Casey: Republicans Have Acted Like Children Over Raising Debt Ceiling 1

Casey: Republicans Have Acted Like Children Over Raising Debt Ceiling


Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) discusses the Republican push to delay a Senate vote on Biden's bipartisan infrastructure bill.
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  1. All the Republicans care about is taking back Congress and putting the Spray Tan Messiah back in the White House.

    1. @Cindy Pomerleau I’m with you, I don’t think he would even get the nomination this time. I want to see him cry.

  2. Chuck, go it without them. Put it all in one bill and leave them out of it….let’s get this done…

  3. Stand up for the people and our country Mr Casey. The republican party are just delaying as long as they can. If the Republicans do not vote for this bipartisan bill combine it with the next thing that the democrats want passed

  4. Women need same pay as men! Only unions will do that for us. Right now everybody with a family needs $25 per hour! Starting salary!! Please give the fast food jobs back to teenagers!

  5. “republicans acting like children” ?? Of course but please don’t insult the children ? thx

    1. @Liz Pedano you dixiecrats are gonna get a dish served cold, and you ain’t gonna like it!

    2. @Coasterman13 Official A dish served cold? Like cold soup? Cause yeah, I definitely don’t like cold soup.

  6. If the Republicans don’t want to raise the debt ceiling, they can just agree to repeal that ridiculous socialism for the rich tax bill from 2017.

    1. @Waldemar Marchesi you really are uneducated aren’t you. So from what you are saying, the rich/business owners own their money, but those that work for wages don’t. So why do I pay more tax than the rich business owners? You are full of shyte. Taxes would pay for the infrastructure business owners need to get their products and services to the people paying for them. That doesn’t mean they “own their money” they have to pay their fair share. Infrastructure gives them the ability to make more money than me, they dammed well need to pay more towards that Infrastructure than me. Under Trump and these God awful GOP idiots it’s back to front. And until you and people like you stop drinking from the rich man’s sewer, it won’t change. Good god some people are dumb.

    2. It’s their game plan. Tax cuts for the rich and corperations then screw everyone else, increase the debt and deficit then complain the government is broke

    3. @grandma k. he is totally right. Its a perfect description! Read it over. They need to pay their fair share.

  7. GOP only wants to run out the 2022 clock! They think they will cheat their way to a win! Not gonna’ happen! We will prevail!

    1. Right on Connie! The republicans have gotten so ridiculous and so out of touch, that they can only cheat to win!

  8. Republicans are doing the same thing they did with Obamacare drag it out drag it out like they’re interested and in the end vote no for everything

    1. Yep, and one of the reasons why he had to put matters into his own hands and execute Executive Order

  9. GOP are all about delay and dragging their feet…go forward without them…they want to obstruct bills about and for the American People!! GOP games are pathetic.

    1. Would you say the same about Texas Democrats leaving for Washington, therefore halting the voting bill?

  10. Let the Rep keep saying no on infrastructure . One day the road they’re driving on could collapse into a sinkhole or a bridge could collapse while driving over or under it .
    Things Happen

  11. Republicans have acted like children for the last 20 years. Though I have little hope that Moscow Mitch will develop any conscience or patriotism and try to do something for ALL Americans and not just wealthy billionaires, it would be nice if some of those self-proclaimed god-loving legislators will find some heart, some spine, some country over party principles.

  12. Sen. Casey is the very embodiment of a conscientious and civic minded servant of the people. It is high time he is elevated to national prominence by the Democratic Party. He would make an admirable presidential figure.

  13. We the 85% of the good people will never forget the treasonous act of the republicans on January 6! … I’m an independent now and I will be voting with the Democrats until all the traitors to our democracy and constitution are purged from the Republican Party!!!

  14. We need an investigation! We need arrests! We need trials! We need convictions! Those responsible need orange jump suits to match their spray on tan!

  15. There’s a few Republicans who would allow America to fail rather than the Dems move this country in any direction

  16. The ONLY reason it might look partisan is the republicans backing out and trying to stop the commission. You had your shot guys-TWICE!!!

  17. The Political Electoral System in America is Outdated & Broken…The Majority Win then the Majority should Rule… The Electoral College & Filibuster should be thrown in the bin, it creates Chaos

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