Car Prices are Going up, But why? | TVJ Business Day - August 13 2021 1

Car Prices are Going up, But why? | TVJ Business Day – August 13 2021

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  1. A don’t understand how the man them purchase the car them very cheap overseas &want to make tripple profit on it,our government isn’t our friend…

    1. I’m a private trader. Purchased from Japan or Singapore. Just like the others Dealers. And I can sell a hell LOT cheaper

  2. No stress on feet, only fitness ad exercises,but pure stresses and problems and huge expenses owning a vehicle. So choose wisely

  3. Dem a complain bout USD when a customs a really the problem. The government is not for the people and them don’t realize it. They’re all about making profits and gains from the people

  4. Greed, many of the cars have been on the parking lot here in Jamaica for months now. I can understand for cars imported in 2021, but what about the cars that weren’t recently imported?

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