Carol Leonnig: Sources Indicate Trump Won't Willingly Resign | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Carol Leonnig: Sources Indicate Trump Won’t Willingly Resign | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


The Washington Post' Carol Leonnig explains why, based on her sources inside The White House and close to the president, she does not believe that Trump will resign after inciting last week's deadly Capitol Hill riot. Aired on 01/13/2021.
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Carol Leonnig: Sources Indicate Trump Won't Willingly Resign | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @critical thinking HE BROKE THE LAW MORON. It’s disrespectful to THE ENTIRE country that he is a piece of crap who incited violence against our elected officials WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW. —- That’s like the police saying, GEE, sir, sorry someone burned down your house, but he is already gone, and you have to buy new stuff anyway, so we’re going to focus on something else. — How would you feel about being told THAT? — Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  1. More concerned about how hard learning to respect each other after this will be. It’s serious scary x

    1. I think it is likely that there are DJT supporters in law enforcement. The question is how organized is this ?..

    1. @GoatZilla The low budget uk article where you got “8 with Henry Kyle Freese in Oct 2019” – BTW… we are arguing about who prosecuted more of the press with the law that Obama / Biden first started using.

    2. @Saint That Aint No, they didn’t try to overturn the elections under false claims of voter fraud. They impeached a rogue president on legitimate claims of foreign interference, which were since confirmed by the Mueller Report.
      The Senate killed the effort in the bud, and they now pay the high price for this mistake. We’ll see if this time they have the balls to vote for his impeachment, which is totally necessary and justified after what happened. Not sure they will though…

      Someone in this thread mentioned Vindman, who was definitely harassed by Trump, and so was his bother. The two men lost everything. So, much worse than being investigated – persecuted. The mafia boss MO. And didn’t he have Obama investigated or was it another lie ? The Obamagate he kept boasting about?
      The man will not remembered well in history.

  2. Impeachment has nothing to do with illegal activities. They want to remove his ability to run for president again

    1. They are so “Scared” of what Trump knows.

      So much hate, for a President doing so much good, for America, and missing children, blacks, etc.. and to punish China who have been abusing the world, with Communism.

      And all the Dems, Hollywood, etc. want to destroy him? This from day 1? Very telling.

      We all SAW and heard Democrat Maxine Waters state, before Trump even made it to the White House the first time, “We have to impeach that Mother F-cker”. ??? Very telling. WHAT ARE THEY SCARED OF????

      Life long Democat Trump, “knows to much” about his former parties dealings. Along with hollywood and news media.

      Is that his big “gotcha” he talks about. His Trump card?

      Pray for the safety of his family. Let’s hope the media doesn’t run stories about Trump “suiciding” himself like those in the past that were Anti-Clinton, Democrat, Hollywood.

    2. @Traci Sims They are asking for impeachment. Secessions would create more divide. Secession is how Civil War 1 started. The South appointed their own Presidente and wanted to keep slavery of my people. Secession will never occur without war, look at Russia and Ukraine. South Korea and North Korea, use to be just Korea. America had secession from Britain , but it required a war against the British. You are not logical thinker.

    3. @rob80nikki Looks like you’re still Crying…. Time to Man up and put your big boy pants on! Join the rest of us Americans who have had enough of this fool!

    4. It’ll keep him from bankrupting the US and allowing the enemies to invade and making us slaves or worse It’s just Trump don’t know how to do anything good it’s not in his nature

    1. MAGA terrorism will be dealt with. Especially the MAGA terrorists in the comments section who are definitely plotting another insurrection. Declare them as ENEMIES of the Republic.

    2. @Singkil Filipinas there is no such thing as “maga terrorists”. That’s a figment of your warped mind. So, all the women that stormed the capital during the Kavanaugh hearings were terrorists as well?

    1. Was it locally, ethically, and organically sourced?!?! It’s okay if it’s GMO… IMMA DEERKIN!! NEHHHH NEHHHHH!!! CLIP CLOP CLIP CLOP

    1. Arrest Trump and quarantine the MAGA terrorist cult. Arrest the leaders of the terrorist MAGA organization and the QAnon social media machine that literally instill terror to gullible Republicans and exploiting their mental illness.

      Investigate the MAGA terrorist machine and save America!

    2. @Singkil Filipinas The MSM is the Communist Propaganda Machine, IMO. This is pure vengeance, along w/ the triggered, mentally ill leftists, & the elite globalists using socialism as a means to an end.
      Extremists on the left are no better than extremists on the right. The “good people” in the middle need to work together to eliminate the evil on both ends. Erroneously calling each other childish names is counterproductive & will only help destroy this country.

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