1. Why is this still a trial. We all know the truth. These murderers should be in solitary for the rest of their lives. I ran out of patience years ago. We are all doomed as humans because of other humans.

    1. @richlisola1 the hate crime designation does not punish speech. it enhances punishment for those who commit crimes with the ~motive~ of targeting a particular person just for being the human being that they happen to be. it was proven that these white men would not have hunted down and murdered arbery like he was a rabid dog in their neighborhood except for the fact that he happened to have darker skin.

      no speech was punished.

    2. Noooo, NO NO NO! DEATH PENALTY FOR THREE! These are devout harden RACIST that need to meet their makers….RIGHT IN HELL by way of a firing squad! Eye for an eye!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how any human being, white or black can carry around so much hatred in their heart for the opposite race!

    1. @Laura Thompson This? Is not the media. It’s a absolute illusion of what you want to really believe.

      The, only thing that is the truth, is that the laws passed, and the choices of the government officials and the belief of the majority in order to create a narrative of division and separation of powers and the purpose of making a society of how much they have a belief of control by teaching lie’s that made you feel like you are a good example of what type of person who is a absolute perfect citizen!

      God Fearing, people… Are the ones who have been the creators of this… crap! Don’t! Blame the, media attention and use it as a good example of what is happening in order to create a narrative of control by them!!!

    2. @JAMBERRY your right it is the lesser of 2 evils in which we choose from but I am simply saying the left is carrying out an obvious adgenda

    3. @JAMBERRY, yeah, I guess I DIDN’T “lean” how…🤦🏾‍♂️ (of course, you could have just read the original post & retained the information in it. Would have cleared everything up for you.)

    1. @J DeMartini He’ll be much happier in prison actually, only associating with his own kind. The skin heads will keep him warm at night. They prefer white meat.

  3. Fingers crossed their inmates hear that…as well as those liars who were claiming race had nothing to do with the case.

    1. Oh their fellow inmates are going to hear it because they allow tv in state jails. Their own hate has cost them so much. They probably will never sleep peaceful again.

  4. Racism breeds racism. You have to be taught this behavior. In elementary school, it starts to be noticeable in 4-5th grade. Before that, kids just care about having a friend. Really bad parenting.

    1. This evil culture perpetuates racism. It’s not just parenting. This culture is designed to make all European Americans racist to different degrees.

    2. @Alpha Predator white supremacy? … is it asian supremacy in japan? … is it arab supremacy in the middle east? …. is it black supremacy in africa? …. or is it just white supremacy? … why is that?

    3. @Sara Clark its convenient for democrats politically to cover stuff like this. They won’t cover black crime. And they would need alot more journalists to keep up with black hate crimes against asians.

  5. i read where some one in the comment section said democrats are the most hateful people well you are wrong about that i am a democrat and i do not hate or promote violence of any kind so why not keep red/blue out of it and put the blame where the blame belongs on the person/persons who committed the crime

  6. As a child in Northern Ont. Canada I heard that N word on television in the 1960s about Black people wanting their human rights – but I read and heard another terrible word that upset me no end – a word designating an Indiginous female – beginning with the letter ‘S’. It upset me because of the high indiginous population and the kids that were in my class and were my friends. And their moms and dads were friends of my mom and dad, and they went to church and ti skate and to the show and everywhere that we went. We were intermarried and fostered and adopted back and forth also. But man! There were lots if racists among us and even textbooks used the words ‘squaw ‘ and ‘ buck’ and that sounded strange and yucky to a child – you don’t know why but you know that it is WRONG , and you look at the faces of the kids in your class and you know IT IS WRONG. Thankfully I haven’t heard those words in decades. One reason I think is because we have had indiginous educators giving indiginous studies in our elementary schools and with indiginous educators mentoring indigenous kids in our high schools and secondary education. And Indiginous Days and all of the work around the Residential Schools etc. The truth about the treatment of indiginous people by our governments and truth and reconciliation is absolutely essential. America needs to begin this work today. Now.

  7. We already knew they were racist. I don’t know why some people think if you don’t actually hear the person say the N word than you can’t see their racism. We see it.

  8. Don I remember when I was ten years old and my sister Rosemary was eleven years old .We were attending St.Josephs Catholic School and we were the only Black kids in the school, Any ways we were on a merry go round just my sister and me and a couple of Italian kids . All of a sudden a large group of White kids got around the merry go round ,they joined hands and they started going in the opposite direction that the merry go round was going . As they skipped , they were singing “Billy and rosemary are chocolate bars” ,Billy and Rosemary are chocolate bars I jumped off of the merry go round and I started attacking the White kids . The priest took me into the principals office where I had to bend over and get paddled I am 74 years old Don and I still remember it like it was yesterday It hurt me so bad. .

    1. Priests & cops. All part of the same demented mindset.
      But I am sorry for what you went through. I was in 7th grade and a guy sitting in front of me was teasing me relentlessly. As a young girl, my options were limited. So I took off his baseball cap & threw it on the ground. I was the one paddled by the principle (who I still have a visceral hate for over 40+ years later). I still remember that too. We were both white but wrong is wrong. No one cared to hear my side of the story or call my parents. It’s not the paddling so much that hurts but the injustice. Large & small ones that is what people internalize & it affects everyone in our society. We need to treat each other better!! Always & in all ways.

