'Career politicians are not healthy in our democracy' warns Elizabeth May 1

‘Career politicians are not healthy in our democracy’ warns Elizabeth May


Green Party Leader Elizabeth May criticized Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer's resume amid allegations he falsely claimed to be a licensed insurance broker and said career politicians aren't healthy for Canadian democracy.

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    1. @Erik the whole ‘get some life experience outside of politics’ part of her statement seems lost on many commentators.

  1. By the same token so called environmentalists shouldn’t ride around in a Dodge Viper one of the most inefficient cars ever made

  2. Who cares? This is a story?? Three more weeks of this nonsense coming out of politicians mouths. This coming from a party promoting a “robot tax” that’s totally unenforceable!

  3. I wonder if she sees the hypocrisy of her comment. Also you dont need a world experience to be a MP. Hell you dont need to leave politics for life you just need to be open minded and not ignorant. Something that May seems to lack.

  4. FYI,
    Justin Trudeau is filthy rich.
    Trust me when I say he didn’t take this job for the paycheck, he took it for the perks.

  5. Elizabeth May lies. She was a political activist when she was young which is basically the same thing. She’s been doing this her whole life and evidently she’s so old she can’t remember. Elizabeth May is a disgrace to Canadians

  6. Honesty i don’t care how old someone is they can be 30 or 60 and run for the golden chair the truth is the system is broken and it needs to be rebooted and updated none of which will happen need outsiders fresh minds to fix it unfortunately the way it works is simple pick one of many we provide and it will be ok lol

  7. Career politician are dangerous to Canadian democracy. Tell me may, how long have you been a politician. Or done anything that was purely political? Your the exact definition of a career politician.

    1. Umm.. no. Mr scheer is a career politician. She got into politics about 10 years ago. She lived a large portion of her life before jumping in.

  8. Well then…. looks like your saying to vote for Trudeau?? WTF!! We all know he ain’t no career politician….. Go back to BC and smoke some of that Green…. PPC 2019

  9. The Green has the same policies and same bosses as the NDP PCP and LIB. There is nothing democratic about anything in our system. Ian Shugart can verify that.

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