Castro: Joe Manchin Heading To Texas GOP Fundraiser Sends The Wrong Message

As Texas Democrats continue to fight for voting protections, Sen. Joe Manchin plans to head to the state for a fundraiser with GOP donors. 

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  1. It sends the true message .. Manchin is a republican posing as a democrat .. which EVERYONE knows already !

    1. Manchin represents the reddest state in the US. He actually cares about what the people who voted for him want. He’s not a dog that obediently obeys his leftist masters in the Democratic party.
      Manchin has more integrity than any other Dem in federal office, and its not even close.
      I really hope Democrats keep pushing their radical agenda though, I really do. The more that happens, the more of a majority Republicans will have in 2022.
      80% of Americans, including 60% of African Americans, support voter ID. This hyperbolic BS where Dems claim that these voting bills are “Jim Crow” is being noticed by minorities for what it is, nothing but fear-mongering BS.
      Cant wait for 2022.

    2. @Joann Preston So predictable that I debunked the misinformation you tried to peddle? Aw. Poor baby?

    1. @T. R. Campbell so how about the one thing slow Joe did that was beneficial or are you having a brain fart

    2. @Matthew Anderson Well…right now I am having a Seagrams and 7. When Joe was a senator he sponsored the anti-crime bill. When Joe was a senator he sponsored the gun free school zone act. Thanks for asking. Get vaccinated, stay healthy, stay safe and be careful.

    3. Who’s thought he’s nothing more than a conservative running as a democrat since the start of his campaign, it’s so obvious.

    1. @Marc Harbison isn’t it scary when they don’t walk lockstep with their trash party? The tears are yummy

    2. READ THE VOTER BILL!!! The Reublicans do care and the new voting law is not voter suppression. Over 50% of Texans want Voter IDs to be required. Only the cheating Democrats are against Voter IDs.

    3. Most of them are inside traders and racketeers. The electorate ignorance and cowardice has made their crimes legal and business as usual.

    1. @Travis Price once again. For the last time. That’s why they went to Washington to get the federal government to do exactly what your complaining about.

    2. @Censorship Is real Well, first off, there’s no “once again.” You said that voting difficulty isn’t voter suppression. I call BS on that.

      Secondly, yep.. that’s exactly what I said initially.. what’s your point?

    3. @Kelli Nitely screw your party the country and people come first and he took an oath for that not for that filthy trashy of a party. You guys have it twisted

  2. Somethings been telling me Manchin was getting ready to pull an Arlen Specter and switch party’s.

    1. Nah, he likes giving voters no real choice, and he is getting rewarded by being the designated obstructionist for the corporate Dems to not pass any bills that would keep their campaign promises in the interests of the people. He’s in a secure position. Note that the Dems aren’t primarying him in his election. West Virginians watch Fox and have no clue that they are being fleeced.

  3. Americans will realize too late that the freedoms that they are so passionate about are about to be lost. I believe it is already too late to save your democracy.

    1. Munchkin Manchin is everything wrong with the Political System in America, all wrapped up in one person.

    2. First off, only one camp understands, appreciates and is willing to defend the sanctity of their freedom, and the country – their country – which makes that freedom possible. The other camp takes their own freedom and country for granted and is working overtime to tear down their own country and re-create it as a communist paradise.

  4. These Politicians just can’t help themselves. Its like watching a robbery in broad daylight!

  5. 🧐: I was hoping to be wrong, but!
    It seems I was correct.

    So, I’ll repeat:
    Sen. Joe Manchin is actually a ‘republican mole’, within the Democrat Party.

    1. @Jay M as a female athlete, allowing biological males to dominate me in sport has taken away a right that truly progressive women fought for, to gain scholarships and access to career opportunities.

      They actively and consistently push manipulative propaganda concerning the 2nd amendment which is to serve against a tyrannical government.. the latest and not the least of which was biden essentially mentioning that guns are useless because the government has fighter jets and nuclear weapons (dividing and even threatening the country which he’s supposedly leading),
      Working with tech companies to censor and ban topics and conversations essentially from the internet completely as these tech monopolies are what give a voice to people not just in our country but to the entire world.. which hasn’t actually “taken away our right to speak” but it is the beginning of that.
      By unlawfully imprisoning people who simply walked in the doors of the capitol (which were held open by capitol police, really look into it) they have ignored those individuals rights to a fair trial before a jury.

      I mean, I can continue…

    2. @KTG Network yep.. there’s that too.

      Trying to implement mandatory vaccines upon fda approval (granted thats fauci but let’s not confuse things) ..that violates a very private freedom to not have a chemical forced on you by government officials.

    1. What do you expect? The Dems are pushing so far left, theyre losing many of their own people.
      Manchin represents the reddest state in the US. The only reason he was even able to keep his seat is because hes more of an old-school blue-collar democrat.
      Manchin either does what hes supposed to and represents his voters, or he loses his seat to a real Republican.

    1. How about a clean slate with no corporate connections instead of one corporate rep for another?

    1. However, I read “Why the Caged bird sings” and ALL of the rest of her books…
      …Plus college required reading …

    2. @g bridgman do you really believe ANY politician care about you or me or anyone? Unless you are a millionaire donor or a billion dollar business, you aren’t in the club.
      Red is no better than blue.

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