic Nov. 18, 2017

    2. @akinpaws Also,
      “Yes. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V), Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) is one of several personality disorders and is defined as a mental illness that is associated with a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, need for admiration and lack of empathy.” – Recovery Village

      And, I know it’s just webmd but they updated their page to clarify NPD as a mental disorder on Jun 18, 2020.

  4. What a coward and a joke. He’s confronted with his BS and then runs away cause he can’t own up to it. Waste of space.

  5. Basically we still have treason going on here. Why are we allowing these people to get away with it?!

    1. @Alex Robles so were the ones that waged war on the Motherland, Traitors. But all from good families, hey?

  6. Do these ‘people’ think that all the videos and voice recordings of this insurrection will magically disappear? Their bald-faced lies can be shown for what they are by simply broadcasting these recordings. And they should be broadcast again and again and again. NO MORE LIES.

    1. The only play the right wing have whenever caught doing evil is to simply double down and shout louder. EVERY TIME they do it, we need to be there playing the video footage.

    2. I’m hoping that the defense attorneys for the Insurgents call these congressmen in to testify. You know, if they say the same thing under oath in court that I saw and heard them say on TV, it would provide enough “reasonable doubt” for a jury to acquit. Now, that would also mean the Prosecution would have a chance to cross-examine the congressmen, and they’ll be liable to perjury charges if they don’t admit they lied to the public in their videos. Either side — the Prosecution or the Defense has good reason to subpoena these “Congressmen/witnesses.” They should be subpoenaed for EVERY Insurrection case that goes to court.

    3. ken kesler it’s not that most of them have unseen theses videos. They have a different story about it. The Trump folk all say it was an inside job set up by Pelosi and that the people there were blm and antifa. It’s a ridiculous joke.

  7. They will never rewrite history. I saw! My family saw! Everyone SAW! NOBODY STUPID!

    1. “True power is the ability to break apart a persons mind, and reshape it into whatever form is desired.” Obrien, 1984.

    2. @Carlos Rivas maybe. Right up until the point they started chanting “hang Mike Pence” and started smashing their way into the Capitol.

    3. In a way it’s good that they are choosing this hill to die on; while they are masters at shouting the loudest and never admitting the truth, we have video evidence that speaks for itself. The more they shout, the more the non-cultists realize what a threat they are.

    4. @Hokie D – And the GQPers *still* haven’t told us *’WHAT’, exactly,* they think the MAGAs *were going to do WITH* Pence’s wife and daughters on January 6th…?
      ‘Gently pat their shoulders and escort them from the Capitol’ seems… *’bigly’ improbable.* 🤔

    1. @Keith Earl Haha. We’ve always been cheated by our elected officials, but now they just do it out in the open and tell us “fake news” whenever someone questions their actions.

    2. This brings up an even more frightening point; they are elected by a majority of their constituents whose only goal is “own the libs” .

    3. @Mainely What do you expect from a group of people who applauded the Orangeanus making fun of a handicapped reporter, applauded calling COVID the ‘kung flu’/’China Virus’, and chanting ‘lock her up’ years after he failed to do so. It’s like a bad Twilight Zone episode.

    4. @Hokie D So true but what really gets me is these people behind closed doors are all friends…

  8. There still must be someone or several high powered people on the inside that is preventing all these traitors and leaders of the insurgents from being arrested and kicked out of congress

    1. @Luke_SkyWanker; Ya, it made me sick how the Mueller Report was totally ignored, and the complicit, seditious GOP Senate all but laughed at the Impeachments. I do believe AG Garland would like to revisit those situations.

    2. @Guy North For the sake of the country, I hope he does. These rats need to be ferreted out of government. Most of them are working for Russia, I believe.

  9. Sounds like President Biden needs to clear the Pentagon of the people that were in charge of decisions on January 6th. Every last one of them.

    1. most if not all are gone aside from disgraced former Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s brother, Lt. Charles Flynn who got promoted and sent to Hawaii.. nice right?

    2. Biden and the Democrat leaders are afraid to look like they are using the power of government to punish enemies. The problem is, they are acting like enemies and have to be dealt with or they will try it again only with better planning and support.


  11. When people are telling the truth, they don’t flee with their tails between their legs from the first question asked of them about it. Someone should go take an unofficial tour of his house.

    1. Yes, anyone who advances this specious notion that it was just a friendly tour; lots of hugging and kissing needs to let me come visit.
      Step 1. Redecorate – broken windows and doors, excrement on the walls, steal some stuff
      Step 2 – Hug and kiss them with some bear spray and my fists

  12. Anyone who stepped through broken glass, busted doors, and had no business being inside the Capitol Building to mill around and grin into their phones are just as guilty as the violent ones.

    1. @Kate Hillenbrand Yup. Technically tourist groups weren’t supposed to be allowed to get into the building due to the ongoing pandemic and restrictions that were put into place.

      Imo investigation should be put forward into whoever was apart of these tourist groups and have emails or phone seized for possible evidence. Security footage should make it rather obvious who would have led such groups.

    2. Yup; they can tell their story to the judge. The prosecutor can SHOW their story on video; who you gonna believe, a cultist or your lying eyes?

    3. Right they provided support and cover for the really militant ones. Multiple deaths! d
      Doesnt matter if some were coconspirator deaths….law of felony conspiracy is someone dies, even of a heart attack in the struggle or fright, you are responsible.

    4. @KaaBee Exactly! Normally at the scene of a felony hostage takeover like that, ALL wouldve been surrounded and brought out one at a time, sorted into witnesses and participants, information taken and people taken into custody.

    1. Absolutely keep bringing it up, keep showing the video every time they go to their old playbook of double down and repeat the lie in unison.

  13. These LIARS are also COWARDS!! They can’t even back up their LIES! They RUN when confronted on their LIES!!

    1. Yes, that’s a lesson to us all in the future. They always double down, shout louder and it has worked… until now. *never forget what they did on January 6*

    2. You have to love how he claims that his statements were taken out of context and then proceeds to run away before putting his statements in context. Hilariously transparent.

    3. @Mainely it was Joseph Goebbels who said that if you tell a lie loud enough and often enough, it becomes the truth. It’s Trump’s complete way of life. And now we have nearly the entire Republican Party followings suit, save for a few honest folks like Liz Cheney (who was of course ousted from her position for telling the truth). I was a registered Republican for most of my life. I voted Republican because I believed they valued individual freedom, but the past few years have shown me how wrong I was. Republicans have betrayed me, the constitution, and the American people to pledge complete loyalty to and advance the power of a megalomaniacal, narcissistic monster. It’s sickening and terrifying to see this happen.

  14. They’re strong when they’re in a group but they’re cowards when they see themselves without any who can support their saying

    1. Good point. They are running the same plays that worked so well in the past. They all tell the same lie, all repeat it, shout it louder when confronted and then hope we forget.
      We have the video *and we will never forget what you did on January 6*

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