Cardiologist: George Floyd Did Not Die From ‘Primary Cardiac Event’ Or Drug Overdose | MSNBC


  1. Damning testimony indeed, but the defence will also have their cardiologist say that he DID die of an overdose. If Chauvin walks I will lose faith entirely in the justice system.

    1. @LotWizzard still not addressing my last point. Honestly though the comment you just made shows me you character. So I cant imagine you will ever actually discuss this in a fair and balanced way.

    2. @Devin Owen you must be viewing on a 2 inch screen with no sound. you are obviously not listening to the trial

  2. The testimony of all the expert witnesses plus the irrafutable vedio evidence, if this jury do not convict Derek Chauvin, there must be someting fundamentally wrong on the US justice system.

    1. Lol the video evidence shows Chauvins knee on his back, not his neck. Your “irrefutable video evidence” is exculpatory evidence for Chauvin’s defense team

  3. Why are they protecting this cop for they know he did it and see pics and everything this drs is a piece of work big shot how you like to get leg on your back and neck and see if you xan breath

  4. Thanks to whomever is in charge of cutting these videos off mid=sentence. Thanks. Way to go!

    1. @Sandy Sandy sounds like you like crying a lot. Did George serve time for that? If time was served then good. We don’t live in a society where robbery and theft etc result in the death penalty. If no time was served, Chauvin should have done his job and made sure time was served. You’re a degenerate.

    2. on Aug. 9, 2007) unfolded like this: Two adults, Aracely Henriquez and Angel Negrete, and a toddler were in a home when they heard a knock at the front door. When Henriquez looked out the window, she saw a man “dressed in a blue uniform” who said “he was with the water department.” But when she opened the door, she realized the man was telling a lie and she tried shutting him out. Then, the statement reads:

      However, this male held the door open and prevented her from doing so. At this time, a black Ford Explorer pulled up in front of the Complainants’ residence and five other black males exited this vehicle and proceeded to the front door. The largest of these suspects forced his way into the residence, placed a pistol against the complainant’s abdomen, and forced her into the living room area of the residence. This large suspect then proceeded to search the residence while another armed suspect guarded the complainant, who was struck in the head and side areas by this second armed suspect with his pistol after she screamed for help. As the suspects looked through the residence, they demanded to know where the drugs and money were and Complaint Henriquez advised them that there were no such things in the residence. The suspects then took some jewelry along with the complainant’s cell phone before they fled the scene in the black Ford Explorer.

      About three months later, investigators in the Houston Police Department narcotics unit “came across this vehicle during one of the their respective investigations and identified the following subjects as occupants of this vehicle at the time of their investigation: George Floyd (Driver)…,” the statement reads.

      At 6-foot-7, Floyd was identified as the “the largest” of the six suspects who arrived at the home in the Ford Explorer and had pushed a pistol against Henriquez’ abdomen before looking for items to steal. (Nothing in the court documents suggests she was pregnant at the time of the robbery, contrary to what memes and Owens later claimed.) He pleaded guilty in 2009 and was sentenced to five years in prison. He was paroled in January 2013, when he was almost 40 years old.

    3. @Sandy Sandy you repeat your comments and even your own name. You can save time by just not typing

    4. @Sandy Sandy That is absolutely horrible. Anyone involved in such a crime against an innocent family quite probably doesn’t deserve to be still walking around breathing. That includes George Floyd. Still, his justice should not have been with a knee to his neck taking out his last breath by an Officer of the Law. Karma is a beast and he would have certainly got his due in time…as will Derek Chauvin. Peace be with you my friend.

  5. A thorough doctor discussing his work. Sadly the naysayers will want to pass judgement without any medical degree.

    1. @none none Positional asphyxiation is absolutely real. And when a person sleeps in a prone position their hands are free and there is no weight on their back. Your medical degree needs some refurbishing.

    2. @Dale Wilson – Paid 1200.00 for his one day testimony and I’d presume transportation expenses. He clearly and thoroughly explained this and the fact that he did all of the research involved on his own. If you are such a medically experienced individual then you can surely acknowledge the extent of his education, credentials and expertise.

    1. If a police officer dies during your pursuit or arrest, you can easily be charged for the death. For example, if the officer loses control of his cruiser and hits a telephone pole and dies. That’s on the person being pursued. Is that what you mean by the other way around?

    2. @iTalk uListen police brutality and unnecessary use of force to a suspect who was already essentially dead. regardless of the color of the persons skin it’s wrong and the officer should be charged

  6. Even if he initially died from an overdose, there is no excuse for continuing to restrain him for 3 minutes after he stopped breathing.

    1. @Dustin Caso lame blaming the non threatening crowd. so you agree that the 4dirtypigs are cowards behind a badge and a gun. good👍

    2. @LotWizzard non threatening? As they were clearly hurling threats in the video we all saw lol. There’s medications that can help your delusions.

    3. @LotWizzard the threats against the officers safety and lives clearly heard in the video. The fact that one of the bystanders had to be “held” back” as testified earlier last week. Why are you just ignoring the facts of the case you don’t like?

  7. One 👦 got arrested.last night for stealing adult toys and pre lubing the m with VASELINE and selling those wobbly toys for 75 💰 what a deal! He had an assembly line going so well it would have put FORD to shame😉

    1. @Slowbro

      The jury will decide not the media and BLM mobs. Anyways you didn’t answer my questions. How is it possible that his RR was normal? Dont worry the defense will bring this fact up soon. Bye bye murder charge.

    2. @targaryen tickler

      Yes I know. Im just disputing the fact that it was the knee that caused low 02. Chauvin may be guilty of many things but i dont think tbe science will show the weight caused asphyxiation

    3. @J lock so the guy just randomly stopped breathing in the encounter with Chauvin just cause without an overdose

  8. Next the cops will be saying it was covid-19 that killed him cops are such lier’s and this is just more of that.

    1. @B1ACK DRUGG1ES MUST D1E you can’t murder folks for bad habits if that were the case half the world including plenty of white people would be dead. You should explain your hatred of black’s to the black community not me.

    2. @B1ACK DRUGG1ES MUST D1E oh by the way will you still think you’re right after that no count murdering cop is found guilty and gets 30 or 40 year’s cause that is what’s going to happen.


    1. @Michael they are like children holding up lies and excuses to avoid punishment.

      Real grown ups are hard to come by. You know, those willing to take responsibility for their actions.

  10. This prosecutor is conducting a clinic on how to select and cross examine his witnesses, the murderer Chauvin needs to go away for the rest of his miserable life.

  11. From the cross examination:
    Nelson: if you’ve got paraganglioma, high blood pressure, heart disease, increase in adrenaline…all of those things combined could cause death even with no physical restraint right?
    Dr. Rich: Upon my review, I found no evidence to support that
    Nelson: 😳 fair enough, thank you

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