Captain Sir Tom Moore, icon of U.K. COVID-19 lockdown, dies 1

Captain Sir Tom Moore, icon of U.K. COVID-19 lockdown, dies


Captain Sir Tom Moore, the Second World War veteran who raised millions for health service workers in the U.K., has died at 100.

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  1. So sad to see him go… What he did surely saved a LOT of lives. . . He shall be remembered fondly even across the pond. . .

    1. @Suzìe Sharp Yes, but covid pushed him over the edge. He had survived living with the skin cancer for years, but it likely weakened his immune system enough for covid to take him.

    2. @Matt Finestein True. But the common cold could have had the same result in someone so compromised and elderly.

    3. @Suzìe Sharp yes and to have lived to 100 years of age is phenomenal and he had all his faculties which was even more amazing

    4. @Suzìe Sharp Yes that’s also true. But covid and the common cold aren’t remedially the same thing.

    5. @Matt Finestein But either one could have killed him. At one hundred years old and having cancer for the last five years, I’d certainly believe his life expectancy to be short. Which would you prefer for your grandpa? Get a virus, develop pneumonia and pass away within a week. Or, have the cancer spread into his brain and bones, suffer horrific pain for weeks and finally pass, out of his mind on meds. No one lives forever. His family are grieving and celebrating his life but covid or not, I am sure they’ve been anticipating this for a while. At least his daughters were able to be with him at the end.

  2. Our Condolences from Canada thank you for your service, it’s been a long journey, you will be missed

  3. Very,very sad news….. A true inspiration to everyone… Didn’t have to,but he did….. Thanks u sir, thought’s and prayers to his family…….

  4. My heart breaks for his family! Praying they find comfort and peace, knowing their father was an inspiration to millions world wide.

  5. As a Canadian….I Truly Deeply Thank you For your Service & Dedication…..You may Rest Easy Now Sir Captain Tom…Your mission is over…..Canada Is with you….

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