Castro: Democrats ‘Cannot Take Latinos Or Other Groups For Granted’ 1

Castro: Democrats ‘Cannot Take Latinos Or Other Groups For Granted’


Julian Castro, former secretary of Housing and Urban Development and mayor of San Antonio, discusses lessons learned from the 2020 election. 

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  1. Nope, we should thanks the 2020 victory to all Millennials and GenZ who voted Democratic, regardless of race.

  2. Amazing how Democrats can’t see how their media puts people in classes like this. The black community, the latino community, the white supremacists community etc….come on man! ….why can’t we just all be Americans!

    1. @V Miller actually, its the 75million people who voted republican in 2020 which include a lot of conservative democrats that you should be concerned with

    2. it would be good, if you would be all equal Americans. But this was never the reality and still not is. People have sometimes different culture or different religion or even a different sense of humour. Why not? We in Europe are thinking, the Americans have no sense of humour. B ut the most funny movie I saw,it is an american one: ” There is something about Mary”

    3. They know and they do it intentionally. When you define a person by their race, you dehumanize them. That’s why white democrats feel like they can be the spokespeople for different races- because they think all blacks and browns are victims who all think the same way

  3. The problem for the Democrat Party is that, as he said, younger Latino voters usually vote Democrat. The problem being that as they grow older they become more experienced in real life situations and wiser (usually) and become more Conservative. The Party needs to grab their votes soon before they grow up and leave. Time is of essence.

  4. True, and that’s the difficulty Democrats always have. They are a coalition of many groups, and of those groups are prone to sit out an election if they don’t get their way. In 2016, sore loser Sanders supprters stayed home in large numbers and gave us President Trump and the Trump Supreme Court. Thanks a lot.

  5. Well, with the Biden Administration importing 2 million future latino votes, more than twice the size of San Francisco, across the southern border this year, it should mitigate future Democrat losses.

  6. here’s the problem we face in america… intelligence… it seems lacking everywhere…

  7. Latinos that vote republican do so at their own risk. Remember he refered to you as murders, rapists and gang members, and pits you as the “enemy” to his base.

    1. And some of us were attacked by trump supporters …its pretty crazy that has come to that point but it has…

    1. Exactly. Biden said that if a black person doesn’t vote for him, they’re not really black. That’s a sentiment most people on the left seem to share- that blacks need to support the democratic party, not the other way around

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