Castro: TX-Based Companies Have ‘Opportunity To Use Their Influence’ To Stop Voter Suppression Bills

Castro: TX-Based Companies Have ‘Opportunity To Use Their Influence’ To Stop Voter Suppression Bills 1


  1. Boycott Teen Universe Pageant. That will hit at the heart of; Matt Gaetz, Gym Jordan, Tom Reed and the Republicans.. 😆

    1. QAnon just wants to corner the market on children for itself and republicans. Q is having a heyday south of the border recently in a roundup for Gym Jordan. That’s why they don’t go after Gaetz, Cawthorn and other repubs.

  2. Come one come all the Alaskan Primary Fight is about to begin
    In the red corner we have Top republican Super PAC the Senate Leadership Fund (SLF) backed Murkowski. Republicans are going head to head with the RINO Trump candidate Kelly Trsibaka in the gray corner. Get your tickets online. Open betting allowed. Bring your weapons folks it’s going to be a shootout!!!

  3. Last year the Trump campaign had the largest number of credit card fraud complaints, 90% of which came from the elderly. He had to issue $123 million in refunds. No wonder his campaign was broke near the end and pulling ads in battle ground states.

    The grifter of Trump U. strikes again.

    1. China Joe’s largest campaign donors were Wall Street Banks and Hedge Funds, so he didn’t have that problem.

    2. @B Bhima so long as he’s not pathetic or pathological enough to rip off the elderly…who cares??!!!

    3. @B Bhima None of your childish opinions will ever be important. The Republican party is FINISHED and you have only yourselves to blame. Good job, morons.

  4. Let’s have another holiday added to the calendar a voters holiday. We can do what Americans do best have gatherings with family and friends barbecue and vote. What could be more American.

  5. I can’t remember the last time republicans used corporations to publicly strongarm the Democrats.
    Anybody got any examples?

    1. @Tony Farebrother – Right, but when have the Koch brothers spoken out about Democrat policies and then pulled their business out of Democrat states?

    2. ​@CommaCam – It can be argued that not taking a stance wouldn’t have effected them at all because they are not in the business of voting or policy.
      Now Republicans will not want to support them.
      They could have not said anything and had business from both parties.

    3. @Crimdor they put up hundreds of millions in front lobbyist organizations to ouch their agenda. They fight democracy and freedom at every turn.

    4. @Crimdor They’ll have business from both parties anyway. Nothing much is going to change. It’s less about appeasing one side or the other and more about a long-term calculation of what kind of country they want to do business in. Based on their decisions, they seem to want a free country where blatant voter suppression doesn’t take the place of honest campaigning. Better business climate.

  6. all companies also need to give all their employees off on election day…since Republicans wont make it a national holiday..god forbid if we all could vote

    1. Trump is going to prison. You were too small and weak to help him. That’s so hilarious.

  7. Can the GOP EVER do ANYTHING that actually helps ALL Americans instead of just benefiting their own party?? I’m really asking so somebody please tell me!

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