Cashin In 9/3/16 Full: Trump to Protect America, Censored Trump Supporter, Colin Kaepernick

Cashin In 9/3/16 full episode: Donald Trump wants to protect America, Donald Trump on illegal immigiration, Hillary Clinton and Obama immigration failures, NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is still refusing to stand during the national anthem, HLN blurs out man's shirt that said Trump 2016 on it after re-airing the interview.

Fox News – Cashin In – September 3, 2016 – Full Episode


  1. It took my grandparents 3 years to LEGALLY migrate here to America. I’m
    second generation and ILLEGALS lessen and demean all Legal Americans.

  2. Ps….stop using 2 languages in this country. My parents had to learn
    English so should any immigrant. Multiple languages divide a country

  3. NWO policy is to weaken America. Baggage to carry. Refugees receive $1,700
    to $2,500…Social Security is $1,200. Anyone see a problem here? Poor
    Juan…Nice salary but must take the heat for a corrupt system.

  4. If you are not worried about who lives in America then why do I need to
    spend so much time on the border just to visit your police state?
    Sign on the statue is gone dumbass…
    Vetted immigrants do make wonderful citizens, 9 out of 10 illegals do not.
    Higher up liberals are part of the globalist group, this is why Billy
    Clinton’s BlackTiesMatters speeches fetch so much a plate.
    Most likely blocked because you like us, Canada also adds more then one
    question to be answered with only ONE yes or no vote.
    Colin Kaepernick is an idiot much like the black dude.

  5. This is about getting votes for democrats.
    Rush Limbaugh offered to support letting illegals stay – with the
    stipulation that they not be allowed to vote for 25 years.
    Zero democrats wanted to bring Rush on board. Very telling.

  6. I would like to ask the people that were interviewed, When is the proper
    time to protest and what is the proper method to protest. I feel that a
    protest should be done peacefully and when there are one or more people to
    present your message to. A football stadium full of people is a perfect
    time for a peaceful protest. America is a great country but it is only as
    great as the people that lead it. If a person like Obama leads America it
    begins to descend and eventually is no longer great. Why would you want to
    stand for that? I believe that the leader of the Philippines said it best
    when he called Obama an SOB right to his face. Obama is a pig who should be
    put on trial for treason and then punished accordingly. If when we stand
    for the national anthem it is values that come from Obama, I wouldn’t stand
    either. Don’t nit pick on details, think about what the message is being
    conveyed. It’s the message that counts, not the actions.

  7. I really cannot stand this black man. I think he is a hard core Democrat
    who cares nothing about the American people and cares more for American
    Money, Lobbyist, ect. We need new people in office because we are losing
    America to these types of people. What a jerk!!

  8. The hell with the blacklivesmatter they got 100 million dollars to
    destabilize America to push George Soros agenda 100 million dollars to a
    group of thugs, imagine all those dead good police officers and black and
    white people, that’s a lot of money folks, and a lot of thugs and dirty
    cops will do anything for some of it,

    TO CONFUSE THE STORY. You dont get it that they are PROMOTING ILLEGALS!

  10. When they introduce a segment with a question whose answer should be
    self-evident, I know it can only go down from there. Really, people? Should
    we do what’s best for America? Ahhh, let me see…. Gee, that’s a tough
    one. Utterly idiotic.

  11. it’s funny that one of Hillary’s Clinton favorite people in the world is
    the founder of the KKK, and Trump is racist okay, I want CNN talking about

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