Castro On Dropping 2020 Bid: ‘I Ran A Bold Campaign. I Never Compromised’ | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro talks about his decision to drop out of the Democratic presidential race, and how he believes he brought underrepresented issues to the forefront. Castro talks to Rachel Maddow about what's next for his political career. Aired on 01/02/20.
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Castro On Dropping 2020 Bid: 'I Ran A Bold Campaign. I Never Compromised' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  1. There was nothing wrong with his campaign, it was honest, not overtly vicious, a dignified run for an under-the-radar left-leaning moderate.
    It just wasn’t covered in glitter or particularly compelling to grass roots movements or the headlines, buried in a swamped field of sometimes bombastic characters in ridiculous times.
    I can show respect where it’s due, and it was a respectable run all the same.

    1. Yeah.. what’s with the men’s reproductive Rights? Republicans laugh at Stupid people like him. I’m glad I’m not woke.

    2. 4c1dr3fl3x .. yeah perfectly reasonable campaign .. pushing for men having the right to abortions 😂

  2. I respect Julian even more after this interview. He is spot on. The Dems need to change. To keep pointing out the racism and economic failures of the Republicans will not be enough to motivate key groups to show up in future elections. Today Dem run cities are more economically unequal or racially divided and there is no end in sight. Their message to these key groups is simple: show up and vote on election day and then its bye till next election. This has worked well in the past but it appears these voters are beginning to wake up.

    1. @Dianna Skare Dont be gullible. Bernie is the biggest pandering candidate we’ve ever seen. He proved he was a weak puppet in 2016 when he knew he was cheated and still endorsed the cheater lol.

  3. Castro doesn’t have to be president to play an important role after all look at Nancy’s role or McConnell’s role they are just as important. as a president they both of them have been in office a lot longer than 8 years

    1. And they are both in lower digit percents in rating! New Progressives ready to take their seats! Big Money does not belong in our POLICIES! Civil SERVICE is Not to get Rich!! It is to SERVE THE PEOPLE OF THIS NATION!

  4. As a Latino I am so embarrassed! This guy is supposed to be the Latino Obama but we didn’t support him. Sadly, our complacency is why racism is our new reality.

    1. @Alegría Sonríe No, if you’re raza, you’re an embarrassment because you didn’t support a brother, inbecil!

    2. Democrats sure do talk about racism like it’s a a real issue when in reality it isn’t. We’re seeing more false hate crimes now then actual hate crimes just because blacks and Democrats are desperate for it to be alive. They use racism as an excuse for their failures. Thank god most Americans see right thru it though.

  5. I think he’ll never understand that people are tired of being called racist and greedy. That doesn’t inspire anyone. He always tells how his family was poor and he made it anyway. I live in San Antonio and am so glad he’s out so he can’t embarrass us anymore.

    1. @selfLove2020 vive el comunismo Maduro for presidente we need all the useful idiots we can get….vive la revolución!!!

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