    2. First off Italians are white. Second kids can be bullies. Third somehow you think black kids don’t pick on white kids? Fourth that’s catholic school for ya.

  9. This is why CRT needs to be taught in schools. In order to root out racism, it has to be taught and acknowledged that it is rooted in this country since it’s very conception. The only way to root out racism is to start with the children and teach them where it starts from and how was it river streamed throughtout this country socially, economically, judicially, governments state and federal. When we hear the reports of racism, profiling of black people and other ethnic races, this just shows that CRT needs to be taught and what white people , GOP is sooooo scared 😨😨😨 of is their white fear, that they don’t won’t the truth, ideologies their power to erased away, because they want to keep it.

  10. “They ruin everything” he said. Well, you ruined your own life, not so? That is what hatred, bigotry and racism ultimately does to those who practice it. There is not a good black person in their eyes? How on earth can a person have such a blanket view of an entire race of people? Truly scary and sickening.

    1. @Badd Apple
      Race Rule #2 – Whenever a black person is treated brutally or unfairly you must instantly EXPLOIT the incident over and over and over in order to push your erroneous agenda of how black people are still under the chains of Jim Crow-style oppression.

    2. @Victor Pradha European Imperialism bought wealth, trade and innovation to shithole countries…also hot water, medicine, automobiles, electricity, technology etc. don’t like imperialism… move to a deserted island.

    3. @The Wraith Race Rule #1.2 – Project, deflect, and redirect all responsibility for racial animus onto the actual target instead of the perpetrators of actions that cause the animus.

    4. They hate the creator of the universe Jehovah and Jesus Christ who created all things and all people no matter their skin color.

  11. Some people who feel inadequate, inferior or less intelligent have to find someone else or some other group of persons to malign. hate and marginalize, in order to make themselves feel superior. Unfortunately these people with limited cognitive ability often resort to violence when lashing out against what they feel is an unjust world and that violence is usually pointed at That group of people which they have come to hate.

    1. True. Smart people realize that life is too short to spend your limited time on Earth wallowing in hate and blame for others.

  12. You can’t imagine how much I’ve heard other white people talk like this being a white man myself. People you wouldn’t think are racist talk like this when no black people are around. I’m telling you, you know a racist white person who you don’t think is racist.

    1. j hawk – White people don’t come into proximity with/ think about as you say Black people but Black people are in proximity with white people because American isn’t white but it is segregated. Whole states have little to no Black people there .. Maine, Idaho, North Dakota, Vermont, Wyoming, Montana, etc. but there is not one state in America where Black people are the majority. This segregation causes white people not to “think about these things,” as you say. They don’t even see Black people, while these issues are on the minds of Black people who deal with white people in their cities and states on a constant basis

      No, Black people can’t live wherever they want in the US. They never have been able to. Even the most well-off Black people in the US live in communities which have fought them from coming there.

      Yes. Stores/services in the US are segregated. Many “Black” communities in the US are food deserts/ they don’t have even one supermarket anywhere while neighboring white communities will have 3 supermarkets in a 5mile radius. (Atlanta metro area.. prime example.) Black people travel to get their services not found in their community, again being in proximity with people who they aren’t living around.

      White people do live where they want to live in the US, and with the money necessary, white race is not a factor of exclusion.

      The decisions made by white people to move into a community also hinge on race, including the school district and its racial demographics.
      US communities aren’t willy nilly entities. They are by design and race plays a large role in them in segregated America.

      Take care

  13. What happened to the self defense claim. Whew! And this is from someone who was a police. and then that mall fight at the end just emphasizes what we have always said. How come the “good cops” don’t arrest the bad cops.

  14. I think Don’s use of the phrase “casual racism” is spot on! It hits the right notes. You may know & work with someone who never says the word to you but that doesn’t mean they don’t use it very casually to others.

    1. Is this some.kind of new revelation? People are always going to be hateful…this isn’t news. We should obviously shun these people but from the conversations I’m hearing people are saying what others should and should not legally be allowed to say and that takes us down a very sketchy road.

      Just be the bigger man and shunn bigotry. Step up to bigotry and make the world a better place not a more strict place.

  15. The treatment of the two teens in the mall is not disturbing…it’s revealing. The female officer protected the white teen pushing him to the side cause he’s instantly presumed innocent. Then immediately vilified the black teen with knee and back restraints in addition to handcuffs. That’s not training, that’s choices. All the wrong ones.

  16. Hatred for one another is always a main factor in the human mentality how can we ever see peace with each other if we’re always stuck in the same position🤔

  17. When Ahmaud Arbery’s father said it’s a sickness he couldn’t have been more correct. They are sick. Who could do that to a human being, and rationalize it in their head as something Right, or good. It’s just like Really, What is wrong with them. 😡

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