"Catastrophic damage" in Barrie, Ont. after tornado rips through neighbourhood 1

“Catastrophic damage” in Barrie, Ont. after tornado rips through neighbourhood


Craig Momney reports on the extent of the damage left by a tornado that hit Barrie on Thursday.

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  1. the state of emergency powers must be repealed. the province has clearly
    demonstrated they can not be trusted with such powers. the law must be
    repealed so we can end this once and for all.

  2. Tornado insurance, volcano insurance and of course tsunami insurance are a must have. Volcano’s can come out of no where just like tornados. Maybe going back into the unstable structure isn’t the best choice. This is the biggest storm since the 80s and I think we need to take action against these tornadoes. It should be up to a vote and I for one vote NO on more tornadoes

    1. If you pay me $1000, I can make the tornadoes stop. I have the technology, I may or may not be from the future. $1000.

  3. That why I am against pollution since 2021, I will never buy gas anymore, I will never ride a gasoline vehicle anymore and I will never buy dirty oil anymore! go green go! Yahweh blessed Green Environment Energy!

    1. You must be walking around naked with your thumb up you a.. so much of what you use and wear has someone form of fossil fuel in it or used to make it.

  4. Welcome to owning a cookie cutter home that’s put together like pieces of cheap IKEA furniture in less then a week.

    1. Peoples lives are destroyed and all you can come up with is spewing garbage . What’s wrong with you?

  5. ضع فى ابار الارتواز زيت زيتون ومربا تين للاهميه .هذا جزاتى يعزرو فيه وانت تتفرج

  6. My condo at the start… My old high school in the background….. I can’t believe the damage… Never seen this in 30+ years of being here

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