Carper: Migrant Families 'Should Be Able To File For Asylum At Home' 1

Carper: Migrant Families ‘Should Be Able To File For Asylum At Home’


Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) joins Kasie Hunt to discuss his stance on immigration reform, as comments from Kamala Harris's trip to Guatemala telling migrants not to come to the U.S. receive criticism from fellow Democrats, opening up a potential divide within the party on the issue.
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    1. I think that would be a good idea if enough security were there to protect that embassy

    2. There already is a US embassy in Guatemala. It’s in Guatemala City. There is also a significant number of ex-pats from the US residing in Guatemala. Very low cost of living compared to the US attracts a lot of American retirees.

  1. Applying for asylum in these countries is like getting a restraining order against an abusive spouse. Unless, there is a cop living in your home you are still at risk of being killed.

    1. That’s a good point. But on this site you’re only allowed to attack Orange Man or else you’ll be called a russian

    2. I can empathize with that, but have difficulty believing the payment stories. Half the workforce in the US earns less than $36,000 per year and wouldn’t be able to come up with $11,000 at the drop of a hat.

  2. They are running from drug cartels and you want them to go to the drug cartels ( government) to try to get asylum in the US? Well at least they won’t make it here to America just like you want!

    1. Ever notice how people come here for a better life but want the same stupid policies they had in the country they just fled?

    1. Don’t you think if that was an option for them, they wouldn’t be fleeing from their homes and everyone they love? The whole purpose of ‘asylum’ is that their situation at home is unlivable!

  3. Shout out to George Floyd on almost thirteen months of sobriety. It took some tough love but he did it. Say his name liberals

  4. I want you to know that Jesus is real. He can heal the broken, repair what was lost, and so much more. God is not done with you. Don’t give up on God because he’s not giving up on you. He loves you more than you could imagine. Give all your pain to him and make him your Lord and savior. God bless

    1. ​@humangeneric 777
      There is a lot more evidence that Jesus walked the Earth than there is that your ancestors even existed…

  5. This Senator sounds a few fries short of a happy meal. He dithers and sputters, dodges and weaves. How do people like this end up with the power to create our laws?

    1. When they stumble over their words like that, you know they’re full of crap! If staying in their country was an option, they WOULDN’T risk life and limb to come here! They need to CLEAN UP THE DRUG CARTELS!

  6. I can’t imagine this exactly. (Paying a coyote, $11,000 to cross the Rio Grande River, with two children, after her brother was killed, is heartbreaking!) Asylum seekers have a long haul in the United States. I know a family from Guadalajara, Mexico. (Leslie, their oldest daughter, just graduated from high school recently.) She was born in Mexico, she’s smart and will do well, where ever she goes. Her dad, Jose works hard in his own painting company. I visited with him last evening and said I always saw Leslie as wanting to be all grown up. Dreamers like she have a long road ahead of them, but at least she graduated from an American high school. That’s where we start to address this immigration crisis facing our nation. One student at a time!

  7. Over the last 200 years, US corporates and politics caused a lot of the economic and cultural situations in Central America , the probably needs to accept this and it’s fallout… the people of Central American…

  8. Let’s be logical…….First you escape the danger…..Then, you ask for shelter. When life is threatened, you can’t ask the abuser to hang on while you make a call!

    1. I think the VP Harris is working on the problem at the root. It won’t be quick, but it can last. If she goes to the U.S./Mexico border, that is plucking a few leaves. Nothing useful going after the root.

  9. Help these people in their home countries. It’s more humane. It keeps families together. It’s less costly to American taxpayers.

    1. You aren’t _fleeing_ when you travel thousands of miles through several other countries to “seek asylum”.

  10. These are really simple solutions. And ” do not come to the US is perfectly fine if our southern border is overwhelmed. Perfectly fine with me. Shout out to our VP.

  11. Better Idea: Organize some BLM style protests, and *FIX YOUR OWN GOVERNMENT* . Been working for *THOUSANDS OF YEARS* . Just sayin.

  12. Will Democrats do anything about the so-called dreamers while they have control of all three branches?

  13. Australia has good system
    You can apply on Australian border but you have to be accepted in 3rd country

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