Capitol Rioters Cleaving To World Dr. King Gave His Life To Dismantle: Glaude | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Capitol Rioters Cleaving To World Dr. King Gave His Life To Dismantle: Glaude | Morning Joe | MSNBC


The Morning Joe panel discusses the life and legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. Professor Eddie Glaude Jr. discusses King's legacy in light of the Capitol riot. Aired on 01/18/2021.
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Capitol Rioters Cleaving To World Dr. King Gave His Life To Dismantle: Glaude | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Norman Hull yeah idk about all that but I do know what he fought for was equality Wich we DO HAVE but blm is nothing like mlk j.r they are just a bunch of extremists.

    2. @Norman Hull and Jesus drank too much and kicked it with knuckleheads and rebels. It’s the message, not the messenger.

  1. The forces that fought to destroy MLK’s dream are alive and well. He gave his life to hold this country to account and live up to it’s creed, for all citizens and not just the privileged few.

    1. @Inquisitor Maplesden The inquisition are bad guys. In fact, the imperium are all bad guys.

      The fact that you somehow missed this makes me wonder how in the world you think you actually can understand politics.

    2. @Nothingseen the fact you would think my name means anymore then i am a fan of warhammer makes me think you need to get out more

  2. Why just can’t have nice things in America. There’s always that one person who has to ruin it for everyone else.

    1. Unfortunately it is just not one person. It’s millions of people. America is just one war, one pandemic or one depression away from destruction. People making Idols out of flags, money, statues and many other things that are not worth hating others for. People using the bible to hate people because of the color of their skin or their religious preferences and many other things. People using quotes like hate the sin not the sinner which is totally impossible. Hate is hate. Mankind is Satan himself. There is no red man with a pitchfork but people who look just like you and me. America has in God we trust on their money. That’s very telling since so many of us worship money and then there are others who worship mankind. We will never get it straight.

    1. While I completely agree with your sentiment, I find it disgusting to invoke a god that was ok with slavery. A god described in a Bible that has been used by those advocating for slavery and the racists as a mechanism to legitimize their ownership of humans and their racism.

      While I appreciate people find comfort in the god of Abraham, I find that character to be vile and devoid of morals. No all knowing being that is supposed to be all living could possibly be ok with owning humans as property, ever. Just how I see it.

  3. If having conversations about: politics, religion, or racism makes you feel uncomfortable start examining the reasons not the person initiating the conversations!

  4. putin didn’t have to destroy our Democracy trump republicans and his following are trying to do that themselves

    1. “I called Putin. He said everything’s fine and I beleive him.” Donald j trump, speaking about Russian bounties after the UK had to remind him they’d also given the report about bounties in Nov 2019 and he couldnt continue to say hed never heard of such a thing.

  5. “Violent people entice their neighbors and walk them down a path that isn’t good.” — Proverbs 16:29

  6. He was just getting to the good part. “THEY WOULD HAVE NEVER GOTTEN THE PERMITS” Thats right, the PERMITS. Some people don’t know you have to have permits to protest legally. *shrugs*

  7. MLK preached non-violence, yet he was shot dead. Where is the next “MLK” to embrace non-violence, instead of gun-violence?

  8. People who thought and were just like these Treasonous insurrectionists were responsible for Martin Luther King Jr Murder! As well as many others in the fight for Civil rights and equality

  9. It really isn’t a good time to talk about Martin Luther King because Black people are still where we started after he gave his life white privilege still exist

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