Cars launch off 300-foot cliff during Alaska town's annual tradition | USA TODAY 1

Cars launch off 300-foot cliff during Alaska town’s annual tradition | USA TODAY


A small town in Alaska celebrates the July 4 by driving cars off a 300-foot cliff.
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Old cars, boats and even limos get driven off a 300-foot cliff in Glacier View, Alaska. These dramatic scenes of destruction, captured this year in drone footage, are a town tradition. The cars are connected to a rail system to guide them to the edge andrigged to accelerate.

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    1. At some point FF will splice this into their movie with as much success as when they did paul walker.

      Looks like fun event.
      idk, seems like a bit more than 30 ft

  1. I Love US Cars and would like to have one Muscle Car again. Dont waste your Art Builds.

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