Carville: Does Trump's GOP Deserve Marjorie Taylor Greene? 1

Carville: Does Trump’s GOP Deserve Marjorie Taylor Greene?


Democratic Strategist James Carville Discussing reacts to the continued controversy surrounding Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) comments on the Holocaust and Trump's grip on the modern Republican Party.
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    1. Nobody in “the nest in AZ” compared the mask mandate to something of the Holocaust. I live in AZ and masks are still a mandate in many AZ places of higher people traffic locations. AZ is a trust “doctor and nurses” science state for most of the people in AZ. Governor Doug Ducy lifts slowly as the other states do (slower than NY and CA masks lifted bands)! Yes the self interests groups are out there in “their nests” but Arizona’s COVID mask mandates are mostly still in effect with 3.2 million of the population vaccinated to date.

    2. @Lawrence Jelsma
      How do you like the Open Border Policy? Here in CA, it’s been a nightmare!

    1. I love trump has been banned from most ALL social media platforms. And now he rants to virtually noone

    1. It’s odd you care so much about hearsay and rumors about Biden, while ignoring the actual, verifiable payments of millions from Chinese state-owned banks to Trump’s businesses.

    2. @Ralph Boyd you are mad at trump for not immediately putting blame on China. I bet when he did start calling out China, you called him a xenophobe.

  1. “Democrat activists want the opposing political party to stop fighting back, more at 11!”

  2. I wish the Democrats in Congress were more politically astute. They’ve got popular policies, but seem to be lacking in smarts. In that regard, Mitchs’ Machiavelllian manoeuvres stymie them every time.

  3. We love Greene. Useless AOC said border crisis is holocaust, still waiting your outrage about that.

    1. @John Scimeca

      Why is it that all you bots/shills/trolls talk about “Jewish space lazers”?

      I’ve NEVER heard anyone talk about that crap OTHER than bots/shills/trolls using it as some sort of bizarre strawman non-sequitur.

      And it’s so obvious that it’s a deflection from the fact that DEWs _do_ exist……. and of course it has to have “jewish” thrown in their, since J’s are the most controversial and hated, yet most innocent and protected, people on earth.

      Very odd stuff.

  4. According to MSNBC democrats are popular and won the election. I don’t think this company knows how satirical they sound.

  5. Green presents a dangerously truthful view.. She is a threat to the radical Left and both sides of the establishment state.

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