Castro: Biden Pushed Back On Republican Narrative Blaming His Policies For Surge At Border | MSNBC 1

Castro: Biden Pushed Back On Republican Narrative Blaming His Policies For Surge At Border | MSNBC


Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro praised President Biden for his comments pushing back on the Republican narrative that his policies are responsible for the surge of migrants at the southern border.
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Castro: Biden Pushed Back On Republican Narrative Blaming His Policies For Surge At Border | MSNBC


  1. Hey Republicans. How about working ‘for’ something, instead of getting in the way of everything.

    1. @Guy North Bone spurs. You’re a MSNBC graduate aren’t you? Are you aware dementia to 5 deferments himself. Apparently lying Joe the college football star had a bad case of selective asthma. It only acted up when Uncle Sam came calling.

    2. When the government offers people a check that is twice as much as they make in their country. Why wouldn’t they come here.

  2. Great blow for President Biden, let the Republicans know your not going to stand for the Former President messed up!

  3. The media is desperately looking for something negative they can say about the Biden administration to increase their viewership but are finding it hard to do.

    1. @Diego A “refusing to forgive student debt” that was Trump you were talking about, Right? If you believe otherwise you are misinformed and maybe don’t know about Betsy.

    2. @Mario N. While I ‘m not going to make any claim about how wonderful Biden is- he isn’t, obviously, you seem to be under the impression that one side is good and the other side bad. You are aware that in the real world life is much more complicated than that. That everybody has some decency and some horror inside of them. That between self-identified liberals and conservatives (no absolute distinctions there either) the % of racists, sexists, peds and all the other less than savory aspects of the human race therein contained- are very probably exactly the same. That neither has a monopoly on morality. Unless you believe the eating babies BS, which is close to being hilarious and the stupidest thing to believe in the world, you must deep down realize that people are all fundamentally the same, and that ethics and morality aren’t spread out according to one’s political leanings. I, personally, had assumed that there would be less racist and sexist democrats, simply for the reason that liberals vote against laws that promote them, while the republican establishment seems to be prolonging those 2 ideologies for as long as possible. However, the statistical evidence appears to show that the % is likely to actually be equal.
      This may strike you as odd, but when evidence come in that doesn’t support my world view, I change my opinion, not the facts.
      I wish more republicans would try that once in a while.

    3. @Sally Arey Why is this a highlighted reply? There are no facts in your comment. Just an opinion with no examples or links to back you up. Show facts or commonly seen examples of your opinion. But don’t feel bad. Your flimsy statement reflects much of today’s work by professional journalists. Just say anything, I guess.

    1. IKR?!?
      Trumpocalypse took only weeks to make life for the rich much easier (the only people that matter), and crammed as many cronies into posts they were woefully unqualified for!!!!
      What is this administration trying to do?!? ITS JOB?!? THE NERVE!!!!!
      Who would’ve thought it even possible?!?!?!?!?!?

    1. In power? The democrats have the majority in the House and the Senate, and a democrat president. What are you complaining about?

    2. cindy o
      so you are saying that the Democrats goal is to lose power and don’t make money? Great tell them all to resign and give up their pay checks 😀

    3. @Gregg Oh you mean his policy of putting children back with their parents – shocking – or did you mean his relief bill for helping starving families – that policy- or did you mean the policy of a living wage for all Americans – that one! Or the policy of civil rights because surely Americans don’t want civil rights in America – just around the world – or perhaps the policy of equal rights to vote! Shocking! Or are you just upset that the rich are not getting another tax cut! As for his dementia – you need to quit armchair diagnosis – you clearly have no idea about dementia or what it’s like to care for someone with dementia- so you need to stop making fun of people – it’s a shocking debilitating disease and people really suffer including the people who care for them! Maybe if you stop parroting the former guy you might grow half a brain!

    4. @Alex Hamilton That’s not what she said and you know it – of course they make money but it’s not their only objective- they care about the American people! You just have to look at their humane policies!

  4. Remember.. Trump block transition of power so,..slow start on many fronts. Give him a break . Its only 60 days. And he has to fix Trumps craziness. We have finally got president that is trying.

    1. @ronald Escoto Ya, he’s trying alright. Trying to ruin the country and doing a great job at a record pace.

    2. @ronald Escoto Oh I’m dumb. Care to share one racist thing Trump ever said. Would you like a long list of dementia Joe’s blatant racist quotes? Ever heard of The First Step Act which the Obama/Obiden administration had 8 years to get done and Trump is the one who did it. How about funding the HBCU’s? Know anything about that? Creating investment in minority neighborhoods through Opportunity Zones. Familiar with that? Highest ALLTIME employment for ALL minorities. Ring a bell at all? Trump made big gains in the black and hispanic vote but yet magically dementia Joe pulled off his fraudulent election. So share some of this disaster Trump brought to the country. What exactly did you see that us dumb people missed?

    3. @ronald Escoto It’s painfully obvious you don’t “get it” Ronald. Dementia Joe sits at the head of the Dem/Socialist party. There is no place for socialism in America. Mice die in mouse traps because they “don’t get” why the cheese was free. The same thing happens to socialists. If socialism is so good and Capitalism is so bad, why aren’t the caravans heading to Venezuela? Your pal Ilhan Omar is forced to shut her mouth where she comes from. In America, she has the freedom to trash talk this country to try and turn it into a country where she is forced to shut her mouth. You catching on yet?

    4. @Gregg trump was a disaster ! His opinions on minorities were racist or stereo typing a certain race , its all he did . We are not stupid we know who he is and his own dad was plus 80% of his followers are pretty much racist people , come on now its not a secret , he divided the country where have you been ! Racism does exist in our country its been that way for a longgg time . Trump just brought it out of the woodwork and now we are at where were at today because of it , trying to heal like put it behind us but we are still having repercussions from the leadership of DONALD TRUMP who will become the most dangerous and worse president of all time . Its there in black and white . What dont you understand about him !

  5. Thank you for clarifying. Maybe let Joe Scarborough know, so he can back up and give us facts not his ideology!

  6. I only wish that congress, whether they are GOP or Dem, do their jobs to help the people and not to help themselves. They play politics and fatten their pockets instead of representing the people. That’s all any sane person wants. I don’t care what party is in office, I care if you do thing to help us.

    1. It’s this type of naive complacency that makes it so easy for the republicans to tear this nation apart. They have done nothing except obstruct and destroy for decades but yeah keep blaming both sides.

  7. Thankful for a sane and sensible President Biden who’s doing a great job with what he’s inherited from the mess in the last 4 years. Go President go

  8. Ending the ridiculous War on Drugs would probably go a long way toward stabilizing much of what’s south of the Rio Grande.

  9. Watching the entertainment of MSNBC – it is not news – it is as if being made to do penance for earthly sins.

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