Capitol rioter accompanied lawmakers on border trip 1

Capitol rioter accompanied lawmakers on border trip


A conservative YouTuber who participated in the January 6 riot accompanied Republican members of Congress on a trip to the border Tuesday night, serving as a translator at times.

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    1. @Jason Milton Are you a fascist tRump lover? Anti ga is anti fascist tRump. Therefore Antifa is pro USA while maga tRump lovers that supported tRumps failed coup are ANTIAMERICA

    2. @Aurelia Seak He’s spamming. He has at least 4 other comments with the exact same copy-paste.

    1. @Scott Eric Well, you heard it from the Conservatives, guys! If we want to do a little “touring” of ANY place: we’re allowed to call in bomb threats, arm ourselves to the teeth, invite ourselves in, and completely wreck the place! Bonus points if we join in on the festivities inside!

    2. Yes Joe Biden should be arrested on the spot and the majority of the rest of the politicians. Most violate their oath of office to the constitution. January 6th should of ended with unconstitutional politicians being forcefully removed from office.

    3. @imouse1 You’re so obsessed with your media narratives and political party game that you’re ignorant of people in our country who’ve been attacked over feelings. And it’s the dogmatic attitudes like yours that embolden them to believe it’s acceptable.

    4. @Jorge carrejo You realize that the cop was not killed as a result of any actions that day. The media lied, and it was debunked months ago. All the news outlets glorifying a bunch of antifa people impersonating right wigs “attacking” the capitol is solely for ratings and shock value. Sure a few who joined them were off, but this has been used as a reason to gaslight the public. We as a people care more about what the media tells us, then the real problems. I know people who were there and peaceful, and they’re still being investigated. And now all of a sudden your entire military force is being told its dominated by extremists? It’s time to wake up to what’s really happening to your country. Go read about the Bulshevik revolution. Even if you believe the whole Russia bad narrative too, you might learn alot.

    1. @Alwaysgetsdeleted Account Yeah, real fascist. They want people to be able to vote and get healthcare. Damn them to hell!

    2. @imouse1 you already can vote just need an ID. And you can already get healthcare just need to be poor enough for Medicade.

    3. Yes Democrats do stick together it would seem. The unconstitutional laws they support and enact is proof of it.

    4. Traitors? When the system itself is a fraud as to law, imposter as to government, predators on the sovereign human will to self-govern and domain of sovereign SAFETY to self-rule?

  1. And they wonder why this country is becoming a second rate country in the view of the world

    1. @Roy Stroble Based on, what, exactly? They want everyone to have access to health care? To be able to vote without undue burdens or costs? Have COVID relief? Reinstate the funding to police that the Conservatives took away when they slashed taxes for the rich and increased the tax burden on the poor? Help me out here.

    2. @imouse1 now name one single thing that is making the country stronger not weaker. Help me out here.

    1. MOST were involved. Everyone who pushed the Big Lie is guilty of helping incite the insurrection.

    2. @BigBad Daddy They did not purposely put their own lives at risk. They were the main targets. Stop the cap. I can’t stand most of the Dems but that makes no sense and you have no proof of this but we have proof of certain Republicans aiding these clowns. You can’t lay the blame at their feet on this one but nice try.

  2. She has to go! Why are these traitors inside and outside the Congress allowed to go around as if they are legitimate.

    1. @john lerner yes! When the Biden family stormed the Capitol, beating police and killing a uniformed officer, when they were carrying the confederate flag, it was a truly dark day!

    1. @Joe Disappointed *You idolize your daddy Trump, a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse & had toilet paper stuck to his shoe LOL Get lost*

    2. @Joe Disappointed maybe you should hear the story of Mike Lindell.. He has admitted to being a crack head too.. Tread lightly idiot

    3. @Blaine Boyle she actually only has her GED and got it a few months before winning her election..

    4. Yellow Flash, Isn’t she the traitor who gave a tour to the insurrectionists the day before the assault on the Capitol?

      Boebert reminds me of a stupid mule I watched in a movie, but with a gun NRA guys gave her.

  3. Mad Marge doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but that hasn’t stop her talking!

    1. @loose lips sink ships *Guys who have their cats as their profile picture just means that they’re lonely and desperately seeking attention LOL How pathetic*

    2. @Diana Ewashko *Too bad there isn’t a vaccine for curing stupidity Diana, you’d be the perfect candidate!*

    1. @Jason Spencer Ah, yes, as opposed to the January 6th insurrectionists and their supporters who think war is already upon us.

    2. @Christopher Crain Probably already did and is allowed out without a mask. Glad to hear you imply you already got yours!

    3. @imouse1 naw..I dont want blood clots..I’ll take my chances with my immune system and zinc.

  4. You remember the disabled panic buttons. Now the real question is. did the “lawmakers” do it, or this stooge?

    1. What scares me is that whoever it was had to have the complicity of the Sergeant at Arms. They maintain all of that.

  5. She is the same one that gave the tour at the capital before the insurrection she needs to be arrested as an accomplice

    1. @Biden’s Brain At the end of EVERY indictment is the phrase “unless the Grand Jury brings more charges”……insurrection takes more work than trespass, but trespass get them booked.

    2. @Biden’s Brain Over 200 people have been indicted over the whole affair. One has already been sentenced

    3. @Biden’s Brain This was textbook insurrection. Trying to stop a lawful governmental process by force.

  6. GOP members of Congress…
    gave these same buddies of theirs…
    tours the day before the riots…
    so they wouldn’t get lost the next day…

  7. This is exactly what we in Europe see in America.. . Your left wing is everywhere else’s centre right… your right wing is everywhere else’s fascist

    1. @SHADOW NINJA which is exactly why everyone thinks of America in a bad light…. I’m commenting because I think America is stupid… your comment shows you agree

    2. @Doom Labs not really . I could care less what they do . I’m Canadian and live in Moncton but it’s funny to me that you’re sooooo angry and salty for a country you’re not even from like do you have nothing going that you’re sooo angry at America

  8. Imagine the reverse if Pelosi was walking around with one of the BLM rioters that burned down that police station

    1. Well, it wasn’t BLM doing the rioting. It was common criminals, looters and self-described anarchists.

    2. @Aingell Yes it was! Still is, cause I’m pretty sure they’re still peacefully destroying Portland.

  9. I guess he didn’t trespass or commit a crime. So what’s the issue? No worse than John Sullivan who was encouraging insurrection and incitement to riot.

  10. And Then You Tell Black & Brown People “Trust The System”; As a Person Of Color, What Part??

    1. @Mylife72 the point is they all have the same legal system, adversarial, CORPORATE CHURCH, JUDICIAL branch and THE BAR Association.

    2. @Steven Pallesen what do any of those other countries have to do with anything?? Why would we trust them??? We are talking about America

    3. You may be “CHILL”, but you’ve left politicians and media from both sides steer you into thinking that it’s about race, when they work on each and every one of its constituents to go along with the money game.

  11. The Authoritarian Party has no interest in democratic norms. Stop calling them Republicans to which they have no resemblance. Step ahead of the curve!

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